Smash Mouth: Hunter Biden Lawyer Accuses IRS Whistleblower of Committing Felony by Disclosing “Information About an Ongoing Tax Investigation”

Just like the American justice system, is Fox News using kiddie gloves when it comes to Hunter Biden now too? Or are they just sexists?

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Hollywood legend James Woods thinks it’s squarely the latter as he blasted the beleaguered news network over a headline involving the incumbent president’s son.

The article, which appears to be this one, breaks down Hunter Biden’s ongoing woes with Lunden Roberts, mother of a 4-year-old that a judge ruled with “near scientific certainty” was the son of Hunter’s.

The 53-year-old son of President Joe Biden was deposed in the ongoing child support case (Biden is seeking to lower the $20,000 a month in childcare he is paying Roberts) in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Friday.

It’s a horrible story all around, particularly when it pertains to how a 4-year-old is under a national spotlight, but it’s certainly a newsworthy story that Fox News was well within its rights to cover.

The issue, however, was that the story also happened to display a headline that read: “Biden’s son dragged into court as fiery child support battle against ex-stripper heats up.”

Woods wasn’t a fan of that headline.

“He’s called ‘Biden’s son,’ but she’s dismissed as ‘ex-stripper,’” he pointed out. While the linked article above sports a different title, internet archives do show that Fox News featured that headline on Saturday morning.

“This is journalistic sexism at its lowest,” Woods said, before proceeding to fix it for Fox.

“Why couldn’t the headline just as easily read, ‘Ex-crack addict dragged into court by mother of his child?’” Woods said, making the headline better by significant margins on a couple of levels.

First, why does Hunter Biden get any real respect on his name, apart from being born into a corrupt political dynasty? If you were to replace his last name with anything else, he’d probably be rotting away in Guantanamo Bay twice over.

Don’t let him use his last name as any sort of crutch here. And yes, Fox News probably used the “Biden” surname specifically to denigrate the incumbent president, but that octogenarian does that plenty well enough on his own. Hunter deserves his own, unique scorn because he is his own uniquely awful person.

Second, what is it with Fox News and the leery term “ex-stripper”? A quick Google search of “Fox News ex-stripper” yields a number of results, but you don’t even have to get that granular. You’ll see it if you just follow the network on Twitter:

It is a strange fixation in a sordid story that literally has nothing to do with the woman’s past occupation.

Hunter Biden is shamefully skirting his duties as a father and is being taken to task over it by Roberts. Period.

Roberts’ past, however unsavory it may have been, doesn’t factor into this equation whatsoever.

Or, if it does, it’s got just as much to do with it as Hunter Biden’s well-documented dereliction for drugs.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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