May 5, 2021

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Microscopic Living Strands Being Found on Killer Masks! They're Using Nano-Tech To Wipe Us Out!

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Microscopic Living Strands Being Found on Killer Masks! They’re Using Nano-Tech To Wipe Us Out!


We have what are called non specific antibodies. They have he called it broad spectrum. It’s broad spectrum, low affinity they don’t care who is coming across. In this case. Let’s look at the other team. These are let’s say these are all variants of Coronavirus. We got the A variant FT Rl, y x. Okay? Now it doesn’t matter who gets the ball in this case, when we have nonspecific anyone that comes across so let’s say x gets the ball running back gets the ball comes running over here, boom right here. nonspecific antibodies, boom tackled dead not going anywhere. But let’s say it’s a different play. Let’s say they decide that you know we’re going to run why. So they run right on around about coming through here but it doesn’t matter. nonspecific we see the why to it doesn’t matter. We’re going to go after anything because it’s nonspecific, is brilliant. These are brilliant antibodies you have as your natural immune system, one of it’s a trick pet play, what do they toss it to a and over here tries to get through doesn’t matter. Bam nonspecific is going to go after the A variant to this is how your immune system works in this fantastic. Now let’s talk about what happens when we’re given a vaccine. All right, here we go. Go the next one. So in this case,

in this case, we’re not going to move into vaccine vaccine induced antibodies as he said, they’re long lived they don’t go away. This isn’t a drug that’s going to wear off two days from now we say you know what, you end allergic reaction. We’re not gonna do that drug anymore. It is in you forever. There’s no getting this thing out. And what did it just do? It created what he called specific antibodies, specific antibodies is now what we’re going to discuss. So now in this scenario is scenario playing football. Essentially, everyone on the team has been told you’re looking for x, the antibody created in this case for the spike protein, the spike protein of SARS COBie two that we first saw, at the very beginning, before there’s any variants are vaccines going to make you fight that really well. So how does it work? Well, it’s great. The coach basically said, I know for a fact that x the runningback. Back there is going to get the ball. So everyone on the team Qian x, great, so x gets the ball, boom comes through. It doesn’t matter, man, they’re all gonna jump in there. Oh, yeah. The fact is awesome. It totally stopped the virus. Okay. But now here is the problem he’s talking about. This entire team can only respond to x, it only understands it has a specific, it’s an antibody specific to the virus is looking for. So what happens if y gets the ball, one of the team they know doesn’t matter. The coach said it was going to be X, it doesn’t matter. Y gets the ball, y comes around, boom goes through here can go anywhere they want. x does nothing. Boom. When we’re in the end zone, we just one virus wins the whole game. Because no one on the team was waiting for X was planned for x. In fact, they were told don’t go near x

I mean, don’t know, don’t don’t go near Why? Okay. All right. But here’s something that I didn’t understand. I understood that. And we’ve talked about that based on the show, not in this way. But it goes one step further. And this is what I think. They said they did it wrong. One second, boom, bam,

there we go. All right. Here’s what I did not understand about the immune system last week that I do. Now, when he says that the vaccine induced antibodies are long lived, it means they’re going to be there forever. He also basically explains that they are more robust, the virus specific antibodies, the specific ones, they’re more robust and they outcompete your nonspecific natural immune antibodies. So in this case, you do have some natural, nonspecific antibodies in there that could handle any one of the variants. But the problem is, these guys are bullies, they’re bigger, they’re stronger. They, they’re more, you know, specific, and they’re ready to do their job. So if y gets the ball and starts coming around,

or nonspecific, antibodies gonna want to jump in there. Unfortunately, our vaccine induced is going to push this out of the way, and become a blocker to make sure that that antibody or that that virus gets all the way in and wins and gets the touchdown and could possibly leave you did this vaccine is bullying away your remaining natural immune system. You do have these, but they’re never going to work again.

Do you realize how horrifying This is? Now think about the hundreds of millions of people that are lining up around the world that are lined up outside of stadiums right now because CNN and Tony Fauci just said, I love this vaccine. Well, geared here, one of the leading scientists in vaccine and Immunology in the world is telling you, everybody getting the vaccine is destroying their innate immune system, those immune antibodies that were nonspecific that could have handled any of those 1000s of virus variants. We just saw you there designed for it. By being vaccinated, you just assured yourself that there are no antibodies inside of you to fight the variants. So if we have strayed far enough away from the vaccine induced variant that we were looking at the original spike protein, everyone that is vaccinated is now in horrible, horrible trouble. They are going to be attacked by variants in their bodies will not mount a defense. We are talking about Carnage like we’ve never seen.

While we have another spotting of these little black strands that move on their own, how creepy is this, this time under a mask and this appears to be from a second source. We already saw this before with a lab test swab. This looks like it’s a brand new mask that’s been opened up and put under a microscope.

As you can see, just like we saw before on the test swabs, these weird black strands that seem to have a life of their own, making movements just absolutely horrifying.

This was posted on the Julian media house Tick Tock account


As the footage from the last video, they pulled it out and put it under a microscope, and there’s all these little black strands that moved towards heat and reacted with water.

And now we have here with the masks,

a similar observation made by apparently a secondary source. So let me play all the clips.

Just absolutely horrified.

So why are there all these little black strands that move around on both the masks and the testing swaps, this reeks of an agenda and evil one. So as you can see, these moving threads are parasites or whatever these things are, are very similar from the mask to the swabs.

My students and I work on very tiny robots. There, you can think of these as robotic versions of something that you’re all very familiar with an ant. Right, we all know the ants and other insects at the size skill can do some pretty incredible things. Right? We’ve all seen a group of ants or some version of that carving off your potato chip at a picnic, for example, right?

But what are the real challenges in engineering these ants? Well, first of all, how do we get the capabilities of an ant in a robot of the same size skill? Well, first, we need to figure out how to make the move when they’re so small. We need mechanisms like legs and efficient motors in order to support that locomotion. And we need the sensors power and control in order to pull everything together in a semi intelligent robot. Right. And finally, to make these things really functional, we want a lot of them working together in order to do bigger things. So I’ll start with mobility. Insects move around amazingly well, right, this video is from UC Berkeley, it shows a cockroach moving over incredibly rough terrain without tipping over. And it’s able to do this because its legs are a combination of rigid materials, which is what we traditionally use to make robots and soft materials.

Jumping is another really interesting way to get around when you’re very small. So these insects store energy in a spring and release that really quickly to get the high power, they need to jump out of water, for example.

So one of the big contributions from my lab has been to combine rigid and soft materials in very, very small mechanisms. So this jumping mechanism is about four millimeters on a side. So really tiny. The hard material here is silicon, and the soft material is silicone rubber. And the basic idea is that we’re going to compress this store energy in the springs and then release it to jump. So there’s no motors on board this right now no power. This is actuated with a method that we call in my lab, graduate student with tweezers.

So what you’ll see in the next video is this guy doing amazingly well for its jumps. So this is Aaron, the graduate student in question with the tweezers. And what you see is this four millimeter size mechanism jumping almost 40 centimeters high, that’s almost 100 times its own length, right if it survives bounces on the table is incredibly robust and of course survives quite well until we lose it because it’s very tiny.

Ultimately, though, we want to add motors to this too. And we have students in the lab working on millimeter size motors to eventually integrate onto small autonomous robots. But in order to look at mobility and locomotion at the size scale to start, we’re cheating and using magnets. So this shows what would eventually be part of a micro robot leg and you can see the silicone rubber joints and there’s an embedded magnet that’s being moved around by an external magnetic field.

So this leads to the robot that I showed

You earlier,

the really interesting thing that this robot can help us figure out is how insects move at the scale, we have a really good model for how everything from a cockroach up to an elephant moves, we all move in this kind of bouncy way when we run. But when I’m really small, my feet, the forces between my feet and the ground are going to affect my locomotion, a lot more than my mass, which is what causes that bouncy motion. So this guy doesn’t work quite yet. But we do have slightly larger versions that do run around. So this is about a centimeter cubed on a centimeter on the sides very tiny. And we’ve gotten this to run about 10 body links per second. So 10 centimeters per second pretty quick for a little small guy. And that’s really only limited by our test setup. But this gives you some idea of how it works right now.

We can also make 3d printed versions of this that can climb over obstacles, a lot like the cockroach that you saw earlier.

But ultimately, we want to add everything on board the robot, right, we want sensing, power control actuation all together. And not everything needs to be bio inspired. So this robots about the size of a tick tock, right. And in this case, instead of magnets or muscles to move this around, we use rockets, right. So this is a microfabricated energetic material. And we can create tiny pixels of this. And we can put one of these pixels on the belly of this robot. And this robot then is going to jump when it senses an increase in light.

So the next video is one of my favorites. So you have this 300 milligram robot jumping about eight centimeters in the air, right, it’s only four by four by seven millimeters in size. All right, and you’ll see a big flash at the beginning when the energetic is set off, and the robot tumbling through the air. So there was a big flash, and you can see the robot jumping up through the air. So there’s no tethers on this, no wires connecting to this everything is on board, and it jumped in response to the student just flicking on a desk lamp next to it.

So I think you can imagine all those kind of cool things that we could do with robots that can run and crawl and Jump and Roll at the size skill, right? Imagine the trouble that you get after a natural disaster like an earthquake. Imagine the small robots running through that rubble to look for survivors.

Or imagine a lot of small robots running around a bridge in order to inspect it and make sure it’s safe. So you don’t get collapses like this that happened outside of Minneapolis in 2007.

Or just imagine what you could do if you had robots that could swim through your blood. Right fantastic, which Isaac Asimov or they could operate without having to cut you open in the first place. Or we could radically change the way we build things. If we have our tiny robots work the same way that termites do and they build these incredible eight meter high mounds, effectively well ventilated apartment buildings for other termites in Africa and Australia.

So I think you can use some of the possibilities of what we can do with these small robots.

The dark agenda of synthetic biology, please, I won’t waste any more time welcome the very wonderful sia cuz Sophia, smallest storm.

What’s going on now is how big is the big picture? And I used to think that if you went outside the box, you could see more. And a lot of people believe that this settles at the level of power and control. If they have all the power, they have all the control. That’s what they want. There’s actually something beyond that. And that’s what I’ve started to explore the big picture

I may be wrong, but I want you to follow the dots that I connect which are basically in the form of a square. I’ll start here, I’ll go here, I’ll go here, I’ll go there and a shape will be made. The terrain is huge. It’s much, much bigger than I ever dreamed off. And so it’s about really

impressions and perspective and I had a friend who is now no longer alive, Harriet. Harriet used to keep me awake at night on the phone and telling me things until one o’clock in the morning notes that she had taken from listening to radio shows she really taught me how to see.


the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Now here is a photograph.

And here is an impression. So I am going to give you the impressions that I have gathered and see what you think of them. By the end of this evening.

We’re getting new impressions of the sky.

Once upon a time, clouds used to be puffy like this.

Today, you see a lot of streaks,


and unnatural crisscross configurations.

When you look closely at what forms your impression,

can see that this is the impression version

you will see streaks,


more feathers,


When you look closely at the lines, you see this.

Looking at a collage of lines

with what appears to be a plane

you see ropes in the sky, made by planes

forming a web

a haze.

The formation of manmade clouds is admitted to buy NASA they call it jet Cirrus.

We’re told that new atmospheric condition conditions are causing jet contrails to linger in the sky.

But anything that stays in the sky for many hours fans out, as you see here, and forms a layer of material thick enough to block sunlight for miles is not condensation. The con in contrail is for condensation. So if it isn’t condensation, meaning water droplets that under normal circumstances quickly evaporate, then what is it?

Here’s the result of one it was a huge donut. This is Cardiff State Beach where I live and it literally formed a big oval Halo in the sky.

contrails typically form behind high flying jets. So that’s high altitude in low humidity. Clouds typically formed at low altitude in higher humidity. So the rule is this clouds and contrails need opposite conditions to form.

But today, we have vapor trails, as they call them condensation trails turning into clouds and spreading out to form a low altitude white haze.

In many parts of the world, we’re losing our blue sky. You see New Mexico in the past and New Mexico in the present.

The word for this many people call it white out.

If you travel in a plane, this is what you’re going to see from the window.

There’s a demarcation line where the white arrow is, I call it the spray line below which the world is seen through a veil and above which you have that true deep blue sky. We live in the veil. We live in a white world of whatever it is that’s descending on us from above. Our visibility is impaired. The sky as we look up at it is now a much lighter blue. But the change has been so incredible.

Until that most of us are too busy to have noticed.

When you look at airborne environmental samples, and the soil and water samples that people have collected throughout the country, you get three types of materials. Metallic salts,

filaments are fibers, and engineered biologicals, metallic salts or oxides, aluminum titanium, barium are three examples. And it appears now that the air around us has been filled with these metallic oxides, which are conductive conductive particles, so the air is no longer neutral. Air is supposed to be neutral to support life. It is not supposed to be charged.

The air around us is also filled with fibers.

And if you get a black light, apparently you can buy them at Home Depot.

You can see

gotta find my mouse.

All right, how do you make clouds and rain. Clouds are formed from moisture that evaporates from the Earth’s surface carried upward on air that’s warmed by the sun. As the warm air rises, it begins to cool. There’s a certain point they call it the dew point D w. And at that point, the moisture in the air begins to condense around particulates which are in the air and these particulates are usually dust or salt.

These particulates are called condensation nuclei, they have an affinity for moisture dust salt, like water, okay. As more water vapor gathers around the particulates, the combination becomes unstable, which is a raindrop.

So we know that particulates in the atmosphere nucleate meaning they gather into raindrops.

Now, here’s something interesting, Daniel Rosenfeld, he’s an atmospheric scientist, Hebrew University Jerusalem. He claims that pollution particulates actually prevent rain by forming very tiny, very stable droplets that remain suspended and do not fall earthward. Now this was headlines, you can google pollution stops rain.

If this is correct, then it suggests that the smaller the particulate, the more stable the droplet. So this is how you would get clouds to hang in the sky as haze, or so called clouds. And so it would seem that you could create cloud like masses, simply by releasing small enough particulates into the atmosphere. And those clouds would not fall, they would spread outward instead to form haze. Which leads us to the subject of geoengineering. defined as the large scale manipulation of the Earth’s environment to suit human needs and promote habitability.

Last year, scientists began to discuss something called sagged Stratospheric Aerosol geoengineering, which was supposedly spraying soot and sulfates in the atmosphere to form a shield against the heat of the sun. This presumes the notion of manmade warming. The idea being that atmospheric science can rescue us from climate change, which is nature’s retaliation against us for creating global warming. For now, we’re told that this is a future consideration. But for years, we’ve already been seeing strange clouds and hazy skies.

What exactly is dripping here? This is a photo I took card of California and I call these the bearded clouds. And here you have this new form. They tell us new form of cloud hooked cloud called Cirrus on scenesse. And here you have a spiritus. This is like the canopy effect blanket.

This is another picture I took. I had never seen this kind of cloud before. I’d only seen photos of it and then it suddenly appeared.

The presence of strange clouds, persistent haze and impaired visibility is not just in the air and sky. It must be having an effect on the ground on the earth, soil and water.

Francis mangles is a retired federal wildlife biologist and botanist from Mount Shasta. And He notes that between the 1950s and 60s jets did not leave many contrails today would appear to be jet contrails are much more frequent and last for 10 to 20 hours. And here’s what they look like over these beautiful mountains and lakes.

Now, this would make a lovely view, don’t you think?

counting all trails in every direction over Mount Shasta, Mangal says the FAA indicates there can’t be that many flights per day. The number has been as high as over 30 contrails at once, and I’ve counted 100 just before weather fronts. Typically heavy spring days are just before weather fronts that come in from the Pacific. So here you have a photo of this man who is a retired federal wildlife biologist and a water specialist. lab tests from Northern California show very high levels of aluminum and barium and soil and pond water.

Francis mangles told me that at 100 micrograms per liter when he was working for the

federal government, you were shut down 100 Mike, I’m sorry 1000 micrograms per liter. So I asked him what normal is what’s tolerable? And he said five tenths 0.5 micrograms per liter is considered normal. So here you have the findings from pond water in Mount Shasta you can see 12,000 micrograms per liter uwg is short for micro gram, which is 24,000 times normal.

snowdrift at 8000 feet 61,100 micrograms per liter. Way, way past normal. And here you have a lined pond. So please picture aligned pond, a pond with a liner vinyl something in Bellavista and you got a reading or the person who did this. I know him Dane wigington got a reading 375,000 micrograms per liter in this little pond.

mangles has a man I will repeat a Master’s of Science in water related subjects. And he also reports that a house

the soil tested outside this house in Northern California was 3000 times 3000 micrograms of aluminum more than the soil under the house. I’m sorry, I said 3000 times anyway. So what does this mean? It means that something is dropping from above, and is affecting the soil around the house but not underneath it. So you can’t say that this is in the groundwater. You can’t say this is in the earth itself coming from the earth. It’s got to be coming from the environment.

The dying of the trees I’ve spoken to Charles Liddell He’s the author of this absolutely fantastic book which you can buy still by

going to or Amazon used books. It is about the natural or biotic reasons for tree death. And also the effects of industry and deforestation, which began decades ago, when manufacturing exploded acid rain, different forms of pollution started to affect trees. But what has come along since this book was written is this.


we have an effect coming out of the environment that can’t possibly be natural look at this corkscrew. I took this picture myself this is the wine opener style.

You have nature trying to cope with the introduction of new substances, particularly metallic oxides, which are also the metallic salts, living things. As I said before,

the metallic salt

have an affinity for water. So living things take up the salts, along with the water that they’re seeking the natural world which gets its food from the ground is sucking this stuff up. This is a scraggly pine tree outside the post office in Cardiff, California where I go every day.

And you can see how

brittle it is. Lots of needles lost. If you look closely at the needles, when you stand under the tree, you see that they’re all frosted with brown signs of tree death, or these sagging limbs, these leafless scraggly branches. You also see infestation by bugs, insects, mites,

fungus, these are spider mites that have taken up in a tree that was right next to my house and the entire tree had to be felled, because of these white webs in it, that we’re killing off the tree. But again,

I’ll explain why in a minute. This isn’t the primary source of the death. Here you have a phenomenon that Deborah Whitman, who’s here with us today has done a lot of research on the white, we call it the tube sock effect on trees, you see white bark. And when we tested the bark of this tree, it showed it had these readings aluminum 387. Now this is milligrams per kilogram because this is a mass analysis rather than a liquid.

Liquid context. So you have barium at 18.4, strontium 113, and titanium 15.2.

You can see again in these photos, the enormous scorched Look, that’s a very dying very unhealthy tree. And you see this other thing called secondary growth, that tufts on the trunk poking out. That’s the tree giving itself desperately trying to give itself a second stab at life. So when you look around you and you see these little growths, sometimes they’re all the way along the trunk from the ground up.

The beauty of an induced problem is that its twin is the solution.

As nature begins to die, we will be told that science will have to step in to save it.

So you will have GMO trees as the answer. The Silent forest they call it genetically engineered trees, non reproductive, no fruit, not blossoms, no insects, animals, birds, low lignin, that’s the wood fiber, which makes the tree very easy to cut and pulp.

The Silent forest will grow straight and tall and will be replenished by the state and what will be considered appropriate numbers and in appropriate locations.

In May 2010

from this article, we learned that the USDA approved large scale field trials of 200,000 GMO eucalyptus trees made by Arbor Jen biotech company to be planted from Florida to Texas. Now we’re told that the purpose of the trial planting is to evaluate whether such GM trees can become new sources of wood, paper and biofuels. Also in the name of conservation and improvement.

This is the story they give us we’re trying to consider we’re trying to go green we’re trying to help.

But then you come in up against articles like this 2008 this was from something called the MIT Technology Review.

An article announcing biochemistries development of toxicity resistant crops, in particular in this article aluminum resistant

plants. So the article tells us that aluminum and soils stunts the growth of crops. wheat, corn and barley don’t fare well in aluminum laden soils. But now, scientists plant scientists have found a way to get the plant to shut down its own cell division to sorry to stop the plant from shutting down its own cell division because when a plant encounters toxins in the soil, it says to itself, I don’t want to keep growing. So it shuts down the cell division but they have figured out a way to keep prompting those plants to produce

reproduction. So this is a gene mutation, a single gene mutation, that inactivates a protein so that the plant continues to grow. The quote from this article is very interesting. The plant is effectively blind to what’s happening in the cell. And that’s from biochemist Paul Larsen. The mutant plants can maintain

high levels of growth in the presence of toxic levels of aluminum even if they sustained DNA damage.

When something begins to die in nature, it attracts bugs, blight molds, even viruses and bacteria. This is nature’s way of hastening decomposition so that the dying form can become food for other living things. Today we have an epidemic of tree decline all over the world, not just in America, but it’s in Australia, it’s in Europe. 1000s of square miles of die off in the savannas in forests of many, many continents. And in cities and suburbs, trees are rotting as they stand swooning breaking, they are hazards to property requiring removal. Six trees around my house have been taken out in the last two years.

sunlight is a natural disinfectant, as hazy skies limit the sunlight molds and fungus grow. As plants that are taking up toxins struggled to live mold, viruses bacteria begin to take them over. This is all part of nature and bio remediation will be the obvious answer.

Metallic salts have made our air conductive. This means that we and everything around us can transmit and propagate energy.

The air is no longer neutral, it no longer supports in a healthy way living things.

The second group of materials found in these environmental samples is an identifiable fibers and I really want you to appreciate the meaning of unidentifiable these fibers have been sent to sophisticated laboratories and there’s nothing nothing in the databases that match them.

So, these are fibers we could say that do not exist in nature. People around the world are developing lesions on their skin ooze and produce fibers. This is known as Morgellons syndrome. tissue samples cultured from ordinary people without this ailment,

contain and grow the very same fibers.

Here’s a five inch lesion on a woman’s body that has never healed five inches.

The fibers or filaments are actually tubules with hollow insides when these fibers are cultured they produce colonies of filaments you can see the extension filaments.

And these colonies continue to grow and reproduce branching out into more filaments and more colonies.

The filament cultures can be grown from saliva samples tissue from the skin mucous, urine, blood

from animals and people regardless of the presence of the Morgellons condition. The fibers are segmented with visible structures inside them.

So where do these fibers or filaments come from?

airborne environmental samples that were collected by Clifford carnac calm he is a researcher in this subject. In 2000, the year 2000 gathered at high altitude on a mountain in New Mexico showed the presence of those fibers

whose structure matches exactly the tubular filaments when I say fibers and filaments basically interchangeable showing up in our blood tissues and skin. Additionally, the samples collected by Mr. Karna comb showed what he calls and was called in biology, desiccated erythrocytes This is a multi syllabic term, but it means dried red blood cells. So why these were in the air? Why are dried red blood cells in the air? very puzzling. A medical microscopist a biologist specializing in microscopy confirmed to him that they were human red blood cells, but that they had been engineered in some way so as to be preserved.

So again, you have to ask yourself, if I were five years old, I would say Mommy, what are red blood cells doing falling out of the Scot

biology divides life into three kingdoms bacteria, archaea and eukarya.

bacteria and archaea are simple organisms with no sub cellular compartments.

You carry out our complex with defined cell compartments and internal organelles many organs like mitochondria that make DNA

Na and energy for the cell. plants, animals and humans are eukaryotic as our fungi and slime molds.

The archaea are the hardiest of the life forms, they’re able to withstand grinding pressure, heat, acidity and alkalinity. They can live in volcanoes, geysers, and the ice shelf. Bacteria, on the other hand will die in extreme heat and cold which is why we cook and freeze our food.

Now the materials appearing within these filaments are as tough as archaea. They look like bacteria, and they self replicate. One looks like something called mycoplasma, but is not one looks like chlamydia, but is not.

And natural fibers or filaments would be classified as fungal in the domain of eukaryotes. But these fibers contain forms from the other two groups inside them. You’re looking at a tubular fiber, with self replicating internal elements resembling bacteria and behaving like archaea.

That does not happen in the natural world.

So what are they What’s going on?

It appears that within our bodies, we now have all three life kingdoms replicating themselves. What does that make us? Are we still eukaryotes? Or are we becoming something else? You could call this trends biology acrossing of biology.

The creation of hybrid forms, materials are forming in our bodies that are not native to us not natural and entirely new. You can see in these pictures, the tubular filaments with the branches, they’re branching off, that’s their self replication. They’re creating new colonies. And you can also see in the bottom picture a little bud. That’s the beginning of a new fiber.

The territory of things on the scale of atoms and molecules is the nano world. Science has opened up the nano universe, where incredible new creations are possible. Nanotechnology explores materials that are less than a micron in size, or from one to 100 nanometers, and a nano meter is 1,000,000,001 billionth of a meter.

Nature and biology continually continually work on the nanoscale assembling proteins and building with crystals to conduct the business of life. Spider webs are an example of that very fine filaments with enormous strength and flexibility because they contain nanoscale crystals.

So let’s go back to the filaments and the structures they contain these ones that Clifford carnac comm has found in those unidentifiable filaments, he has observed the formation of red blood cells and sub micron sized structures. So now you’ve got a filament making its own red blood cells, the engineered cells, the red blood, very, very tough with standing excesses of heat and chemicals, indicating that they are designed to endure almost anything he has put them in a Bunsen flame, he has poured bleach on them acid and they still endure. In addition, they are able to replicate growing outside of the body in a petri dish. This is highly sophisticated technology going on by itself not in a laboratory. So we are having we’re witnessing red blood growing outside having nothing to do with the bone marrow in a petri dish in somebodies.

Very low level lab. Could it be that artificial materials are being introduced into living things? Here you have this comes from the nanotech industry. It’s what I call the nanotech pyramid.

You start with

materials, you go up to structures, processes and devices. Could it be that artificial materials are being introduced into us to create new processes from the ground up? Which processes will override our own natural biology, our own internal systems, people with advanced Morgellons syndrome

started with fibers coming out of their skin and they’re now observing very strange crystaline forms

and metallic devices. The fibers became multicolored

and now they were accompanied by plaques. Strange hard little, almost like shard

People say they’re like glass and they’re colored. The lesions keep emitting these things they don’t heal over or close sometimes for years.

Here are more plaque structures, even grooved metallic devices. On the right you’ll see one device, the front and the back.

These images are supplied by Jan Smith of Morgellons, who has done extensive research on biotech websites looking for things that match what comes out of her body, and she’s finding them

the fibers from her skin, we’re from high density polyethylene.

And I’m going to read what she’s written on her website. The bizarre nature of my findings suggest a man made source. It occurred to me that if these pathogens were being bio engineered in a lab, they were made of multiple components. The mutated material might reproduce and intermittently send out a batch of identifiable debris, much like the original genetics. I call this type of debris throwbacks.

It’s her theory that when new life forms are made through this gene splicing and mutation bioengineering and nanotechnology, they will self replicate in all kinds of ways, creating different mutations in each generation. Morgellons specimens can sometimes be identified with the original spores before those mutations occurred. Jen found three varieties of something called Oh my code of fungus in her specimens as well as something else called dictyostelium discoideum which is a slime mold that is a major player in biomedical research today.

The material coming from her body was ribbony, and mo tile. It was grooved and oval, very much like the Oh my code is for you see here at the bottom where the purple arrow from the bottom is a it’s a diagram of Oh, my code. And on the upper right, you see something that came out of John’s body that looks exactly like oh my code.

The fiber strands that you see here were made of cellulose and gn a DNA is glucans polysaccharide sugars, and this was confirmed by microscopy. DNA is a synthetic cousin of DNA. It has a three carbon glycerol sugar in it instead of the five carbon

that you find in DNA. Here’s a news report from April 2008, in which we are told big headlines DNA is DNA is chemical cousin. It’s a nanotechnology building block. The bio design Institute at Arizona State develops the first self assemble nano structures composed entirely of gn a synthetic analog of DNA. The nano structures contain additional properties not found in DNA, including the ability to form mirror image structures.

an NIH article from Japan on research from Japan also tells us that various conductive polymers and gold nanoparticles are entrapped within the helical super super structure of this DNA. Now, the particular sugar found in this DNA is called beta one, three glucans. And here you see it under what’s called a Raman spectroscope. very sophisticated equipment, it looks the microscopy is to looked at this called a sugar snake.

So this is the DNA that you’re looking at.

When Jan’s fibers were put to a high heat flame, they were released what she calls a gold payload. So they dropped out this tiny little bead of gold.

Here’s more the fibers that contain a head, she calls it a golden head orbs, and they all have this payload in them.

Here you have a nano array that she found a couple of them in her body. nano array is a tiny device used in biotech for DNA hybridization. And on the left, you see a diagram from an industry website of a nano array and on on the slide, you can see actually two of them, she’s marked them with red X’s that came out of her body looking exactly like this. And again, I’ll say it again that nano arrays are these tiny devices that are used for DNA hybridization. So I’m going to repeat my nanotech pyramid.

We begin with the emergence of basic filaments followed by more complex structures. So what processes are going on here are these materials combining to form devices that are working together inside us? What is happening to our biology

and remember that tissue samples obtained from ordinary people

But who have no Morgellons symptoms, no lesions can be cultured to produce the very same filaments found in people with Morgellons. So we would have to conclude that Morgellons is like the canary in the coal mine and that only some people are exuding the materials and could that be because their bodies are rejecting it

while our bodies are integrating it.

John’s body has been sending out these plaques,

colored plaques, which are hard pieces of silica some of them have these dots on them, they’re very small they require handling with a needle as she places them under a microscope. The plaques are fragile they can shatter.

Quantum dots which are the colors you see are nano crystal semiconductors made of heavy metals surrounded by an organic shell. Now I want you to remember some of these terms heavy metals okay heavy metals, aluminum and so forth. So these are nano crystal semiconductors surrounded by an organic shell but they are made of heavy metals and Morgellons subjects are also finding this stuff

to like hexagons, faceted pyramids, crystals.

hexagons have shown up environmentally not only in tissues,

but they are in environmental Fallout. This specimen is provided by Morgellons research group, and we have a table here this weekend. Mike and Jennifer from Morgellons research group.

Here is a pink Ruby colored pink layered crystal the little inset image you can see actually the layers in it. This was an environmental crystal found

here is something that was not visible to the naked eye but the woman who told me about it and sent me the photo was looking at Hey, she lives in Oregon, and she was looking at a piece of hay under her microscope and she found this bright pink, teeny tiny little crystal.

You get crystals with embedded hexagons.

strands that glitter, the one on the right, that’s a glittering strand that came out of somebody’s body.

Here’s a picture of tissue from a lesion with several crystals, you can see the arrows attached to it, you can see the fiber coming out from the bottom.

You have combinations of wires and those quantum dots.

Now here are the nanotechnology dyes.

And there you see the colored plaques that have been coming out of people’s bodies one on the below has fibers attached to it.

The industry tells us that quantum dots are tiny nano crystals whose small size gives them unprecedented tune ability, okay to an ability.

The piezo electric effect is the internal generation of a voltage when an outside pressure is applied and vice versa.

You can Google the Piazza effect.

peers effect occurs in crystals, ceramics, DNA and certain proteins. So an example is when you put a frequency to a crystal, it generates a voltage and when you put a voltage to a crystal, it responds with a frequency.

We call this piezo electricity, electricity resulting from applied compression or frequency.

recent work by Clifford carnac calm reveals that a filament culture subjected to a blue light frequency that’s 375 nanometers resulted in explosive growth of the culture within 24 hours after the initial incubation. So he put the blue light on incubated it for five to seven days. And then it exploded into all those little fibers that you see.

We now live in a frequency filled world. I don’t have time to address HAARP artificial weather and the enormous spread of unnatural frequencies that are affecting the earth today. But I will say this, I came across a very well known paper on electromagnetic fields and urology neurological function written by Professor Ross at Loma Linda School of Medicine with the subtitle a possible paradigm shift in biology.

We learn that the Earth’s own natural magnetic field peaks that means peaks talk at 32 hertz

and that only happens in certain equitorial thunderstorms.

The electronics we use today generate electromagnetic fields

That are tremendous in the megahertz and gigahertz million hertz and billion hertz range. So here you can see Earth and nature up the top,

three to 30 hertz. You can see harp has a low range, then you see the Gwen towers, that’s ground wave mergency network. The blue harp again has another range right after that Gwen has another range after that and look at the phones and internet.

We’re talking about million hertz and billion hertz.

Professor ad reminds us that chemical bonds are magnetic bonds, formed between atoms by paired electrons with opposite spins that are attracted magnetically.

So if nature itself moves in the three to 30 hertz range, what is happening to us on the biochemical level with all the different frequencies our bodies are experiencing? What is being done to our biology? Again, I’ll repeat Ross, a

little tenant here. chemical bonds are magnetic bonds. electromagnetism is capable of changing what is happening in our bodies, frequencies are capable of supplying to the synthetic materials in our bodies, the force or power that activates them, gets the working, makes them come alive.

Nothing about us today is normal.

We have hair that glows and skin that shimmers. This is from a healthy woman in Oregon who has been doing microscopy.

And if you go to Mike and Jennifer’s table, they can demonstrate some of this iridescent

effect for you.

Here is a glowing little arrow shaped thing found in rainwater when the same woman who supplied the former images. Previous images was scanning, she was scanning water from a puddle under her microscope, and she saw this arrow shaped thing that glowed

and here’s a hexagon that grew a fiber in 20 seconds as it was being observed under the microscope.

The field of synthetic biology is a new frontier of science it draws from biochemistry and biomedicine, genetics, robotics, radiation biology and information technologies. using nanotechnology, its goals are to improve and transcend the limits of nature.

On February 21 of this year, Time magazine had a feature story on the singularity the term signifying the merging of man with machine.

The story was released on Valentine’s Day February 14, to underscore a love affair, the marriage of humanity and technology. The article tells us that a transformation is coming and our species homosapien will no longer be recognizable as itself.

We will be something new, something better.

The time predicted for this transformation is 2045.

The man who is making this prediction is Ray kurtzweil. A future is known for his uncanny accuracy in just this area, the pace at which technology grows and improves, such that it will one day be smarter and better than us.

That’s the singularity. There’s a Singularity University hosted by NASA sponsored by Google to teach people about the intelligence explosion. Ray Kurzweil has made fortunes over and over as an engineer and inventor. A documentary about him is called the transcendent man. He wrote the best selling book that you see here the Singularity is Near which came out in 2005. Singularity is a word from astrophysics referring to a point in space time, where the rules of ordinary physics no longer apply.

Kurzweil has correctly predicted the growth of information technologies, he has made it clear to the world that technological progress is exponential, not linear, which means that advancement begins to advance itself. In a manner of speaking, exponential curves start slowly, and then explode.

A quote from the Time magazine article in Kurt’s Wiles future biotechnology and nanotechnology give us the power to manipulate our bodies and the world around us at will at the molecular level. We ditch Darwin and take charge of our own evolution.

The question is who is we and what is at will, whose will

kurtzweil predicts that by 2020, we will have successfully reverse engineered

The human brain. And when hyper intelligent artificial intelligence arrives, all we have to do is hand ourselves off to it. Armed with advanced nanotechnology, AI will solve the problems of the world.

Strong AI they use this term is a super powerful broad spectrum intelligence that operates as easily and comfortably as a human being. It isn’t just a chess playing computer. It’s a machine intelligence that can pass for human and a blind test, which is as close as you can get to consciousness or sanctions.

Now, once this kind of intelligence is here, what will it do as a newly created inhabitant of the earth?

Would it compete with us for resources? more intelligent than we are would treat us as lesser beings? Would it recognize that we made it or would it overrun us kurtzweil is one of the world’s leading transhumanists number 30 on times most influential list transhumanists believe that we ourselves should merge with machines. Imagine a time when we can download our brains into a computer and upload a computer into our brains.

Three great overlapping revolutions sometimes goes by the letter G and R. And g stands for genetics. Really another word for it is biotechnology is mastering the information processes in our biology.

And we ultimately will actually be able to reprogram biology away from disease and from aging.

And stands for nanotechnology. For the next 25 years, we will have blood cell size devices that go inside your body to keep you healthy from inside,

go in your brain and interact with the biological neurons and allow us to merge with non biological intelligence. The third one goes by the letter R, which stands for robotics robots, really though, refers to artificial intelligence. And that’s the most significant revolution of all, in about 20 years, I’ve set the date 2029

machine in AI

will be able to match human intelligence and go beyond it.

Artificial Intelligence which will give us not just more human intelligence, but will actually give us superhuman intelligence will enable us to solve problems that we’re not able to solve today.

Artificial blood cells are mentioned again in the transcendent man.

I’m sorry, Oh, here it is. Okay.

Biologists very impressive, intricate, clever, but also very suboptimal compared to what we ultimately will be able to engineer with nanotechnology.

We are building devices now that are at the nano scale. This is a design for robotic red blood cell. Conservative analysis of these respire sides shows if you were to replace a portion of your red blood cells with robotic versions, you could do an Olympic sprint for 15 minutes. Without taking a breath or sit at the bottom of your pool for four hours. We’ll be able to download software against specific pathogens, including ones that have never been seen before, not be subject to autoimmune disorders. And if you look at what will be in principle feasible with nanotechnology, we can go far beyond the limitations of our version one bodies.

The robotic blood cells will supposedly improve us and keep us healthy, as he says. But what if that’s just the gloss to sell us on such bodily intrusions? Just as we’re being sold on the idea of a smart environment, a techno matrix that will vibrate with not just intelligence but connection.

What indeed, is the World Wide Web? We may think it’s the internet, but it will be the humming network of everything connected through ubiquitous intelligence intelligence that is everywhere.

Artificial Intelligence will connect the world. homosapien will be transformed into homo evolutionists biological processes will be run by technology

living things will not be reproductive, the earth will be populated with engineered species, and all processes will be patented, licensed and controlled.

You could consider nanotechnology the installation of artificial intelligence in living and nonliving things. Smart dust and smart modes, for instance, are tiny nano sensors that can float and land anywhere.

As kurtzweil declares self replicating nano technology will infuse everything around us with itself.

I say as a person, I’m human, and I’m really limited and restricted in what I do. So if I could come out of the singularity, being mentally and physically upgraded, yeah, I’ll go for that. So I don’t mind changing dramatically from what

I believe. But there will be flash memories you can plug into your brain will be able to hook our brains into calculators and statistics programs and have Google directly into the frontal lobes. I mean, there’s going to be a lot of expansion of the mind through interfacing the human brain with with technology. There’s an unanswered question of how far can you go and still be human. As we merge with machines, and I think it’s inevitable that we will,

we will transform into something new. And as the technology becomes vastly superior to what we are,

then the small proportion that’s still human gets smaller and smaller and smaller until it’s just utterly negligible. Anybody who is going to be resisting this progress forward is going to be resisting evolution. And And fundamentally, they will die out. It’s not a matter of whether it’s good or bad, it’s going to happen.

You have seen today the deposition and active presence of artificial materials in the sky environment and in living things. Nanotechnology has arrived at our personal doorstep without our permission. It isn’t that this will happen in 2045.

It’s already here.

Human enhancement is being sold to us as leaping tall buildings in a single bound and having better fat, faster, higher intelligence, perfect health. But all of that is the sales pitch. enhancement may in fact be degradation, our being devolved to someone else’s specifications.

While nanobiotechnology promises in headlines to make our world better, it may in fact be busy taking us over so it can tailor us to the plan for the hive.

Already transhumanists are looking forward to the creation of the post human.

An improved human that will have no gender will not reproduce. will be a better performer in the workplace will not be distracted by love or lust will be free of disease thanks to these nanobots keeping it healthy. But all this is part of the fantasy. In reality thanks to stressors on our physiology infertility is soaring, our sexuality is diversifying and the nuclear family is falling apart.

biotech is an exploding frontier. It is clever enough and small enough to enter and change our very selves. new forms of DNA have been invented. There is DNA, as I told you about in P and a hybrid of protein and DNA that will add to our double helix a third strand.

When nano biotech has a firm footing in us, it will be easy to upgrade and downgrade anyone and anything in any way. All over Korean evolutionist at the London School of Economics predicted in 2007. The human race will one day split into two separate species, and attractive intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim witted ugly Goblin like creatures.

So here you have the E workers and the elites

transhumans will presumably be involved in this process, the process of transformation, the process of renovation remaking us into what someone considers improved. We are transhumans now,

improved is only what fits certain specifications. For instance,

a specimen that can work 18 hours

Is the day a specimen that is sterile that will never have the responsibility of caring for others a specimen that is even tempered with a narrow predictable predictable range of expression. All this is enhanced, improved. better performance is just that the ability to produce a better result, it does not mean a specimen with greater skills, it may mean a specimen with narrower skills and the ability to repeat a task.

So, while the current ethical debate is about whether or not we should upload computers into our brains, and how human we will be when that happens, there is something happening on the nanoscale right now, what it is exactly is unknown to us.

As attempts by lay people to communicate with scientists about Morgellons, tight materials are going nowhere.

There is a blackout on this subject.

Its victims are dismissed as having a psychological problem. That is called delusional parasitosis.

The presence of patented creations in our bodies gives rise to intellectual property issues. We know what has been done to small farmers into whose fields the winds have brought genetically engineered strains. They’re sued by the powerful agricultural companies who own the patents. Will the day come when we are subjected to the jurisdiction of corporations whose patented materials we are carrying in our bodies. It doesn’t matter how it got there, the fault is yours if it is simply in your possession.

This is a forced partnership between us and them. This is how we will be eternally owned by them. This is how they can push our biology from homosapien to homo evolutionist without our having a say in it.

For now, engineer technology and all living things is a secret. But one day we may be charged with unlawful possession of something that has become a part of us that we cannot get rid of.

The nature of biology is to adapt as more unnatural elements into our bodies. If we cannot reject them, we will find ways to accommodate them. You could call it Invasion of the Body Snatchers meet sleeping with the enemy.

In fact, the original Body Snatchers movie contains some interesting lines. Your new bodies are taking you over cell for cell atom for atom and you will be born into an untroubled world. Don’t fight it miles It’s no use their bodies we’re now hosts harboring an alien form of life a cosmic form.

Meta biology was a term coined by the famous Jonas Salk of the Salk polio vaccine. It describes a form of biological prospecting, exploiting genetics, using chemistry, physics and radiation for commercial and other goals.

The 1940s and 50s gave us the birth of radiation biology, the techniques of which were used to decipher the mysteries of heredity genes and immunity. geneticists plumbed chemistry and physics, using x rays and UV light to irradiate plants, fungi and fruit flies to see how mutations altered amino acids and enzymes to form a new biochemistry. All this continues today, we are living walking laboratories for powerful science in a society of increasing control. We are being altered. The future being spoken off is happening now.

My question is, how will we transcend this

and I have one more clip for you.

The bots will infuse all the manner around us with information,

rocks, trees, everything will become these intelligent computers.

So that point, we’re gonna expand out into the rest of the universe, we will be sending basically nanotechnology infused with artificial intelligence swarms of those who go out into the universe and basically find other matters in energy that we can then harness to expand the overall intelligence of our human machine civilization,

that the universe will wake up, it’ll become intelligent.

And that will multiply our intelligence trillions of trillions fold

that we can’t really fully contemplate, and that’s really the main reason this is called

The singularity.

But regardless what you call it, it will be the universe. Waking up. So Does God Exist? Well, I would say not yet.

I’m waiting.

What do you think folks? Sofia small storm, pretty amazing research very important. Thank you Sofia.

Thank you very much. I, I predicted there would be no applause.

And I don’t know how much time we have. But you know,

do we have a little bit of time? We can leave any time. You can ask me questions tomorrow. As I said, I don’t even know if I could answer them a couple of questions.


I think I heard the question a little bit it was about Dr. Mary’s monkey

speaking. Yeah, correct. Dr. Mary’s monkey? Yes, with the Jonas Salk brought up to Jonas Salk studies with the simian viruses, monkey viruses that contaminated the polio vaccines. I have a research associate, who will be covering this at length on a website called way past So it was in the

list of websites that I gave, but I don’t have time to go into Dr. Mary’s monkey and and the viral virology issues right now, it’s kind of off this subject. There’s a lot of studies that’s done that shows that soft tissue cancers are caused by those viruses that were inoculated with through the polio vaccine to way past human calm, which will be up soon, you will find a lot of information. They’re way past human. That’s where they’re taking us. Don’t forget it. And another website, me and Okay, thank you.

Real quick,

quick comment, given that black budget projects are decades in advance of conventional technology, have some groups already reached the singularity and are implementing it for the rest of us?

Well, yes, I would say that people ask me all the time, well, these people breathe cam trails, what do they want? They don’t they care. And the fact is that they want this conversion. They want this convergence. They want this singularity I couldn’t tell you whether they’ve attained it or not. But this is what is desired for humanity and all living things. And as you saw Ray Kurzweil, he said, it’s going to be everywhere, the entire universe is going to be filled with

material that that responds to external control. That’s really what it is intelligence is just that, in their definition.

Is there a way to shut down the Morgellons in your body or kill the nano stuff that’s in you? Well, this is what we’re going to have to explore ourselves. Where is this coming from? What we have to become meta biological ourselves beyond our own biology, I don’t know if the frequencies that we’re capable of generating through our consciousness. This is where you go into metaphysics, and I have not been able to put anything conclusive together, because who am I, I’m just like you, I saw different things. I came on those things with a perspective. And I showed you that perspective here. I just pulled stuff together. From afar. I went way out of the box. So we’re going to have to go way out of the box. We are stuck here on the third dimension, reacting and responding. We have forgotten that we are creatures of intention of creation. If we can remember that. Wake that up in ourselves, we have a chance. That’s where we have to go.


quick question. Have any of these people working on these projects been able to share with you or are they willing to talk to you and open up? I’ve never approached them. I don’t believe that they would have met not much. Morgellons, I almost called it McDonald’s. Can you believe that? That’s how ubiquitous it is. Morgellons is

is not acknowledged, it’s acknowledged only as a psychological problem. And in fact, I think it was the

some large organization just declared it moot and not pertinent.

This is a comment a question about a previous elite, very strong here in California called a eugenicist society that were elites. And this is the early 1900s, early 10 1910, they felt the elite and this is prominent people, universities, that said that certain ethnic types, we had to weed out what we needed is Anglo Saxon only, we didn’t need Eastern European blacks, Mexicans, Greeks, Irish, and, and these were leading people in our universities in California, and they influence the Nazi Party and how they view you know, superiority. So what I’m saying is, we’ve had elites make plans for us before. And this is another one where they’re making plans for control. I will just say something quickly, the term eugenics was changed in the early 1950s. To transhumanism it’s the same thing, it’s just a new word. So that transhumanists are pushing for the post human and I will say again, the post human will have no gender, the post human will be non reproductive, and the post human will be improved in the sense that it will be tailored to specific tasks. Remember, the picture I showed you of the dairy cows post human, the improved human is not going to be Superman. It’s not going to be Einstein. It’s not going to be anybody fancy.

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