Joe Biden Says He Believes in “Bipartisanship,” Then Insults “the MAGA Party” and “Ultra MAGA Agenda” (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden on Tuesday spoke at the AFL-CIO labor union convention in Philadelphia where he defended his abysmal economic track record and attacked the “MAGA agenda.”

Biden trashed Trump’s “America first” agenda in his speech to 2,000 union members and state officials.

The US never had baby formula shortages, tampon shortages, record high inflation rates or record high gas prices under Trump.

Joe Biden has destroyed the economy with reckless spending and he drove up gas prices by waging a war on domestic energy production.

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Biden said he believes in “bipartisanship,” then insulted “the MAGA party.” – so he only believes in bipartisanship as long as the other side agrees with him?

“Look, I believe in bipartisanship but I have no illusions about this Republican party and the MAGA party,” said Biden, the great unifier. “I’ve been able to bring some Republicans along on parts of my plan, but the fact is there’s Republicans in Congress that are still in the grip of the ultra MAGA agenda.”


A few days ago Biden called “America first” Republicans “the MAGA gang” and “the MAGA crowd.”

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