NOW THERE IS PROOF: Video Series by InvestigateJ6 Shows Police and Govt. Agents Spray J6 Crowd with Rubber Bullets, Explosive Munitions, Sound Grenades WITHOUT WARNING! | The Gateway Pundit

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Recent footage released by InvestigateJ6 reveals police officers started firing on unsuspecting Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, without warning.

The footage also reveals that DC police continued their fire on the protesters with rubber bullets, explosive munitions and gas cannisters.

The Trump crowd that gathered on the west side of the US Capitol had no idea they were going to be fired on.  There was NO WARNING.

Four Trump supporters were killed that day including Benjamin Phillips and Kevin Greeson who were killed when police started firing munitions on the crowd.

The fake news reported the two men had heart attacks – without adding that the men were being bombarded with exploding munitions without warning while they stood in the crowd with tens of thousands of fellow Trump supporters.

Rosanne Boyland, Benjamin Phillips, Ashli Babbitt, Kevin Greeson, were killed on January 6.

The Trump supporters also had no idea that federal officers, and undercover police had inserted themselves inside the pro-Trump crowd that day.

InvestigateJ6 released a video in September that shows police firing on unsuspecting Trump supporters without warning.

Look at all this early J6 footage @TuckerCarlson could show the world, but won’t.

His producer @gregg_re and his team at Fox were given all of this last year. #J6CoverUp

J6 protestors were fired upon with NO warning. USCP Chief Waldow lied saying he gave warnings but never did.

— InvestigateJ6 (@InvestigateJ6) September 6, 2023

The Gateway Pundit has reported several times in the last two years on shots fired by police that day.

Video shows Trump supporters getting unruly ONLY AFTER the police started firing on the crowds.

NEW VIDEO Reveals Jan. 6 Protesters Getting Unruly ONLY AFTER Capitol Police Fired Flash-bang Grenades and Teargassed Crowd (VIDEO)

Police fired on the crowd, gassed the crowd, and baited the crowd but the protesters remained peaceful during the assault.

This was a government assault on the people. In May 2021 The Gateway Pundit first reported on the exploding flash grenades that were fired by police on the Trump supporters.


In May 2021 TGP reported on Capitol Police firing on the peaceful Trump crowd including seniors and children!

SHOCK VIDEO: Capitol Police Started Shooting at Peaceful Trump Crowd on Jan. 6 — Fired Flash Grenades and Rubber Bullets on Peaceful Protesters INCLUDING CHILDREN

InvestigateJ6 has several videos posted on Rumble of the police violence on January 6.

We link to the videos below:

J6 1:18 PM Proud Boys Shot by Less Lethal Team Third Shots on the West Plaza.

J6 1:07 – 1:10 PM Crowd Helps Josh Black on the West Plaza after First Shots.

J6 1:18 PM Proud Boys Shot by Less Lethal Team on the West Plaza.

J6 1:12 PM DC Police Arrive on West Plaza and Spray and Fight with Protestors.

1:10 PM Friendly Fire Second Shots by Less Lethal Team on the West Plaza.

J6 1:21 PM First Explosive Munition on West Plaza Heard on Officer Bodycam

J6 1:24-1:25 PM Second and Third Explosive Munitions Thrown Into Crowd on West Plaza

DC police prepare to fire exploding munitions on unsuspecting Trump supporters on Jan. 6.

J6 1:32-1:36 PM MPD Cop Throws 13 Explosive Munitions In A Row Into Crowd on West Plaza

Capitol Police Fire Munitions into J6 Crowd: Est. 1:18pm


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