Kiev Cracks Down on Gangs Helping Ukrainian Men to Dodge Military Draft - Move Comes as Conscription Goes Into Overdrive, Mobilizing the Old, the Infirm and even Women | The Gateway Pundit

Draft dodgers captured, on their way to combat.

After the failure of the much-hyped Summer offensive of the Ukrainian forces, with as much as 70k human losses in a little over 3 months, Kiev has ramped up dramatically the efforts to forcibly conscript every able-bodied male – and some not so able – and are starting with Medical Women, too.

At the same time, Kiev tries to cripple the many gangs that are selling a most valuable service, righht now: help to evade mobilization.

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RMX News reported:

“The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has reported that another ring of people engaged in helping people to evade the draft and leave the country has been identified and broken up. With Ukraine short on manpower at the front, it is racing to fill its ranks.

The last set of people detained were connected with the port in Izmail, in the Odessa region. Bribes were elicited from men of service age who wanted to leave the country. They were provided with papers claiming they were navigators on cargo ships, costing between $700 and $1,200.

Those detained are accused of taking a total of $55,000 in such payments. They were allegedly caught in the act, arrested and could face jail sentences of up to 10 years.”

WATCH: Ukrainian men caught trying to leave the country to avoid forced conscription are sent to a special session with a priest to atone for their mistake, and from there to the front.

Some conscription officers are said to be making fortunes by helping Ukrainian young people to do all they can to avoid being sent to the frontline.

“Another popular way for earning money on draft dodgers is the issuing of medical certificates, certifying that the individual paying was unable to serve in the army. The group the SBU identified was issuing up to 20 such certificates daily, for a fee of $7,000 to $10,000.”

Watch:  Military draftsmen violently capture a man for conscription.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has now issued a decree ‘ordering the verification of the legal veracity of all medical certificates that release men from military service duty’. The cases will all be reviewed, and new medical tests enforced.

Watch: man escaped Ukraine walking through the forest until he crosses the border with Moldavia.

Another nightmarish idea has arisen – forcing Ukrainian men abroad to come back to the country to fight. It was proclaimed by Zelensky’s party in parliament, but with Germany, Austria and Hungary already refusing to cooperate, the plan is off to a very bad start.

Just to put into perspective the size of these evasions, it is estimated that 160,000 Ukrainians of conscription age have fled to Germany. This number alone accounts for more than half of the Ukrainian army at the moment.

And the lunacy only accelerates, with conscription of those with limited fit, as well as older and even women. The new Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Umerov, now calls for the use of 16-year-olds in the army.

Watch: man assaults military draftsman with rocks, trying to escape.

Scott Ritter, former US Marine intel officer and UN weapons inspector, told Sputnik:

“The people’s forces where you bring in children 15, 16 years old, you’re bringing in old people in their sixties, you’re bringing in the infirm people who otherwise would have received a military deferment.

And you’re bringing them together to form these units…If this is the stage that Ukraine is at, then this does not bode well for Ukraine because those forces are incapable, incapable of carrying out the kind of offensive operations that the Ukrainian army wants to do…

And if they ever put these forces into combat, they will be slaughtered. And that would be, in a long list of tragic events, that would be among the most tragic.”

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