Image: New York Times promotes cannibalism in new article, tweet

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The New York Times has promoted cannibalism in a recent article and ensuing tweet.

“Turns out, cannibalism has a time and a place,” read the Times article. The publication then tweeted this: “Cannibalism has a time and a place. Some recent books, films and shows suggest that the time is now. Can you stomach it?”

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The July 23 article titled “A Taste for Cannibalism?” was posted in the publication’s Style section. It centered around author Chelsea G. Summers, who wrote a book about a restaurant critic who murders men and then eats them.

Released in December 2020, the book titled “A Certain Hunger” experienced a boom in popularity online when actress Anya Taylor-Joy posted about it on Instagram last year, leading to many more posts in BookTok (the part of TikTok that focuses solely on books).

The whole premise of the article explores why eating people has appeared widely in pop culture these past few years, whether it’s in newer movies like “Raw” or “Fresh” or shows like the “Santa Clarita Diet” and “Yellowjackets.”

“Yellowjackets” co-creator Ashley Lyle explained her inspiration for the show. “I think we’re often drawn to the things that repulse us the most,” she said, adding that the unthinkable has become the thinkable and cannibalism is “very much squarely in that category of the unthinkable.” (Related: Here are 10 shocking and real examples of cannibalism, a surprisingly common practice around the world.)


NYT article promoting cannibalism draws criticisms

The article has explored different theories, such as that cannibalism is embraced in fiction as a response to angst over the pandemic, climate change, food shortages, capitalism, food disorders or simply as thrills from societal taboos.

This sparked criticisms on Twitter. Former Nevada GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian wrote: “This is satanic and morbid,” while journalist Ian Miles Cheong tweeted: “Stop. Normalizing. Cannibalism.” (Related: New “recycling” technology is actually CANNIBALISM: Dead people are liquefied, drained into city sewers, then dumped on food crops as “biosludge.”)

Political activist Jack Posobiec and columnist Amrita Bhinder both called the piece “occult sh*t” and many others noted that the publication has been transitioning away from encouraging human beings to eat bugs – something that they do almost annually – and moving toward promoting human meat as a dietary substitute.

Joel M. Petlin, an independent journalist who focuses on Jewish rights, suggested that this cannibalism topic was an electoral strategy. He wrote: “So, according to the NY Times, if you can’t convince your neighbors to vote for your preferred candidates, you could always just win the election by eating them. In 2022, cannibalism isn’t wrong, it’s just the new electoral math.”

Even tabloid TMZ commented on the article, saying that the stir caused “Soylent Green” to trend, referring to the 1973 movie about rampant cannibalism in New York because the company (Soylent) disguised human meat as a harmless food supplement.

Memes are also flying, with many pointing out that “Soylent Green” actually takes place in 2022 and all the cannibal content may be a forecast of what’s to come.

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