Image: Jason Bermas: Chinese spy balloons part of an integrated global satellite network

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Documentary filmmaker and citizen journalist Jason Bermas said the Chinese spy balloons, one of which was shot down while in U.S. airspace, are part of an integrated global satellite network.

He put forward this claim during his Feb. 15 appearance on the “Making Sense of the Madness” podcast hosted by Sean Morgan. According to Bermas, the said spy balloon was as big as a satellite and had a metal apparatus and propellers. (Related: Chinese spy balloon that flew over Montana could be used to carry EMP or nuclear weapons.)

Moreover, the content creator and activist said China has admitted that the balloon is one of their eco-surveillance aircraft that veered off course. But even though Beijing claimed ownership of the balloon, Bermas remarked that the the true narrative about it is not being told to the public.

Morgan then played video clips from fake news purveyor CNN about the balloon being shot down by an American fighter jet. The host said Americans are witnessing the most bizarre media blitz going on with a story that is actively being revised and downplayed. The researcher and educator pointed out that everyone, even the Department of Defense (DoD) and President Joe Biden, is confused about the balloon incident.

On Friday, Feb. 17, the U.S. military concluded its recovery operations for the suspected Chinese spy balloon, as well as the search for flying objects it later downed off the coast of Alaska and over Lake Huron after days of ultimately fruitless searching. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved the command’s recommendation to call off the search.


Different world powers have the capability to launch balloons, satellites

“Now, what these balloons are [is that they] actually are an integrated global satellite network,” Bermas remarked. In response, Morgan mentioned that other world powers have the means to launch such aircraft.

Bermas said balloons and satellites, such as the one recently shot down, travel from Asia to America and throughout the Arctic circle. Aside from tracking airspace, these satellites also track waterways wherever they go.

“Now I would contend that these networks are actually globally out there. And there are treaties again with these people that are in spaceships. For instance, China just launched some of their astronauts up to their Tiangong Space Station and broadcast that material just last week. This is the next level.”

Bermas also told Morgan that while there are public satellites orbiting in space, there are satellites under the DoD’s secret space program that are also in orbit. He also mentioned the existence of the Adaptiv cloaking technology used by the military. The said technology uses heat sinks that can basically disguise anything, even flying objects.

Ultimately, Bermas remarked that there is something much bigger at play regarding the spy balloon than what reports claim.

“And remember, the more you can hide from the public, the more you can control them. And I don’t think they want us to understand exactly how space works,” Bermas stated.

Watch Sean Morgan’s interview with Jason Bermas about the Chinese spy balloon below.

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