Need an Intellectual Laugh – See Latest Intellectual Froglegs – Comedy About Current Events

The latest production from Joe Dan Gorman and Intellectual Froglegs was released over the weekend.  This edition was labeled – Shoulder to the Wheel. 

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Joe Dan Gorman’s mixture of current events with humor is smart and very funny.  In this video, Joe Dan again shares on the Gateway Pundit.

Here is what Conservative Treehouse shared about this month’s video.

Comrades, the dissident messenger known as Joe Dan Gorman has surfaced again, just long enough to transmit another Tokyo Rose’ broadcast in a coded frequency only receivable by patriots with a funny bone.  This natural coded messaging ensures communists and leftists are incapable of receiving it.

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This spring edition comes from deep in the underground bunker of the Rebel Alliance.  Pull out those super-secret decoder rings, and enjoy the transmission before the deep state satellite interception trucks show up on your driveway…

Here is Joe Dan’s latest video:

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