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More Comms, Call the Ball, Flynn’s Most Recent Words Exposing DC Pedophiles

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More Comms, Call the Ball, Flynn’s Most Recent Words Exposing DC Pedophiles

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Transcription (not 100% accurate)

Unknown Speaker 0:01
Shalom, shalom everybody. It is Tuesday February the ninth 2021. It is now the 27th day of the 11th month. And if you’re new to my channel my name is Daniel Lee. I live here in very, very cold. in Juneau, Alaska, we are in a deep freeze. I think it’s the highest four degrees today. And my mission statement is very clear. I preach and teach the Hebrew Jewish roots of the Christian faith on my website, spirit and tour.com I exalt Yeshua, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the only way truth in life. I expose satanic pedophiles to investigative reporting on my formal YouTube channel now on my rebel channel been doing this now for over two and a half years, I provide satanic ritual abuse survivors a platform to speak out on protect the innocent children by virtue of these other things. And I lead a nightly Zoom Room prayer meeting where we pray for President Trump this nation of the subscribers each other and we will be happy to pray for you. And yes, President Trump, he is still our duly elected president, according to the Constitution. So yesterday, I talked about this strange video that had this hologram spinning around the Capitol. And thanks to a subscriber, Michael stone, he actually gave me a heads up on this. This is the actual footage right here. As you can see, there’s no hologram spinning around the Capitol. And in fact, the video that I showed yesterday that had that strange hologram, it was actually this video in reverse. So it looks like just some guy or girl or whoever on the internet doctored doctored that video footage, and you know, it went viral and everyone went crazy over it. This is why I was very careful when I presented it yesterday, I said, Look, I have no explanation for this. I don’t understand it. I gotta do some more digging on this. But this is the actual footage right here. So you see there’s no hologram spinning around the Capitol. And it actually goes in the reverse direction from the video that I showed yesterday. Now, there’s still no explanation for why all of these emergency vehicles were gathered around the Capitol the other night. So that’s still very much a mystery. I still don’t have an explanation for that. But I did want to at least clear part of the mystery of that video. So anyway, just again, you know, lots of disinformation out there. Lots of confusing stuff coming out from both sides. So you just have to keep on digging and use our discernment and figure out what the truth is. So um, Lisa Crowley, she put this up on her telegram yesterday. She said, this is from disclose TV just in the Mayan Mar. or excuse me, me. And Mara, I know I’ve been mispronouncing that the Myanmar military says voter fraud justified the coup? Well, isn’t that interesting? They’re actually coming out and saying, look, it was voter fraud, that justified the military taking over the government and arresting all of these fraudulent civilian authorities. Again, this is exactly what we need to actually happen here. And I’m going to talk about this in a little bit more depth here. In just a moment. here from Sputnik,

Unknown Speaker 2:58
they, they put this out, Myanmar military leader Election Commission used COVID as an excuse to prevent fair campaigning. Hmm, doesn’t that sound familiar? It sounds exactly like what happened right here in the good old USA Today. But this Myanmar situation, again, not only a reflection of what we need to be doing here, but I think it’s much, much bigger than that. And we’re gonna talk about that right now. This is a thread from outlaw JW on his gab and I want to go through this, read the Me and marcou massive drug bust. 44 of them alone are noted in this article go down in Myanmar back in the spring of 2020. And Yep, their military was fully involved. It then stands to reason that Myanmar, formerly known as Burma was is far more involved in the international illegal drug trade than most would have otherwise thought. This also implies that the globalist cabal was almost certainly running the show. And given what we know, it’s only a short jump of logic from there to assume that their government was similar similarly corrupted, representing just another head of the same Hydra. I’ll be a very important one. And I want to add to this, it wasn’t just drug running and illegal drug trade that was going through Myanmar also that this was a huge Center for Human trafficking and child sex trafficking, which is actually even more lucrative than the drug trade. So yeah, Myanmar is definitely part and controlled by the globalists up until this military coup, they would then seek to assure the outcome of future elections in order to protect their interest long term, especially when that interest is of significant value to them. Enter Obama and Hillary with some amazing voting technology from smartmatic, and dominion to save the day and I showed in a video from last week about the proof from way back in 2017, where it showed smartmatic was boasting about how me and Mara was going to be using their technology for their elections as far back as four years ago. And of course, I’ve also shown all the pictures of Hillary and Obama and George Soros, his son Alexander Soros, basically colluding and being with the leadership in Myanmar, now, assuming their military was is still embroiled in the fight against our shared enemy, it’s also likely that they have been working with our white hats all along with our patriots. The implication being that the coup in Myanmar is legitimately a part of the larger global take down three things. Number one, it would appear white hats are in fact, starving the beast of its access to nourishment, money, and the ability to replenish itself. Number two, pursuing number one would logically be part of any plan to take it down and slay it a number three, this is all one big thing. And it’s most certainly happening on a global level. So really, really interesting thoughts from outlaw JW that he outlines about me, Mart again, if you missed my videos from last week. Here again, just one example of a picture of Obama with the former leader of me and me and Mark before she was arrested by the military. This talks about all the fentanyl production, you know, showing that it’s a massive center for the illegal drug trade. And then I had some videos from last week too, that showed the human trafficking going on in Myanmar as well. So yeah, so real, real interesting. What’s happening? Of course, now, I mean, you know, all the globalists were really buddy, buddy and friendly with me and Mar, and then as soon as this military coup happened, oh, they’re destroying democracy. This is horrible. We got to stop them by the law. So you can see that this military coup is actually a very, very, very good thing. And and we know, for instance, that Mike Pompeo, President Trump, they knew this was on the horizon, because Mike Pompeo had made statements back in November, saying, you know, Something’s fishy about the Myanmar elections this year. He said that back on November 9 of last year, so it’s gonna be really interesting to see how this all all plays out. And more comms being sent out. This was from the Department of Defense from yesterday, on standby 1717, there’s that number again, 17, which of course, the 17th letter of the alphabet is q 17. US Air Force f 16. Fighting Falcons wait on the ramp at the 374 Airlift Wing in Japan. So very, very interesting. They’re the columns that are being sent out. And then this was fascinating. What major patriot showed that article, I don’t know if some of you’ve gotten a chance to read it from Time Magazine, it was entitled The Secret History of the shadow campaign. Let’s save the 2020 election. And it’s the most bizarre article you’re ever read read because basically, the Cabal is admitting that Yeah, we basically launched this huge conspiracy to steal the election from President Trump, but it was necessary for the good of the country.

Unknown Speaker 7:41
I mean, they’re just basically admitting all of this. And the author of this very bizarre story is Molly ball. And major patriot made this connection about the Q drop, call the ball, this was a Q drop from way back on May 30 2020. You drop 4360, where he talks about call the ball. And Molly balls, the one who wrote that article, that basically just exposes what they’re doing. So really, really curious that that happened there. Now, the Biden’s White House just continues to be exposed more and more and more just, again, in my mind showing that the Patriots are in full control. Here we have the White House is confirming at the press conference yesterday, that illegal aliens who are convicted of DUI, convicted of rape are convicted of drug related crimes, they will not be deported. And Jennifer Saki just admits that this is an article from the Gateway Pundit. But I mean, just it’s almost as if it’s like a stage just showing how horrible and rotten this administration is. Speaking of which, I talked last week about how North Dakota was introducing a bill that would allow them to nullify beides executive orders. Well, South Dakota has now followed suit, this is with House Bill 1194. They’re introducing a very, basically the same bill that North Dakota has introduced last week, to nullify any of Biden’s executive orders at a state level that are unconstitutional. Guys, we’ve never seen this in any previous administration. And I talked about how when the North Dakota legislature introduced this bill last week that it was going to start being a domino effect. We’re gonna start seeing this happen, particularly in red states. Well, here it is. The domino effect has begun. Now we’re seeing South Dakota follow its northern neighbor. So real interesting there. And then we just got more and more fake news and media fakery. So Chris Jackson pointed this out on his Twitter. You’ll notice that excuse me, not Chris Jackson. Chris Jackson is the idiot reporter who posted this using fake news. I just found I forget where I found this, but it was a somebody who posted this on Twitter. But you’ll notice that way back on November 16. He posts this picture supposedly a Biden sitting in this church. And he says President Elect Joe Biden is currently at two Church at St. Joseph on the Brandywine in Wilmington. President Trump arrived at his golf club at 10:11am. So just basically trying to I guess, shame Trump and showing how Biden’s this wonderful religious person. And then you go to February 8 2021. So three months later, and he says our POTUS Joe Biden quietly attending church this morning. He didn’t mean tweet, he didn’t golf, he didn’t gas like what a change. And they use the same exact photo. I mean, the same exact photo from three months ago. So you know, again, either it’s just outright lie, or they’re just being sloppy, but either way, I mean, again, we just see how the media is just the total enemy of the people. They’re not really interested in exposing the truth. They just want to push their own narrative. Orange man bad, evil, horrible. And Joe Biden. What a wonderful person. Yeah, yeah. What What good does it do for Joe Biden to be sitting in a Pew and a church, when he’s sanctioning the murder of unborn babies? doesn’t do much good. What good does it do for him to be sitting in a Pew in church when he’s a satanic pedophile? I mean, the disconnect of the media and the people who support him are just it’s just staggering, absolutely staggering. And then this is an oldie but a Goldie, but it sort of fits into the theme of again, the media being the absolute enemy of the people. This was a story from both April and July in April. This headline from CNN President Trump is wrong in so many ways about hydroxychloroquine studies, here are the facts. And then in July, the same year, just a couple months later, study finds hydroxychloroquine helped Coronavirus patients survive better. Of course now more and more stuffs coming out back I just talked about last week about how Facebook had to apologize for saying that. You know they fact checked and said hydroxychloroquine wasn’t good when in fact it is so they had to they had to backpedal and a lot of people backpedaling now, so again, just you know, I know most of you know this but enemy of the people mainstreaming into people. Here’s another example. The New York Times This is the latest example. in Tampa Super Bowl celebrations. Bring super spreader concerns. Oh my gosh, we’re gonna get all this COVID-19. But then, of course, when the Biden had his so called inauguration, which I say is totally an illegitimate inauguration. A rollicking NYC celebration for Biden’s win well into the night people cheered dance broke champagne and hot corns in the city. But nothing about causing a super spreader event. Hello. Yeah, so just the utter hypocrisy right here of the mainstream media. And speaking of hypocrisy, so the Tampa

Unknown Speaker 12:37
Tampa Mayor Jane Castor says she’s gonna prosecute people at the Superbowl who didn’t wear masks. But in October, this is a photo from her October 2020. She was caught not wearing a mask at a fundraising event in violation of her own mask mandate. So it’s this lady right here in the center. That’s the mayor. And actually, I’ve seen a lot more other photos coming out pouring out about her at various events over the last few months not wearing a mask. And now she’s promising to prosecute people who didn’t wear masks in Super Bowl. Their hypocrisy just continues to be on display and enjoy the show. Enjoy the show. Okay, we the media on telegram said this watch the courts, President Trump still has several lawsuits pending which could flip the 2020 election on its head. This is not hopium. This is fact, if a federal court or state Supreme Court rules in favor of President Trump and one or two of these lawsuits, perhaps the US military would have the legal cover is looking for to make its move to save the Republic. Well, that’s real interesting thoughts for me, we the media, and yeah, I mean, remember, we still got all those troops that are still there in DC, even though they were I mean, supposedly there to protect the inauguration operations Long, long overdue by now. And they’re supposed to stay there at least through middle of March. And then this is from Danielle magga. That was put up by the media. She said there is no provision in the constitution for holding such a trial over a former president who is now a private citizen talking about of course, the impeachment trial in the senate that’s beginning today. So why are liberals pushing the impeachment trial? If Trump is not in control and is no longer a threat? It makes no sense. Yeah, it makes no sense indeed. Unless, unless he is in fact still president is what I believe. Alright, General Flynn posted on his cloud hub. This is a new post from him and he’s making comments about the story I covered last Friday about this DC aid that was very anti Marjorie Taylor green. He was basically arrested for massive pedophilia and child trafficking and I wanted to read out general Flynn’s comments here. He said warning graphic descriptions involved back in 2016 members of My family, and I were raked over the coals for identifying the threat of pedophile rings inside of Washington DC, as well as standing up for the children, we will always work to protect children across this planet. And the pigs involved in this grotesque behavior are not worthy of being called human beings. God help us all. Detectives from the Metropolitan Police departments, Youth and Family Service division. Okay. And then he quotes the story that I talked about on Friday. So I wanted to just to point this out, because, you know, remember the deep state I mean, they went after General Flynn so hard, and yes, it was to get the President Trump and yes, it was because he knew about all the dastardly things that Obama done. But I think the main reason the Deep State has always put a huge target on gentleman’s back is because what he’s saying right here, because he was out there, identifying and exposing the pedophile rings that were inside DC, and he knows all of these people who were involved in pedophilia. And that’s why people on both sides of the I have always tried to target him and take this brave hero down. So awesome words from the general. Now, a lot of people been talking about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and I just wanted to put this out here from a telegram, excuse me a gap post from re five again, it says since people are asking my stance is the same as 45 is President Trump and President Trump. He said this a while back, he said, I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air, unregulated crypto assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity. Similarly, Facebook’s Libras virtual currency will have little standing or dependability. If Facebook and other companies want to become a bank, they must seek a new banking charter and become subject to all banking regulations. Just like other banks, both national and international, we have only one real currency in the USA and it is stronger than ever, both dependable and reliable, it is by far the most dominant currency anywhere in the world will always stay that way. It is called the United States dollar. So I don’t know a lot about this topic. But I do know that President Trump is a very, very smart man much smarter than I am. So I’m going to stick with him on his stance. Because people have asked me Hey, Daniel, why don’t you get into bitcoin or cryptocurrencies? And let’s donate

Unknown Speaker 17:24
that way. Nope, not gonna do it. I’m gonna stick with what President Trump says he knows a lot more than I do about the situation, and I trust him.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
Okay, this is a wonderful team that I found on Twitter, that will stop a football game, and zoom in the cameras on slo mo from 10 angles to see if a play was legitimate. But we won’t verify the integrity of a presidential election, when the evidence is staring us in the face. And this meme has so much truth in it, and it’s just mind blowing. And then to end I really love this. This mean,

Unknown Speaker 18:01
why isn’t COVID

Unknown Speaker 18:02
affecting you people just talks to the Amish. We don’t have TV. Yes, our true, mainstream media, enemy of the people. All right, if you like what I’m doing, if you appreciate what I’m doing, you think I’m working hard, and I deserve to be paid. This is my full time career, which I love. I love, love, love doing what I do. So if you want to help me out, the easiest way to do so is through my paypal. That is the very first link right below this video. That’s the easiest way to send me a donation. I also have a cash app if you prefer to use that instead. The instructions on how to use cash app are also right below the video. And if you’re old school, you don’t want to use the internet to send a donation that’s fine. I also have a peal box. It’s also located right below the video and you can send me a donation through good old fashioned snail mail. Just remember if you want a response to your snail mail donation, please enclose your email address in that snail mail letter. If you have a prayer request and you want our prayer team to pray for you, we will be happy to do so just make sure you email me my emails also in the description box below the video, email me your prayer request I will get it to our prayer team. And we will make sure to pray for you. If you want my video sent straight to your inbox. I do have a link right below that or in the links below the video just kind of scroll down. It’s Daniel Lee daily.com. All you have to do is click on that link. You submit your email address at that webpage and then you’ll start getting my newsletter every day with my videos straight to your email inbox.

Unknown Speaker 19:20
Alright guys, again, thank you for all your love, all your support all your prayers. Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday. Shalom Shalom.