McConnell and the ‘Republicans’ in the Senate Continue to Be Outmaneuvered by Democrats and Then They All Laugh About It

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Not much was said in this video and yet it explains why our US Senate is such a mess.  Nothing’s funny about this and yet all there laughed.

The US Senate is a mess.  The ‘Republican’ Senators are closer to Democrats than they are to their base.  The Republican base was behind President Trump and gave him the largest number of votes in US history for a Republican and a sitting US President.  If not for the millions of ballets suspected of fraud, President Trump would have won in one of the biggest wins in US history.

But the Republican Senators want President Trump out and appear happy he is not there.  The Democrats are thrilled they got away with the suspected fraudulent election steal.  They don’t care about election laws and the people of the United States, they care about power.

So when Senator McConnell who led the assault on President Trump after the election, was stopped by Democrat Schumer, everyone laughed.

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The Republicans in the Senate have no idea what is going on.  They have no idea what Americans want.  They have no idea Americans are very angry about the 2020 Election and will not be satisfied until the election is fully forensically audited.  The Democrats just want power and are happy every time they step on the American people while the Republicans laugh.

What a joke our Senate has become.

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