Keep the Faith Patriots: Positive Music Master Page

Many years ago I created My Positive Music (com) and ever since then I’ve been working to share positive music with the world. Positive music not only makes you feel good but it lowers stress while raising your faith naturally. There is beauty in this world and by focusing on the good we can remember that! As well as remember that we have more than enough good in our lives to be appreciative of even when it seems like a storm is upon us. Being appreciative is a form of prayer that communicates directly with god so as to remove our doubt of the past, present and future.

Being appreciative helps us see the truth that nothing is being withheld from us. Once you drop that belief God is there to show you he has had his hands open wide for all of us to live in peace and to know Him.

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

Want to heal through the use of Light, Sound / Music?

Visit my friend Gail Lynn’s website @ (Check locations to see if a Harmonic Egg is near you!) this is the closest thing to a “Med Bed” that is available RIGHT NOW! She’s been on programs with Regina Meredith, Coast to Coast and many others. You can check out her YouTube channel HERE.

See more here: (on Gaia) Frequencies of Healing with Gail Lynn

or you can see a YouTube Interview below for free:


Positive Music List:

2/1/22 – Kid Rock – We The People

11/5/21 – I will Not Comply – Blind Joe

11/3/21 – Big Pharma (Vaxx Song) – Conspiracy Music Guru

10/12/21 – Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – This Is A War (Patriotic Hip Hop)

10/05/21 – Kottonmouth Kings – Positive Vibes

10/01/21 – Sister Hazel – Change Your Mind

9/30/21 – Five for Fighting – World

9/29/21 – Bruno Mars – Today My Life Begins

9/24/21 – Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It

9/23/21 – Enya – We are Free Now

9/22/21 – Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop

9/21/21 – India Arie – I Choose

9/14/21 – Lauryn Hill – Everything is Everything

9/14/21 – Great Big Sea – When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down)

9/10/21 – – It’s a New Day

9/8/21 – Toby Mac – One World

9/7/21 – John Mayer – Waiting on the World to Change

9/3/21 – Katy Perry – Roar

9/2/21 – The Isaacs – The American Face

9/1/21 – Beckah Shae – LIFE

8/31/21 – Eric Clapton – This Has Gotta Stop

8/26/21 – Aerosmith – Dream On

8/25/21 – Britt Nichole – The Lost Get Found

8/20/21 – Frank Sinatra – The Best Is Yet To Come

8/19/21 – Andy Grammer – Keep Your Head Up

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