Ohio Democrat Compares Jan. 6 Riot to Benghazi Islamist Attack on US Consulate Where Terrorists Murdered 4 Americans after Obama Turned His Back on Them
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Minnesota Black Lives Matter riots (left) and Benghazi terrorist attack (on right)

Democrats are pushing legislation to investigate the Jan. 6 riots at the US Capitol. 35 Republican lawmakers signed on to the legislation on Wednesday. Several Republican Senators have signaled they will support the investigation.

Four Trump supporters were killed during the “riot” including Ashli Babbit who was murdered by Capitol Police.

There will be no investigation of the BLM-Antifa riots last year that caused at least $2 billion in damages across the US.

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On Thursday Democrat Tim Ryan compared the US Capitol riot to the Benghazi terrorist attack. Ryan did this while arguing for a commission to investigate the ‘insurrection’.

That’s how crazy Democrats are today.
Deceitful and unhinged.

Of course, several Republicans were agree with them and the rest will say nothing.

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