Image: Mike Adams and Uncle Vigilante discuss why Epic Cash is superior PRIVATE digital money

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The Health Ranger Mike Adams sat down with Uncle Vigilante (Uncle V) of the eponymous YouTube channel to discuss why Epic Cash is a better privacy-oriented cryptocurrency than Bitcoin.

“We found a better bitcoin than Bitcoin. Epic Cash is everything Bitcoin [hopes] to be, but isn’t,” Uncle V remarked. “Private, can’t be confiscated, truly peer-to-peer, decentralized, scarce, fungible, scalable, permission-less, trust-less, censorship-free, surveillance-proof.”

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“With Epic Cash, I can privately send money anywhere, anytime to anyone for any amount in less than a minute, for under a penny. Nobody – and I mean nobody – can stop my transaction or confiscate my money. This is true, undiscovered financial freedom for the masses.”

Adams agreed, saying that Uncle V’s remarks about Epic Cash are very accurate. The Natural News and founder stated that he values crypto that is private, is confiscation-proof and has permission-less portability – something he defined as “the ability to take with you without anyone’s permission.” All these qualities, he continued, are found in Epic Cash.

The Health Ranger said that with Epic Cash, he can take all of his assets with him by simply memorizing the seed phrase of his digital wallet. He told Uncle V: “It’s portable because it’s in your mind. And of course, with a lot of coins, you can do that with a lot of wallets.”

Epic Cash scored 90 out of 100 in Adams’ weighted rating system – the highest score of any asset, including gold and cash. Because of this, the Health Ranger announced the integration of Epic Cash Payments in both the Health Ranger Store and Brighteon Store. (Related: Health Ranger announces adoption of Epic Cash privacy crypto tech for online store payments and tipping systems.)


The Natural News founder ultimately remarked that he sees Bitcoin and Epic Cash coexisting, especially with the former being the universal crypto that can be exchanged into anything else.

Privacy-oriented crypto key to outmaneuver Big Government

According to the Health Ranger, privacy-oriented crypto is going to be the key to outmaneuver government tyranny and surveillance. He cited the case of New York City (NYC) and its Mayor Eric Adams, who announced back in April that food surveillance and rationing will come to the Big Apple. The rationing seeks to reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 33 percent come 2030.

“The vast majority of food that is contributing to our emission crises lies in meat and dairy products,” the NYC mayor said. “It is easy to talk about the emissions that’s coming from buildings and how it impacts our environment, but we now have to talk about beef. And I don’t know if people are ready for this conversation.”

Meanwhile, Uncle V mentioned that lawmakers from the European Parliament have drafted a report that suggested crypto regulation and taxation. The Jan. 16 report argued that regulating and taxing crypto at the entire European Union (EU) level is more efficient than doing it nationally due to the EU’s high mobility and cross-border dimension.

Uncle V said governments cannot surveil crypto if there is privacy in place, adding that this was all about a mechanism of control. Adams agreed, pointing out that as long as a person isn’t purchasing illegal items, it is not the government’s business to know how much assets that person has.

Keeping one’s own earnings and converting them into crypto tokens such as Epic Cash makes those earnings vanish from the surveillance network of Big Government and big banks, the Health Ranger said. He also noted how governments can order centralized exchanges to block specific wallet IDs.

Moreover, he mentioned how Western governments have proven their willingness to weaponize financial systems against people and entities they do not like. The Health Ranger cited the example of Russia, whose holdings in Western central banks worth $300 billion became inaccessible after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow was cut off from most of its holdings, which had been in the SWIFT system. According to the Natural News founder, individuals could be cut off from the same financial system and suffer the same fate as Russia.

Watch the full interview between the Health Ranger Mike Adams and Uncle Vigilante about Epic Cash below.

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