NSC Spox John Kirby Asked Why Joe Biden is AWOL and Has Not Publicly Addressed the Multiple “Objects” Shot Down Over US, Canada (VIDEO)

John Kirby

NSC spokesman John Kirby on Monday fielded questions from reporters since Karine Jean-Pierre can’t do her job properly.

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Joe Biden is once again hiding from the public.

Biden has nothing on his public schedule for the entire day and he still hasn’t addressed the American people after the US military shot down multiple objects over US airspace.

Four objects have been shot down over the last few days.

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The Pentagon on Sunday updated on the 4th object shot down on Sunday.

“The U.S. military shot down an unidentified object over Lake Huron Sunday, a congressional source briefed on the matter and two U.S. officials told NBC News — the fourth in less than two weeks to be downed over North American airspace.” NBC News reported.

Three of the objects were shot down over US airspace – the object shot down on Sunday over Lake Huron was shaped like an octagon and was at an altitude of 20,000 feet.

Pilots gave differing reports on what they experienced and observed, according to a report by CNN.

Some pilots said the object interfered with their sensors.

Other pilots said they observed no identifiable propulsion and couldn’t explain how the object was staying in the air.

Glen VanHerck, an Air Force general who commands NORAD and US Northern Command, was asked whether the Pentagon ruled out aliens regarding the objects that have been shot down.

“I haven’t ruled out anything at this point. We continue to assess every threat,” VanHerck said during Sunday’s briefing.

Meanwhile Biden is completely AWOL and refuses to answer any questions about the objects shot down over US airspace.

A reporter asked John Kirby on Monday: “Because it is so unprecedented, should the public be hearing from the president directly on this?”

Kirby absurdly claimed the Biden Regime has “been as transparent as we can be.”


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