‘No Labels’ is about taking out Trump AND Biden so House of Reps can install a reliable globalist – NaturalNews.com

‘No Labels’ is about taking out Trump AND Biden so House of Reps can install a reliable globalist

Establishment politicos are grooming a ‘No Labels’ presidential candidate to disrupt the 2024 election and pave the way for Capitol Hill to parachute a neoliberal, neoconservative Commander-in-Chief into the White House, National Pulse editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam told Donald Trump Jr. on an episode of Triggered.

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(Article by Jack Montgomery republished from TheNationalPulse.com)

No Labels is a so-called centrist organization headed by former Democrat fundraiser Nancy Jacobson, which may run right-leaning Democrat lawmaker Joe Manchin as an alternative to Joe Biden and Donald Trump in 2024.

While some conservatives believe a Manchin run would peel votes from Biden, Kassam explained that the Democrats and Republicans In Name Only – or “Conservatives Under National Terms” – who are behind No Labels believe he can also peel votes from Trump in key areas.

“What they’ll do is try to run people like Manchin in West Virginia, with the idea of pulling votes away from Trump, and they’ll do the same to Biden where it makes it so that neither of the candidates reach the 270 votes that they need to win the Electoral College,” he warned.

This would allow the House of Representatives, which the Democrats expect to take back in 2024, to pick the President, and the Senate to pick the Vice President. This means Capitol Hill could not only dispose of Trump, but possibly get rid of the increasingly embarrassing Biden and his unpopular running mate, too.

“What are the No Labels people really care about the most? Is it the good of the American people? Or is it this amorphous idea of ‘rules-based global order’?” asked Kassam, stressing that their focus is “never the importance of the nation-state… it’s less America, more the world; less populism, more globalism.”

He predicted that escalating the Ukraine war and other neocon policies would be on the agenda early on under a Capitol Hill candidate – and this is reflected in No Labels’ manifesto, which speaks of being “prepared to fight a two-front war against Russia and China”.

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