New York Times Begins Disciplinary Hearings For Writers That Signed Letter Protesting Paper’s Coverage of Transgender Issues

On Sunday, The New York Times ran an op-ed by Yahya R. Sarraj, Hamas’ handpicked Gaza City mayor. The decision to provide a worldwide platform prompted outrage for amplifying “Jew hate.”

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The op-ed — titled “I Am Gaza City’s Mayor. Our Lives and Culture Are in Rubble” — condemns Israel for “caus[ing] the deaths of more than 20,000 people” and for destroying or damaging “about half the buildings” in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza City’s mayor, Yahya R. Sarraj, describes the loss of its cultural institutions and its infrastructure. Read:

— New York Times Opinion (@nytopinion) December 24, 2023

Sarraj refers to the “Israeli invasion” of Gaza as a response to the “deadly attack by Hamas” yet fails to acknowledge the depths of depravity by Hamas against innocent civilians.

Sarraj can spare a moment of condolence for animals in the Gaza Zoo that have been killed or starved, but he ignores Hamas’ use of sexual assault and sexual crimes against women as a tool of war.

He can not be bothered to address what Hamas did to innocent babies.

The Times was taken to task on social media for providing Sarraj a platform.

Remember when the @nytimes journalists lost their minds and a chief editor had to resign because they ran an op-ed by a sitting US Senator?

Well now the New York Times is running opinion pieces written by Hamas.

Are their journalists outraged?

NYT showing their true colors!

— Chaya Raichik (@ChayaRaichik10) December 25, 2023

Yes, Gaza City’s Mayor is a Hamas member.

And yes, this was clear to the New York Times before publication.

— Yoni Michanie (@YoniMichanie) December 25, 2023

On Christmas Eve, the @nytimes published an op-ed by a senior member of Hamas, Yahya Sarraj.

I guess the head of the Taliban wasn’t available.

— Eitan Fischberger (@EFischberger) December 25, 2023

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