Mark Levin on FOX News Calls the Jan 6 Committee “A Front Politburo Type Committee Set Up by Nancy Pelosi…Very Stalinist in its Makeup”

Mark Levin discussed the unconstitutional and criminal attacks on President Trump – an American citizen last night on Life, Liberty and Levin.

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FOX News reported:

FOX News host Mark Levin went on a blistering tirade against the Democrat Party for their “war against Donald Trump” on his Sunday show.

The “Life, Liberty & Levin” host made the case that Democrats in Congress had abused their powers and colluded with the media to take down the former president because they view him as a potential 2024 threat.

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He listed three Democrat-elected prosecutors who had targeted the Trump Organization for purely political motives, before he laid into the “so-called January 6 Committee” as a “Stalinist” “farce.”

“[It’s] nothing more than a front politburo type committee set up by Nancy Pelosi loaded with the most radical leftist Democrats you can imagine and two of the worst never-Trumper reprobates that you can imagine. There’s not a single lawyer on that committee’s staff, not a single representative on the committee’s staff to raise any objections to what that committee is doing. It is very Stalinist in its makeup,” he said.

Levin also called the committee a “farce” that was “violating the Constitution,” because it was beyond Congress’s power to conduct criminal investigations.

Below is the video of Levin’s excellent analysis of the attack on President Trump.

The Obama regime changed this country.  No longer did laws matter.  The communist takeover was in place.  We saw this with the Mueller gang who were totally corrupted and created by animals in the DOJ to harass and remove President Trump from office.  Before this Obama held secret Russia collusion meetings in the White House basement behind closed doors.

The January 6 commission is an extension of the effort to destroy America.  These communists first stole the 2020 Election and then jailed those who protested the steal.

Stalin would be proud.

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