April 14, 2021

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James Red Pills America – UNMASKED! Fantastic Election Fraud Breakdown

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James Red Pills America – UNMASKED! Fantastic Election Fraud Breakdown

Podcast by: https://rumble.com/c/JamesRedPillsAmerica

Transcription (not 100% accurate)

What if the truth doesn’t line up with the narrative of the deep state that controls everything that we see in this so called matrix? What if every platform we are aware of is made unavailable for facts or theories that we wish to present in the most integrity filled manner possible, because the criminals that fund the outlets will do absolutely everything in their power to cover up their crimes, silence accusers, destroy evidence, and persecute the messenger that carries it. I’ve been shadow banned on Twitter. I’ve been deleted multiple times on Facebook, d platformed, and D monetized on YouTube threatened by networks to remove this program because I’ve pushed the limits I’ve crossed the barrier of comfort for these perpetuators of evil disinformation and lies too many times for them to continue allowing me to be here they’re afraid. Look at your television at night watch the stories made up of everything fake, it’s all nonsense, all of it. It’s totally fake the anchors, the pundits, the experts, the interviews, fake, fake, fake and fake the stories, the narratives, the science, the numbers fake all fake ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN fox news channel all fake you can see it in their faces. You can hear it in their voice. They don’t believe a damn thing that they’re saying. And you know, you’re right. If you feel that way, you know that you’re not crazy. There’s a reason why Linwood, Michael Sandel, Sidney Powell, General Michael Flynn, just to name a few aren’t absolutely crushing it in the social media world right now. And the reason is because they’ve been persecuted. They’ve been slandered and defame they’ve been relentlessly attacked in a vicious effort to discredit these truth telling and distinguished carriers of knowledge. So that you may begin to question the validity of that message, you may start to accept the lies that you’re being forced fed by those that risked nothing and stand to gain at all, by continuing to regurgitate, flat out lies with no feeling of guilt, no feeling of shame, no moral compass, as they spin every story into a propaganda piece to feed the beast that they depend on. To stay alive. The beast that in return allows them to stay relevant and live rich and lavish lifestyles unaffected by the wave. By the restrictions, mandates closures and laws enacted for those of us that supposedly sent them to their power filled chairs in our nation’s capitol, which was supposedly violently attacked by Trump’s supporting patriots that love this country, right? They embrace the idea of a free Republic, honor the men and women in uniform that serve in our great military or as cops on the violence filled streets of democratically controlled cesspools of crime and corruption. I know I’m not alone here. I’m not making this about me. I’m not alone. We’re, we’re all raising kids. Some of you watching grandkids grow. Some of you may be just starting a family, you’re young, and it’s scary as hell to be in this world right now as a father, speaking from my point of view, that wants nothing more than for these innocent gifts from God to be able to live and be free see the world through the eyes of innocence, play sports, ride their bikes playing the dirt, eat too much ice cream, I see them on their swing sets, or helping the neighbor by shoveling her driveway and then being invited in for a hot chocolate or a place to warm up. And it just fills my heart with joy. These are the things that we want for our future generations. These are the neighborhoods we want to live in. These are the reasons that so many brave men and women have made that ultimate sacrifice on our soil and around the world to liberate the United States and then preserve the freedom of America for so many years. I care about you, I care about all of you. I’ve said that before. In my telegram. I’ve said it on Twitter, I’ve said it everywhere and I really mean it. But I don’t care about your feelings. What I mean by that is I’m not about to play it safe or back off. If it shocks you, then Damn it, so be it. But I will not entertain the idea of self censorship. I will not cower or bow to any of these criminal liars. While I watch a man who was installed into the highest chair in the world sign a record smashing and unprecedented number of executive actions that crush the backbone of the American economy. I will not take a backseat while the fastest growing political organization and Corporation openly broadcasts their goal of the destruction of the nuclear family right out in the wide open on national television. burned down businesses. violently riot in the streets of this country, only to get nominated for a peace prize.

It’s shameful. I will not carefully choose my words. Well, those that preach science, safety and health cripple your ability to socialize with friends gathered with your family open the doors to your business only so that they then can turn around and do something completely different as they sit there massless asses in the seats at baseball stadiums travel around the world for family weddings in kazama, Su Su what whatever, blah, whatever it is, and then gather with other elitist millionaires over white linen drape tables at the French Laundry. it’s sickening it makes me sick. I’m sweating here. I can’t hold my tongue. Well, a man that literally slept with a Chinese spy at sex with her many many many years remains on the House Intelligence Committee of the United States Congress has access to our nation’s most guarded secrets, is appointed as an impeachment manager now for a phony trial being carried out for nothing other than political vengeance, because a man that they hate so much told his supporters to be patriotic, and peaceful. I’m sorry. I’m losing it here. I will not quietly go away while executives at giant high tech companies are exposed on tape for the world to see for being politically biased purveyors of lies and disinformation only to turn around and take away my platform with strikes and independent fact checkers in an overt assault on my right to speak freely and yours. I won’t take the bait. When suppose the elected representatives tell me that every police officer is racist, and cops are getting away with murder on a daily basis. But those same people refuse to talk about minority communities participating in their own genocide. As black kids in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and around the world are killing each other at alarming rates in the streets of neighborhoods that have been under the control of progressives for decades. And I will not allow hypocritical and evil narcissists to overreach into my gun safe, and tell me to disregard the Second Amendment. Turn over my guns because guns kill people. Well, at the same time, they encourage young women to take the life of an innocent unborn child and offer to pay for it with the money that I busted my ass to earn. I’m not turning off my mic when the name George Soros comes up. And when the truth about Hollywood and DC participation in child sex trafficking is the topic of conversation, I will not ease up. I care greatly about each and every one of you, but I couldn’t care less about your feelings. Because if this conversation or any other one on this platform makes you feel uncomfortable, then you need to start with what’s in the mirror. You know the truth. You know what you see, and you know what you hear, do not for one second, allow yourself to feel crazy or guilty for believing what your eyes and ears allow you to know to be true, the Great Awakening cannot be for not We cannot let this country go to hell. We cannot let this opportunity to light the fire of exposure and action be extinguished as the flame has just only recently been lit by one God fearing American man that pulled the curtains back and open our eyes to the reality of the world to the depth of the swamp and most important, the plan to pull the plug and drain it all. Edmund Burke famously and rightfully said, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing, no matter

which side of the fence people have been on. They’ve been saying, show me the evidence. I believe it when I see the evidence, and people on both sides agree that something went terribly wrong in November 2020. But there really has been no comprehensive place to see the evidence of widespread fraud. Until now. This video is pure data so don’t get mad. You can’t be angry when a scientist confirms the gravity pulls downward at negative 9.8 meters per second squared, even when that fact works against the narrative you’ve heard. So here we go. Just before we show you some new disturbing video evidence, we’ll talk about statistical anomalies in three states in question. In the early hours of November 4 2020, Democratic candidate Joe Biden received several major boats bikes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia, suddenly placing him in the lead when he had been trailing Trump by a significant margin. 1954 individual vote updates were analyzed across nearly all updates that follows a clear statistical pattern. However, a very small number of batches are especially questionable. The four most notable aberrations were to in Michigan, one in Wisconsin, and one in Georgia, and all occurred in the same five hour window in the middle of the night, when in some places counting reportedly had stopped. Not only do these updates not follow generally observed patterns, but their behavior is particularly extreme for context using publicly available data from the New York Times here is a visualization of the number of votes I candidate in Michigan from the beginning of the election night to 7pm Eastern Time on November 4. jumpers in red by Miss and blue. Notice the sudden and improbable spike in votes for Biden at 6:30am, where Biden received 141,228 votes for Trump only received 5968. This extreme ratio is surrounded by updates that are nearly the same in ratio. This particular update is 23 times more votes for Biden, and is the most extreme update favoring Biden in all datasets across all states, the situation in Wisconsin is even more stark. A single update to the vote count brought Biden from trailing by over 100,000 votes into the lead. Thirdly, voted in Georgia at 1:34pm Eastern Time on November 4, which shows 136,155 votes for Joe Biden and only 29,115 for Donald Trump. The extents of these four votes bikes in question are more than the margin of victory in all three states, which means the spikes were not only abnormal in regards to percentage for Joe Biden, but also in magnitude of the vote count. Out of roughly 9000 updates, this election was decided by only four extreme updates, each with a probability of less than one 10th of 1%, meaning that had these four unlikely updates not happened, we would have a different president in the White House. detractors argue that these spikes were merely human error and not indication of fraud, and the errors have been corrected. If the errors have been corrected, where is their evidence? Why would the results never changed. Others have said that the spikes indicate heavily democratic precincts. If that’s the case, then California would show many spikes of that magnitude but it doesn’t. Only one vote updating California is anomalous, the percentage of Biden votes, but not enough magnitude to shift an outcome. The strangest anomaly visible in the data is a consistently identical ratio of Biden to Trump votes across time, which is theoretically impossible. Here is Florida. These updates occurred over a week following the election. Notice all the ratios of Biden to Trump votes are 100% identical over several days. This pattern shows up in many states. It appears that a computer algorithm is involved in the process, which is doing something called weighted race distribution, a feature of Diebold voting machines known as early as 2001, which gives values to votes rather than simply counting them. here in California, we see an update of one vote, about 65% of that value is given to Biden and 32% to Trump. How can one vote go to more than one person. It is well known and not disputed that Diebold software was found to be switching votes through programming in past elections. Even though Diebold is no longer used Dominion voting systems acquired SNS in 2010, which had previously acquired Diebold under its new name, a premier election solutions. This does not exhaust all statistical data anomalies encountered in the 2020 election, but they anomalies is only one factor to consider. Next is Eyewitness and video evidence. In Georgia, there’s a case of a poll worker named Ruby who was seen on Instagram giving a secret of live video of her working in the back room filled with absentee ballots.

At 10:30pm on November 3, all media and poll watchers were told to leave State Farm arena because ballot counting was going to stop. But Ruby and her daughter and three others remain behind at State Farm arena. They pulled boxes of ballots out from under the table that was placed there in the morning and distributed them to several accounting stations.

Back to Fulton County, Georgia right now where our reporter Blaine Alexander apparently has some new reporting on the expectations for that count. Oh, Rachel, we’ve

learned that the counting continues tonight. You know right here in St. Paul Marina behind me, we’ve learned that there are five people who are still inside still working to scan those absentee ballots and try and get those numbers tabulated. Now initially, we believe we were told that everybody went home at about 1030 but I just got off the phone with a county spokesperson who tells me that indeed there are still some people in there quite literally burning the midnight oil scanning valid after valid and trying to get that information in.

And blank specifically, you said five people are inside that building. That’s five and five actual individuals who are working on all the absentees in Fulton County right now. Just five. Wow,

talk about having that sort of fate of the nation in your hands.

rubia seen here in this video running the exact same stack of ballots the machine three times other workers do the same. Note that a large surge in Biden votes can be observed after this tabulation at Oh 634 Greenwich Mean Time, which is 1:34am. In Georgia, just after the time in question. You may ask Can it really be counted more than once? Here is your answer from coffee county Georgia. Can you stand a ballot more than once?

I’ve just done it.

Yeah, just keep spamming you.

I just kept scanning that same. Just keep sending.

I just scan the same batches that y’all just voted.

I never got any more until that one

system Ruby allegedly posted this later on social media. Of course, the mainstream media calls this misinformation. And most references to these videos have been deleted from internet search results. Apple News The morning of the election sent out a push message to Apple news subscribers that elections are secure. So if it’s true that election fraud is rare, what about Rico Rodriguez? She was recently arrested for election fraud in Texas because of overwhelming video evidence incriminating herself that she was harvesting ballots or pay

to get votes for either

how many votes you

think you can deliver for us? At least 5000?

And what are we looking at as far as how much that’s going to cost?

for the entire team that I’m looking at? I’m looking at $55,000 or $5. if not more, I’m not going to over promise because remember, we were 16 days till election day. You give me cash, you could do whatever you want to do. Maybe $5,000 up front. That’s right.

Then there is cybersecurity evidence in the question about the Dominion voting machines were tampered with over internet connections, signed affidavits under oath from cybersecurity experts indicated Dominion voter systems and Edison research we’re using an unencrypted VPN with login credentials that were easily accessible and used by foreign adversaries to monitor and manipulate votes. The IP addresses into the Edison research host service went in both directions, meaning that not only were China and Iran and other countries accessing the servers, but also Edison research was communicating back to these adversaries. The claims that Dominion voting machines were not connected to the internet are completely false cybersecurity experts have funneled the communication of the data from Dominion voting servers and Edison research to foreign countries. A simple web search will uncover that Dominion voting systems.com is registered to a company in Hunan China. Three of the seven board members of UBS securities are Chinese nationals, that company owns staple street capital, which in turn owns dominion. On top of that the Dominion software is licensed from smartmatic, which is a Venezuelan owned and controlled company. And we’re all familiar with how their elections go. Furthermore, forensic audits of the machines reveals significant errors. Although the mainstream media and politicians are saying that it’s dangerous misinformation that Dominion voting systems are unsecure. This was the very message that several left leaning news sources were claiming less than a year ago, NBC News and PBS found out just how easy it is to hack voting machines, or cast fake votes or know that Georgia just spent over 100, or is about to spend over $100 million on a contract with Dominion to provide image cast hardware to the state in time for the 20 for the for the next primaries and for the 2020 election. And that here, these kids were who had opened it up, they said look, you can pop the front off of it. And here’s a port you can get into right here. That’s easy, you know, all kinds of stuff that that you could certainly do within six minutes behind a curtain, much less if you had extra time because any of these were connected

to the web as we discovered a couple days before so many of the mark.

despite opposition and attacks election security experts are able to audit Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan, revealing unusually high error and adjudication rates. What does that mean? According to the report, Dominion voting systems is intentionally designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. Valid errors are sent to adjudication, which means the vote can be decided by an election worker where there is no oversight, no transparency, and no audit trail, we scanned 130,130. As of moments ago, we’ve adjudicated 106,000 plus of those experts identified an error rate of 68.05%, which is far above the Federal Election Commission guidelines of point 000 8%, or one in 250,000. Although vote adjudication laws are available for prior election years, suspiciously all the logs for the 2020 cycle were missing. Moreover, all security logs prior to 11:03pm on November 4 are also missing. If that’s not enough, the election event designer log shows that the Dominion image cast precinct cards were reprogrammed on October 23 and again on November 5, which violates the Help America Vote Act, which includes a 90 day safe harbor period that prohibits changes to election systems, registries, hardware and software updates without undergoing recertification. Even if skeptics and critics persist that these issues are inconsequential. They should be willing for forensic audits to take place for transparency, yet they have viciously attacked attempts to review logs. Why is that if there’s nothing to hide, election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona have even ignored subpoenas for release of election data and dominium machine audits until after the inauguration. Then there’s the massive influx of unsolicited mail in ballots. The key word is unsolicited. In other words, people receiving ballots they never asked for. Politicians use the Coronavirus to push mass mail in ballots and extending the time to receive those ballots too many days after the election. There are many reports People who voted in person also receiving multiple unsolicited ballots in the mail. People who did not send in the mail and ballot denied in person voting because they were told they had voted already by mail when they hadn’t. This opened up chaos in the system and uncertainty as to who actually voted. Additionally, signature verification requirements was slackened in many states adding even more uncertainty. In fact, the Pennsylvania Secretary of State unilaterally removed legislative signature requirements for mail in ballots. More than 1000 signed affidavits have been given by poll workers who have witnessed illegal activities non equal treatment of Republican poll watchers counting ballots in locations with no Pilates pool water is not permitted close enough to see the counting process, shredding ballots, garbage bags full of ballots for Trump entire boxes of hundreds of supposedly mailing ballots that have no folds, indicating they were never actually mailed by anyone. The list goes on and on. These affidavits are signed by witnesses under penalty of perjury. So this should not have been taken lightly. But these witnesses were never heard in court. Unfortunately, what we have covered is only the tip of the iceberg on fraud covered ups, federal election law violations and dishonesty on a global scale.

So either the Secretary of State’s office is recording and certifying results that have negative errors and fraudulent votes in them. Or someone is giving them negative information.

Recent polls show an overwhelming percentage of the US don’t trust the 2020 election was without fraud. At the end of this video, the credits will be further data scrolling through that you can read for yourself and pause and go back and read again. So what can you do? Firstly, find a way to download this video and share it, film it with your mobile phone do anything to duplicate this, post it with a hash tag here is the evidence hashtag every legal vote, because guaranteed big tech and social media giants will do their best to erase it from the internet, as they’ve already done with much of the evidence we’ve already shared. And if they can’t erase it, they’ll fake fact check it. But guess what we’ve already done the fact checking we’ve gone through 1000s of pages of data sworn affidavits, forensic reports and cybersecurity reports. Secondly, you can demand election reform from your election state and local officials. We cannot let another election ever beat is questionable ever again. This is the United States of America. People used to look to us and how to have democracy through our voting system. 2020 was a complete Sham and it cannot ever happen again.

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