LOL! MSNBC Host Claims His Audience ‘Doesn’t Have Conspiracy Theorists’ (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Al Velshi, who once stood in front of fires at a BLM/Antifa riot in Minneapolis, recently claimed on his show that his audience doesn’t have conspiracy theorists.

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This is the same network that pushed the Russia collusion hoax for four solid years. It’s one of the main reasons that their viewers tuned in to watch.

What’s more, Velshi said this to Nika Jankowicz, who was almost made the head of the ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ at DHS.

NewsBusters reports:

MSNBC Host Claims ‘My Audience Doesn’t Have Conspiracy Theorists’

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi, best known for standing in front of a burning building and saying nothing “unruly” was going on, used his Saturday show to proclaim that his audience, unlike Fox’s, does not conspiracy theorists in it.

Speaking to Nika Jankowicz, formerly of DHS’s infamous Disinformation Governance Board, Velshi recounted, “I just did that intro to the segment, right? So that my audience would understand this conspiracy theory that I guarantee you, pretty much nobody in my audience knew that story because why would they?”

Velshi was referring to Ray Epps, who recently sued Fox News for claims that he was an FBI agent who encouraged the rob to storm The Capitol on January 6. Velshi claimed he is not like that. Instead, viewers tune in to his show for egghead takes about economics, “Two segments ago I talked about red states and Bidenomics, again I’m not– my audience doesn’t have conspiracy theorists in, right?”

See the video below:

MSNBC hosts aren’t really big on self-awareness, are they?

If MSNBC didn’t exist, you’d have to make them up. They’re beyond parody.

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