Joe Rogan Goes on Epic Rant Against ‘Mentally Ill Attention Wh*re’ Dylan Mulvaney (VIDEO)

Highly popular podcaster Joe Rogan slammed Dylan Mulvaney as a ‘mentally ill attention whore’ during a recent podcast interview with rapper Ice Cube.

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Earlier this year Bud Light used transgender pervert Dylan Mulvaney to promote their beer.

It turns out that using a transgender weirdo dressed up as Audrey Hepburn wasn’t a good idea for Bud Light.

Bud Light’s parent company Anheuser Busch lost $27 billion in market value due to the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco.

Dylan Mulvaney recently came out and attacked Bud Light.

Bud Light responded to Dylan Mulvaney’s latest attention-seeking stunt.

Joe Rogan blasted Dylan Mulvaney as a ‘mentally ill attention whore.’

Rogan said companies like Bud Light just don’t understand their customer base.

“Take a brand like Bud Light. It’s for blue-collar drinking people and they like to watch football and drink Bud Light and then all of a sudden you have this mentally ill person who’s just an attention whore,” Rogan said to Ice Cube.

Rogan brought up how Target also lost billions of dollars promoting ‘pride-themed’ clothing to babies and children.

“People are sick of this shit. They’re sick of social things that are controversial, getting stuffed into your face and where you have to accept it, and people are like ‘I don’t wanna accept it. I’m just here for f*cking toilet paper,” Rogan said.


Additional video of Rogan discussing Dylan Mulvaney:

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