Mark Meadows: “There Were Emails Out There in Early 2020 That There Was Gain-of-Function Going On” (VIDEO)

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Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows joined former Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday afternoon.

The two former Trump advisors discussed Dr. Fauci’s lies to Congress under oath on the gain-of-function research he funded in Wuhan, China.

Mark Meadows: They’re going to try to blame this on someone else other than NIH, other than Dr. Fauci to try to suggest he didn’t lie. But I can tell you, there’s emails out there early on, in February of 2020 that alerted everybody to the fact that there was gain-of-function research going on. Listen, we haven’t been allowed in the Wuhan lab. We haven’t been allowed by our Chinese counterparts to actually come in. They’ve been giving us false information. We knew they were giving us false information. And yet it was the same Tony Fauci who continued to use their data and used it in a way to prop up his particular stunt he did before a vast majority of Americans.

There are more emails out there.

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Let’s see if this little demon ever faces justice for his crimes.

Via The War Room and Midnight Rider Channel.

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