James O'Keefe Reveals Shocking Update on His Case Against FBI and New York Times After Raid of His Home (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

James O’Keefe on Tuesday provided a shocking update on his case against the FBI and their relationship New York Times.

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James O’Keefe’s New York home was raided by FBI agents in November 2021 in a stunning attack on the First Amendment and free press.

In October 2020, Ashley Biden contacted the feds and reported several items were stolen in a burglary, including her diary.

Project Veritas never published pages of Ashley Biden’s diary, however, another conservative site did.

The FBI used Ashley Biden’s diary as an excuse to raid O’Keefe’s home and intimidate him.

The New York Times was likely notified of the raid by the FBI.

An hour after the raid was conducted, The New York Times contacted one of the reporters to ask for comment on the alleged confidential investigation.

Five days after the FBI raided his home, The New York Times released a report on James O’Keefe with several private documents from Project Veritas.

It took Chris Wray’s FBI less than a week to leak O’Keefe’s documents to their cohorts at the NY Times.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request for information regarding communications between the New York Times and the FBI.

A federal judge sided with the FBI and the New York Times and denied the FOIA request.

The federal judge also blasted James O’Keefe.

Watch the full update by James O’Keefe here:

UPDATE: A Federal Judge in DC issues ORDER in a case regarding the FBI raids.

The order and opinion was in response to a @JudicialWatch FOIA request for info regarding communications between the @nytimes and FBI.

Watch until the end. You can’t make this s*** up. @TomFitton pic.twitter.com/8ZFCBnSdpM

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) December 5, 2023

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