Matt Braynard has hard data that will void elections in WI, AZ, GA

I actually threw this guy some money for this, I’m happy to see he is really pushing this hard.

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Some of the comments:
– Kelcius 145 points2 hours ago+146 / -1

Arizona here in 2018 Martha McSally was winning period in the middle of the night Kirsten Cinema shot up and beat her the next morning I didn’t understand it then but I do now

– GlacialSpeed 112 points2 hours ago+113 / -1

I’m a data scientist/programmer/analyst.

Matt Braynards thorough and transparent methodology make me so happy. Like every step of the way watching how he arrives at his numbers I’m thinking “yep, and those are VERY cautious estimates, so probably a lot more!”.

We Win.

– nidesi8913 19 points1 hour ago+19 / -0

Does anyone know if the evidence is going to filled using a court case? Otherwise they are just videos on youtube. We all know they cheated

– GlacialSpeed 16 points1 hour ago+16 / -0

Matt Braynard forwards all his findings over to the legal teams that we’re all following.

I’m betting several of his studies will be used in court.

The last one he released where they did calls out to thousands of absentee ballot holders was outstanding. So much data pointing to cheating that no one impartial would be able to dismiss it.

– wildcat1020 1 point2 minutes ago+1 / -0

He says that in the video that he is helping the law teams and may even be called as a witness if necessary.

– wake-up-donald-win 17 points1 hour ago+20 / -3

Once Trump presents his evidence to the supreme court, he will expose the Chinese created Great Reset which plans to destroy the modern world and replace it with a communist fascist new world order dystopia run by big tech elites and the World Economic Forum where you have no basic human rights and will own nothing and be happy.

– Saikifunou 27 points1 hour ago+27 / -0

God, I hope so. I’m English but I come here for hope because if Biden gets in we’re not gonna have any influence from any leaders that value liberty. The World Economic Forum and all of the shills bending the knee to them will get nothing but support from Biden. However, I’m pretty confident Trump will win. I hope you guys won’t forget about Build Back Biden’s weird globalist plans and make sure he gets a spanking for it when Trump wins.

– KingLudwigofBavaria 12 points1 hour ago+12 / -0

Scotland here…totally agree!!

– RedTX 3 points17 minutes ago+3 / -0

Great to know that our UK pedes and frens have the night watch. Good morning, and cheers, gents!

– Uvuvhchcycyx 6 points1 hour ago+6 / -0

Which is really a condemnation of the left in general.. They prefer endless war Mass surveillance police States unaccountable government and government that doesn’t listen to the people over a president pushing an America first agenda commonsense immigration reform and in the endless wars ending the endless wars fighting the deep state and who actually is open to listening to his constituents on Twitter

To be honest it just makes liberal seem like corrupt evil people

if constantly said for years that there anti-establishment and trying to fight against the man but really they have proven that they are very much in favor of t.. They want the establishment and the elites in chargee

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