MSNBC Guest Compares Republicans Running on Fixing Inflation Crisis and Solving Economy to Hitler and Nazis (VIDEO)

Meanwhile at MSNBC…

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MSNBC guest Matthew Dowd compared Republicans running on fixing the economy and lowering inflation to Adolf Hitler.

Wanna fix the inflation crisis caused by Joe Biden and the Democrats? You’re literally Hitler, according to the mentally deranged left.

MSNBC host Joy Reid lashed out at ‘Fascist’ Donald Trump for saying he is going to challenge the 2022 midterm elections, starting in Philly.

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Matthew Dowd chimed in and said Republicans remind him of Hitler and the Nazis because they are running on lowering inflation.

“I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis at this point or whatever, but it certainly sounds very familiar to what happened in Germany, which is a bunch of citizens, Adolf Hitler gets a third of the vote, nobody thought it could happen there, they kinda went along because he said he would solve the economy and fix inflation,” Matthew Dowd said.

Matthew Dowd said high food prices and crushing inflation is a small price to pay for keeping the Republican Nazis out of office.

“We gotta have a Democracy to have anything to argue about,” Joy Reid said after Matthew Dowd claimed ‘our Democracy will be decimated’ if Republicans win.


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