LATER TATER: Brian Stelter Fights Back Tears as He Ends His Last Broadcast After CNN Canceled Him (VIDEO)

Source: CNN

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In June, TGP’s Cristina Laila reported that Brian Stelter’s days were numbered at CNN.

“SOURCE: Stelter is “down to weeks if not days” left at CNN. They go on “He is everything that reminds the new owners of the Zucker era they desperately want to get past”” Jon Nicosia reported.

Fake news Stelter is reportedly causing problems and “stirring discontent within the ranks.”

A CNN insider previously told The Daily Mail that “Brian Stelter should start looking for another job.”

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On Thursday, CNN canceled the Sunday media affairs program Reliable Sources this week, as reported by The Gateway Pundit.

The show’s ratings tanked in recent months — and Stelter is now leaving the network.

Stelter hosted the show for nine years — it was the longest-running show on the network.

On Sunday, CNN’s “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter aired its final episode. He struggled to hold back tears as he ended his last broadcast.

Watch the video below:

Trump responded on Truth Social to news of the firing — saying Stelter got fired because he lied about him.

From Truth Social:

Brian Stelter of Fake News CNN got fired because he lied, and lied, and lied – ABOUT ME. May he REST IN PEACE!

Stelter responded, “This small but mighty show punched above its weight for so many years… even former President commented on the cancellation.”

Chief media correspondent for the Insider, Claire Atkinson, has warned that “there’s going to be the possibility of people leaving CNN, and the possibility that ratings go down” as a result of the network’s efforts to become more neutral.

Watch the video below:

The internet reacted after the last broadcast of the “Reliable Source.”

Twitter user Scott Adams wrote, “Congratulations to Brian Stelter for being the only person to ever leave CNN for a non-penis-related reason.”

Comedian Tim Young wrote, “First was Chris Cuomo, now it’s Brian Stelter… next to go is Don Lemon.”

Curtis Houck wrote, “This is something CNN, Brian Stelter, and ‘Reliable Sources’ NEVER accept — the First Amendment applies to ALL of us, not just journalists.”

“We have a RIGHT to offer legitimate criticism of the press and doing so is NOT violent or a death threat,” he added.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton wrote that Mr. Brian Stelter and his CNN colleagues, such as Oliver Darcy, long ago decided to ditch “journalism” and focused on trying to hound conservatives and Fox News and its hosts off the air and off social media.

Watch the video below:

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