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Kamala Still in VP Guest House + Biden STILL Has Never Step Foot on Airforce One

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Kamala Still in VP Guest House + Biden STILL Has Never Step Foot on Airforce One

Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Shalom, shalom everybody. It is Thursday February the fourth 2021. It is the 22nd day of the 11th Hebrew month and if you’re new to my channel my name is Daniel Lee. I live here in beautiful snowy, Juneau, Alaska. And my mission statement is very clear. I preach and teach the Hebrew Jewish roots of the Christian faith on my website, spirit and I exalt Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he is the only way truth in the life. I expose satanic pedophiles to investigative reporting formerly on my YouTube channel, but since they terminated me last October, on my rumball channel, been doing this now for over two and a half years, I provide satanic ritual abuse survivors a platform to speak out on I protect the innocent children by virtue of these other things. And I lead a nightly Zoomer prayer meeting where we pray for our duly elected president, Donald john Trump, this nation, each other other subscribers, and we will be happy to pray for you. And yes, still proclaiming that President Donald Trump is our president key was the duly elected President of this nation, and I got a lot of stuff to get into here. So this was an interesting meme that was put together. This is Trump’s first month in office travel versus Joe Biden, first month in office travel. I got this from the media on telegram. And it just shows I mean, from January 21, through the second week of February, all the times President Trump got on to Air Force One, I mean multiple times, by February 6, he’d already gone on to air force one a few times. If you compare that to Joe Biden’s first month in office travel, he has not yet set foot even one time on Air Force One. And we’re now what 1516 days into his supposed administration. So really, really, really curious right there. And then of course, here we got Kamala Harris, she is still having guest quarters as a temporary home in the Blair House, which is right across the street from the White House. She’s not in the official, VP residence. They’re saying, Well, you know, we’re still doing repairs and cleaning. But that’s very unusual. I mean, there’s never been this this two week delay of any vice president getting into the official vice president presidents and yet here we are 1516 days at least as of last night when I posted this still she has not moved into the official vice president residence. Then on general Flynn’s official clout hub account and you know, he’s been terminated off Twitter but he does have an official Cloud account. You notice anything different about a screen it now says Florida, USA. General Flynn’s cloud has updated showing he has now moved to Florida. Hmm. Sounds like the same state at a certain beloved president resides in very, very interesting. So I put this together late last night I said some facts to consider as of February 3 2021. Number one Biden is 15 days into his presidency and is number one step foot on the Air Force One. Number two, all major military branches have official Twitter accounts that follow POTUS 45 and Mike Pompeo, but not Biden POTUS account. Number three, Charles Flynn, the brother of Michael Flynn, is being promoted to a four star general position over the US Pacific army. He must be confirmed by the Senate. But why would he even be considered for this appointment if Biden were in control of the US military? Number four, the administration has not ordered a briefing from spaceforce nor has spaceforce briefed the Biden admin. Number five, President Trump is not currently at Mar a Lago because the Secret Service is not requested at TFR at temporary flight restriction over Mar a Lago. his whereabouts are currently unknown. Number six, the above are indisputable facts you connect the dots, lots of lots of curious things happening right now. And then the election. This thing is not over. And yeah, it’s just continuing. He’s continuing to show us more evidence of this smoking gun video from 3am ballot dump in Detroit. This was just published today February 4 from the Gateway Pundit. This is the site where destroyed city officials put cardboard over the windows to prevent the GOP observers from looking in, where poll workers were militantly hostile to the GOP observers and where hundreds of affidavits by election observers claimed they witnessed voter fraud. And after our initial review of the TCF security video, we can assure you we have evidence of illicit and likely criminal activity and we have it on video we hope to release our first report of many on Friday. So that’s coming out from the Gateway Pundit. Then this on, Steve Bannon is wardroom a data expert claims his team has identified enough fraudulent ballots in Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin to overthrow the election. Again, people pretending this whole issue is just well it’s over, you know, people on our side out well we lost we just got accept this.


no, I will not accept this. You should not accept this. They stole election. Proof is continuing to come out. We’re not going to let this go. Speaking of which I touched upon how Biden’s losing total control of my video from yesterday, February 3, and that theme continues to emerge. Here we have North Dakota, Republican legislators in North Dakota are taking a proactive and constitutional step. And basically, they’re saying that they’re going to nullify any of Biden’s executive orders at the state level, that violate the constitution. So I said expect this to be a domino throughout most red states Biden continually losing more and more control. This is what happens when you steal an election. And you really don’t have power, because according to our Constitution, power and authority is derived from the consent of the people. So when you don’t have the consent of the people, you really have no power, no control, no authority. And that’s just happening more and more. And then this, of course, I did some digging, I found an old article, even from liberal CNN, who admit that 65% of the American population support the right to bear arms. Now, I’m sure it’s much higher than that. But even the liberal deep state, CNN admits 65% of the American people support the Second Amendment. So the Biden administration, the dems, they’ve just


at least and probably much more 65% of the American population with their HR 127. Enjoy the show, of course, is that new bill in Congress, I mean, literally ending your second amendment rights. I’m not going to get all into the weeds of that. But if you want to read the article from Zero Hedge, you can go into their just draconian measures that they’re trying to do to steal away the Second Amendment right from the American people. And you think you think the American populations and be like, Oh, yeah, okay, well, we’re just gonna support the Biden ministration. Now, this is all just again, continuing part of the plan, the Patriots plan to just show the American people, especially those who have not quite woken up, how disastrous it would be if Biden actually were to have real power for the next four years. So speaking of election fraud, I touched upon this yesterday about Kathy Boockvar having to step down, but I didn’t talk about why she stepped down. She, the Pennsylvania Department that she was the head of it botched amendments, aiding child sex abuse victims. I mean, you just cannot make the step up. Kathy bookmark to resign a secretary of state after error delays potential legal recourse for 1000s of child sex abuse victims. So again, she had to step down. We I highlighted in my video from yesterday that the Supreme Court has decided as of upcoming here in a couple weeks, February 19. They’re actually here, this lawsuit that the Trump campaign made against Kathy Boockvar regarding the election fraud, she stepped down because of not helping a child sex abuse victims. Just amazing. All these people that are either pedophiles or helping the cause of pedophiles, they always tend to be enemies of President Trump. Is that a coincidence? Of course it’s not. Speaking of which this just happened yesterday, February 3 64. arrested and two women rescued during a sex trafficking operation in California. 64 people were arrested and two women were rescued in anti human trafficking sting in California, Riverside County. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said the arrests were part of Operation reclaiming rebuild, which is an annual statewide operation. The sting ran for four consecutive days before concluding on January 28 2021. The task force arrested 61 males and one female for solicitation of prostitution, one male for soliciting a child for lewd purposes and one male for supervising and aiding a person to commit prostitution. They also made contact with two adult females who are believed to be human trafficking victims. The opposite and again, these are not just typical prostitution rings. You see even in the story, they talk about how a child was lured into this. A lot of times these prostitution rings or covers for child sex trafficking operations. So hallelujah. But that was a that was taken down and less people forget pedophile rest sore under Trump. The media silent This is a story from way back in October of 2018. And collected here are 123456 just a just a small picking. But six stories from the Trump administration years in which all these pedophiles were taken down and we got this one Germany you remember this I reported this last summer police busted allegedly child sex ring operating from the summer house. We got this one from Artie news. This was reported back in April 2020. The Ukraine bus human trafficking ring that sold babies to Chinese single men of certain orientation This was directly because Trump’s State Department was putting pressure on Ukraine to crack down on these satanic pedophiles. This was from the Dutch police arrest six men uncovered makeshift torture chamber that was from July of 2020. This is reported out in Europe as well. It’ll come up

doesn’t want to come up.

This is from vice head of major UFO organization arrested on child solicitation charges. This was back in July of 2020. All right, this one’s come up now. The Dutch police find several cells in a torture chamber for kidnapping. Again, that’s the repeat of that story. Just highlight it from July of 2020. And this is from the Daily Mail. Most one a pedophile mastermind behind darknet sites that serve 1000s across the globe is arrested. That was back in July of 2020, as well. So it’s just all of these and again, this is just a handful. I mean, I covered literally, I lost count hundreds upon hundreds of hundreds of stories. During during the Trump administration of all the pedophiles he took down. The media was just consistently silent about that, because not only do the media hate President Trump, everything you stood for but oftentimes were complicit in the very child sex trafficking that President Trump was taking down. So Kurt slipped her I love this put up No wonder the Lincoln project hates the queue people queue people really despise pedophiles. Yes, indeed. So

again, back to this story that I highlighted a couple days ago now 41 Hollywood celebrities who tweeted support for the pedophile linked Lincoln project. So I talked about three a list actors and producers from a couple of days ago, and now we got 4141. So among the group’s biggest Hollywood promoters have been Debra Messing, de Bautista, Mark Hamill, and Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. their enthusiasm sometimes assumed strange dimensions. Comedian Chelsea Handler tweeted I become sexually attracted to the project Lincoln, the pedophile linked project Lincoln I’ll emphasize, as Breitbart News has reported Hollywood elites have showered the Lincoln project with money with donations coming from Rob Reiner Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. Others include Harrison Ford, Sam Elliott, Mark Hamill, and Martin Sheen, pop star and Biden sir ago john legend promoted a Lincoln project attack ad against Trump less than two weeks before the presidential election. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista has promoted Lincoln project videos several times. His fellow Marvel star Chris Evans also pushed a pedophile linked Lincoln project attack ad.

Chris Evans,

Jane Lynch


Claude Taylor, Ben Stiller, Jamie Lee Curtis. Jude Law. Zach Braff. Elizabeth Banks, Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Mulana, we’re not surprised by her share of Bette Midler. Mark Hamill, Julia Louis Dreyfus That doesn’t surprise me, Adam Scott. Sophia Bush, Jim gaffigan. That’s a real tragedy. Jim gaffigan is one of the few sort of clean comedians out there. yet he’s supporting the pedophile Lincoln Lincoln project. How disgraceful. Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef Leslie Jones, Bradley Whitford Debra Messing, I’ve already mentioned Stephen King. He doesn’t surprise me Of course, that guy’s such a sick, sick individual, and has put pedophile themes into many of his books. Josh Gad, Ellen Barkin. Vincent. D’Onofrio, Matthew Modine, Kenji Yong, Mia Farrow, john Leguizamo, Ron Perlman and Rick Wilson. Henry Winkler sick pedophile colluded with Steven Spielberg and raping and destroying that little girl from the Poltergeist series. Ava du Vernay, Mira Sorvino Kristen Johnston, Wanda Sykes, Eric Roberts, and Sandra Bernhard

Steve Schmidt,

Christina Applegate, Ken olan. Joshua Molina. All right, so all of these Hollywood stars just adding themselves all these rock stars and Hollywood stars outing themselves as they voracious barista flip boorish stuff asleep, proclaimed their adoration for the Lincoln project, which means Now implicated in much pedophilia, not a coincidence. Speaking of pedophilia, Biden’s nominee for new cabinet level science fish’s position is the Epstein linked geneticists. This is from the media on telegram CRI SPR gene editing expert Eric Lander, Biden’s Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy is awaiting Senate confirmation to serve in a new cabinet level position in the Biden ministration. Jeffrey Epstein, the Genesis pedophile and sex trafficker bragged about funding landers research and was photographed taking part in at least one meeting with him. Shortly before he took office, President Joe Biden announced that he would be elevating the direct director Office of Science and Technology Policy to a cabinet level position, meaning that his nominee to lead that office geneticists Eric Lander would require a confirmation by the US Senate lander is currently serving as director of that office but has yet to serve in cabinet level capacity

as he waits confirmation. Just again, people expose themselves as being on the sides of pedophiles. You want to be on that side of history supporting this fake vitam ministration who is wrapped up in pedophilia and every way

more news on Marilyn Manson, which I talked about a couple days ago now there are multiple women that have come out accusing Marilyn Manson of rape, biting and torture again, this shouldn’t really surprise us. I mean, he’s a he’s an absolute satanist, but now implicated in pedophilia from that young woman who when she was a teenager, talked about being groomed by him and abused by him. So Cameron Joseph says source tells me that roughly half the House GOP conference gave Marjorie Taylor green a standing ovation after she wrote to speak a few minutes ago. And Ilan Omar mocking that says the cube Bharti is born. So I said well, hon a cue party sounds just wonderful to me. So even now as I’m recording this broadcast the The house is voting to strip Marjorie Taylor green from her positions on the various House committees.

But you know, the sides are being drawn right the sides are being drawn which side of history you’re going to be on.

So this here the head of us Strategic Command warns very real possibility of a nuclear conflict with Russia and China. This is the deep state trying to push this and I put this up the deep state and Satan his minions Yod rebuked them are trying to push the Great Tribulation to happen earlier than it should in my opinion. So let’s pray against this. And me and my prayer team are praying against this. I love this. I love this meme here. Mark Zuckerberg, I believe your posts Jeff Bezos, I delete your books. Of course here we have the leader of YouTube that struck me down, I delete your videos and Bill Gates and I delete you. Well, I think it’s good and healthy to laugh at these people. You know, Psalm two talks about how the kings of the earth as they oppose Yeah, he laughs at them and derision so we can laugh at them to hallelujah. Carrie Kellerman, again, highlighting this point I’ve made in the last couple videos. My Mrs. November election use dominion and smartmatic millions of voting irregularities found Election Commission refuse to look at evidence or cross check voter rolls. So the military sees its role as stopping government from breaking laws, arrests winner, new election to be held. Hello, America. Again, I think something that God Himself orchestrated to show exactly what the military here needs to do. So Mel q put this up on her telegram. Deep State makes COVID disappear as soon as Biden’s in office. So this is from disclose TV that she’s repeating from Twitter, new COVID-19 infections are now down 44% in the US and 30% globally in the last three weeks. It’s a miracle, who experts are baffled about the phenomenon and say vaccines cannot be the main driver. Yeah, because they were just using COVID-19 for political purposes to unseat Donald Trump. I love this meme here. The proposed Amazon HQ headquarters is similar to the Tower of Babylon symbolism will be their downfall, as Q has told us many, many times. And some really good news for March for Life tweeted out breaking Texas now defund Planned Parenthood. This is a story from National Review. came out today February 4 as of yesterday, Texas is no longer funding Planned Parenthood they’ve having having successfully removed the abortion company from the state’s list of eligible Medicaid providers. The move comes a few months after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas had the right to determine for itself whether or not to fund a particular provider through its Medicaid program. Hallelujah. So what an awesome, awesome piece of news as Texas now completely and totally defund Planned Parenthood. Remember I said a couple weeks ago Missouri is now the first state in the Union where not a single abortion is done at all. Just awesome. Awesome, awesome news happening here. Hallelujah. So again, yeah is giving us encouragement. He’s providing us all these data points to say, hey, might people rise up and pray? This is not done yet this battle is not finished. We got to keep praying for President Trump, the Patriots for this nation. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. All right, if you like what I’m doing, if you appreciate what I’m doing, you think I’m working hard, and I deserve to be paid. This is my full time career, which I love. I love, love, love doing what I do. So if you want to help me out, the easiest way to do so is through my paypal. That’s the very first link right below this video. That’s the easiest way to send me a donation. I also have a cash app if you prefer to use that instead, the instructions on how to use cash app are also right below the video. And if you’re old school, you don’t want to use the internet to send a donation that’s fine. I also have a peel box. It’s also located right below the video and you can send me a donation through good old fashioned snail mail. Just remember if you want to response to your snail mail donation, please include your email address in your snail mail letter. If you have a prayer request and you want our prayer team to pray for you, we’ll be happy to do so just make sure you email me my emails also in the description box below the video, email me your prayer request. I will get it to our prayer team and we will make sure to diligently pray for you. If you want my video sent straight to your inbox go to Daniel Lee daily calm that’s a link that you can also find it below the video in the links. You click on that link submit your email address there and you’ll get my videos sent straight to your email box. Alright guys, thank you for all your love all your support all your prayers. Have a wonderful Thursday. Shalom Shalom.