Laura Loomer Sends Live Update from Richard Barnett Trial in Washington DC – It Was Complete Set-Up

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Richard Barnett, the man who was photographed with his feet up on Speaker Pelosi’s desk on January 6, 2021, was arrested in Arkansas two days after the protest.

Richard Barnett’s trial is taking place last week and this week in a biased DC Court.

We already learned from the trial that an FBI official admitted under oath that a group of “agitators” who were “highly trained” destroyed security barriers and fencing and lured people to Capitol grounds that day. This was before Trump supporters reached the US Capitol that day.

It was a setup. And now the government is using billions of taxpayer dollars to round up Trump supporters, cage them like terrorists, and run them through kangaroo courts before they are sent to prison for several years. Many of the protesters arrested did not even enter the US Capitol on January 6.

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It is quite remarkable that we are today witnessing this same scenario take place in Brazil under the communist Lula regime. What does that say about the United States?

Reporter and activist Laura Loomer is attending Richard Barnette’s trial this week.

Laura told The Gateway Pundit on Thursday afternoon that Richard Barnett was set up. The two reporters who also entered Pelosi’s office with Barnett staged the photos for their publications.

Here is the latest from Laura Loomer on Twitter.

Richard Barnett is not a violent man. This is a travesty of justice.

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