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Nobel Prize laureate John Clauser challenges climate change claims, says U.S. climate policies grossly misguided

A 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics winner by the name of John Clauser sure is making a name for himself by speaking out publicly against the globalist fiction known as man-made climate change.

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While there does exist geoengineering and other forms of weather manipulation, there is no “climate emergency” taking place that We the People are somehow responsible for causing by driving cars and eating meat, which is the crux of the globalist argument in support of its global warming narrative.

Clauser, who holds degrees from Caltech and Columbia University, recently joined more than 1,600 other professionals in signing the World Climate Declaration (WCD), organized by Climate Intelligence (CLINTEL), which basically declares that there is no climate emergency, period.

“This declaration asserts that there is no ‘climate emergency,’ that climate change science is not conclusive, and that the earth’s history over thousands of years shows a consistently changing climate,” reports The Epoch Times about what the WCD entails.

“The WCD highlights the limitations of current climate models, stating they overemphasize the impact of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2).”

(Related: Clauser’s scheduled talk at an upcoming International Monetary Fund [IMF] engagement was canceled after powerful globalists heard Clauser calling the government’s climate change narrative “pseudoscience”.)

No, CO2 isn’t a pollutant – it enriches the atmosphere and makes the planet GREENER

If the planet is even warming at all, which is debatable in and of itself, it is not doing so to the degree the “authorities” are claiming. Any potential warming is also not the fault of ordinary people just living their lives.

“In addition,” the WCD further reads, in part, “[climate models] ignore the fact that enriching the atmosphere with CO2 is beneficial.”

Clauser told The Epoch Times‘ “American Thought Leaders” that these and many other facts about the climate are being patently ignored and rejected by the establishment, which refuses to budge on its climate change narrative.

While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the National Academy of Science (NAS), and the Royal Society all admit, at least to some degree, that CO2 plays a critical role in planetary health, they still cling to the fictitious notion that the planet is warming and is going to melt because humans exist, or something.

They want us all locked inside with no cars, no electricity, no internet, and no food, consuming genetically modified (GMO) bugs and receiving our daily marching orders from the nationwide blanket of 5G nodes, which will likely be able to communicate back and forth with those who get “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

One of the things that really piqued Clauser’s interest in the subject was a trip he once took as a sailboat racer across the Pacific Ocean. Clauser ended up making that trip at least a dozen times, utilizing solar panels to keep his batteries charged – but not flawlessly.

“I had an ammeter on the power output from the solar panels, and I noticed every time we sailed under a cloud, the output from the solar panels dropped by 50 percent to half of its value that it was, and then we came out from behind the cloud and boom, their power went back up,” Clauser said.

“And I thought, ‘I wonder why it’s just about a factor of two.’ This is how I became very curious as to how clouds work.”

“When the climate issues came along, I very quickly realized that cloud cover has a profound effect on the earth’s heat input that the clouds are reflecting a massive amount of light back out into space.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Clauser’s interview at The Epoch Times.

Almost nothing the government claims about climate change is actually true. Learn more at Climate.news.

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