NBC’s Chuck Todd Blasts Biden Regime For Lack of Transparency Related to ‘High-Altitude Object’ Shot Down Over Alaska (VIDEO)

NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday opened his show by blasting the Biden Regime for their lack of transparency surrounding the China spy balloon and the ‘high-altitude object’ shot down over Alaska.

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National Security Council spokesman Adm. John Kirby fielded questions from reporters on Friday after another ‘object’ was shot down over Alaska.

Kirby did not voluntarily offer up information about the object.

A reporter on Friday had to ask him about rumors and reports of another ‘spy balloon’ flying over Alaska before he divulged any information.

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Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder revealed more details about the military object shot down over Alaska.

He said the aircraft that took out the object was an F-22 flying out of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson out of Alaska.

The fighter jet employed an AIM-9X to take down the object.


Chuck Todd blasted Kirby and the Pentagon for their lack of transparency.

“For some reason, the spokesperson, John Kirby, did not volunteer this information about fighter jets being scrambled to shoot down another object until a reporter in that room asked,” Chuck Todd said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”


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