Michael Shellenberger Tells Tucker: Opposition To Natural Gas Proves Climate Activists Aren't Pro-Environment, They're Anti-Human (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Writer and free speech activist Michael Shellenberger recently spoke with Tucker Carlson about the hypocrisy of our political elites who claim to care about climate change.

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He notes that if these people were serious, they would embrace natural gas, which the United States has in massive amounts.

Instead, our elites are all about control. Shellenberger even suggests that these people want to make energy scarce on purpose.

Real Clear Politics provides a partial transcript:

MICHAEL SHELLENBERGER: I think what’s so interesting about what’s happening right now is that just even a year or two ago, global elites used to pretend to care about people but they’re not even pretending anymore,” Shellenberger said. “I mean, here they fly their private jets…I think that what’s so different now is that the elites are just openly and blatantly expressing their hatred of humankind, particularly the hatred of working people, of poor people, people both in the United States in so-called flyover states that they hate so much, but also in places like India and China and Africa where people want to live a better life, and that’s what coal has traditionally provided.

The obvious alternative to coal is natural gas. If you cared about climate change, if this was actually about climate change, you would just produce more natural gas because it produces half the carbon emissions of coal. The United States reduced our Carbon emissions by 22% between 2005 and 2020 with 61% of that education simply coming from switching from coal to natural gas, but John Kerry and other climate activists are against natural gas and they’ve been stifling of natural gas, clean-burning American natural gas, which is the cleanest in the world. So it’s so obvious, it’s so hypocritical, but worse than that I think it’s really anti-human.

Watch the video below. Shellenberger comes in just before the five minute mark:

Ep. 44 Another half-demented 80-year-old yelling about things he doesn’t understand. These are our leaders. They don’t care about our future because they don’t have one of their own. pic.twitter.com/iylpXALJjZ

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 4, 2023

As Shellenberger says at one point, it really does seem like some of our ‘leaders’ hate us.

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