Image: Revealed: Internal Twitter communications reveal AZ Democratic Gov.-Elect Katie Hobbs’ campaign colluded to suppress political opponents

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Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has filed a major lawsuit after gathering evidence of a “coordinated effort” to stifle Republican votes, thereby costing her a victory nearly every poll before Election Day said she should win.

In a Twitter post containing a video clip of an interview she did with Real America’s News podcaster Steve Bannon, Lake’s campaign wrote: “In areas where the Democrats were voting through mail-in ballots they loosened all of the procedures… to make sure that every vote got through, even the illegal ones. And when it came to election day, when our people were voting, they made it almost impossible.”

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In an analysis of the 70-page lawsuit, investigative journalist Emerald Robinson noted that the suit names a number of Arizona officials, many of whom are in Maricopa County, where most of the Election Day problems occurred, writing that it is “full of enough blatant election corruption and government malfeasance to make even a communist blush.” One of the officials named is Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, Lake’s opponent who essentially certified her own election win.

Here are nine of the most prescient points the lawsuit makes, as noted by Robinson:

  1. “There were hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots counted in Arizona’s midterm elections — in Maricopa County alone.”
  2. “Almost 60% of Maricopa County’s voting machines failed on Election Day —that’s not a statistic you’ll see reported in our corporate media.”
  3. “There is no way that 59% of Maricopa County’s voting machines stopped working on Election Day by accident — and one day after being tested.”
  4. “Between November 9th and November 11th, Maricopa County suddenly discovered more than 25,000 additional ballots that needed to be counted. That’s suspicious because Katie Hobbs supposedly beat Kari Lake by 17,000 ballots — according to the certified results.”
  5. “Those 25,000 ballots magically appear in time to help Katie Hobbs — courtesy of a mysterious election contractor named Runbeck Election Services.”
  6. “An employee of Runbeck has testified that early vote (EV) ballots arrived without proper chain of custody paperwork — which is required by law.”
  7. “A prominent cybersecurity expert who tests voting machines for a living has provided a sworn declaration that the widespread equipment breakdown in Maricopa County must have been caused intentionally. He also confirms that some of the components of Arizona’s voting system are not certified — which violates Arizona law.”
  8. “Maricopa County officials like Stephen Richer were involved in serious conflicts of interest.”
  9. “At least 16 voting stations in Maricopa County mixed together uncounted ballots with already counted ballots — and they did so intentionally.”


An article about Lake’s lawsuit by the Arizona Sun-Times by Rachel Alexander quotes Kurt Olsen, one of Lake’s attorneys, as saying he believes the election anomalies cited in the legal action were “intentional since they didn’t test all of their equipment and follow the appropriate processes when problems arose.”

“Why haven’t they done their own forensic audit 30 days later?” he went on to ask.

The report noted further:

He said Maricopa County officials’ cavalier attitude about the problems and their lack of trying to find out what happened is telling. “Does anybody believe this widespread failure, oh shucks, just happened?” he wondered.

The complaint alleged that the number of illegal votes cast in the election “far exceeds the 17,117 vote margin” between the two candidates, a difference of .67 percent. It said Democrat Katie Hobbs did not receive the highest number of votes due to illegal votes.

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