Marc Morano Joins Rose Unplugged to Discuss the WEF’s Great Reset: 2020 Was the Year Conspiracy Realities Outnumbered Conspiracy Theories (AUDIO)

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Marc Morano, founder of, a website that counters the climate change cult, joined Rose Unplugged to discuss the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset.’

Marc Morano said Covid was the ‘red pill’ for the world.

“What is the ‘Great Reset’? Well, it’s very simple. It’s the Chinafication of the once free West – in other words, all of these western leaders who praised China’s one-party rule finally got their wish and they turned the once free West into Chinese, one-party, dictatorial control,” Morano said.

Morano discussed the war on farmers in Netherlands, Canada and other countries and why Bill Gates is buying up farm land.

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The global elites are collapsing our food production, collapsing our energy supply, collapsing our transportation by banning gas-powered cars, they’re collapsing our free speech and collapsing our currency, Moranos says.

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