Political Persecution in America – DON’T MISS The Gateway Pundit Twitter Space Friday, Jan. 20th From 7-10 pm Eastern with Roger Stone, Liz Harrington, Other Surprise Guests

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On Friday night THE GATEWAY PUNDIT held a Twitter Space on concentrating on Political Prosecution in America and the Weaponization of the Government.

Since the time Donald Trump announced his run for president the corrupt DC machine worked to ruin him and take him down.

From the Russia Hoax, to the disgusting prosecution of the J6 political prisoners to the raid of Mar-a-Lago to anyone who dares to push back against liberal talking points the government has been working against the people of this great nation.

Click the link here and below to join:

TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE: Bombshell in Late Friday FBI Data Dump – MUELLER Claimed Seth Rich Not Involved in Russia Collusion Email Scandal Without Ever Examining Rich’s Work Laptop

Last night several prominent Republicans, grassroots activists, political prisoners and patriotic Americans joined in the GP Twitter Space on political persecution.

Jim Hoft
Brandon Straka
Kari Lake
Liz Harrington
Cara Castronuova
Jake Lang – political prisoner called in from prison
Joe Hoft
Dr. David Clements
Several J6 patriots
And several J6 Political Prisoners

The Twitter Space took place from 7-10 PM.

Special thanks to all who attended.


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