Kamala Harris: I Can’t Tell You How Many Parents I Met Who Have to Drive the Kids to a Fast Food Restaurant to Access Public WiFi (VIDEO)

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Florida – Kamala Harris on Thursday delivered remarks at Orlando Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc event at the Orange County Convention Center.

Harris spoke about abortion, gun safety and financial challenges families are facing because of her Regime’s poor leadership.

Kamala Harris absurdly claimed she has met countless parents who have to drive to a McDonald’s parking lot to have access to WiFi.

The babies of the parents she met are also drinking toxic water poisoned with lead.

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“Our babies are being forced to drink toxic water …” Harris said.

Harris mustered a fake accent as she spoke about the lack of access to WiFi in some places.

“I travel the country. I can’t tell you how many parents I met, who would have to go on in drive the kids to the local, fast food restaurant, or library, to have access to public wifi,” Harris said.

“The kids would be in the back seat of the car are trying to do their homework,” she added.

God forbid school kids would have to go to a library to do their homework (anyone born before 1990 did this).


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