On Jan. 6 Ray Epps Lied and Told Jeremy Rodgers and His Friends that Trump Was Speaking at the US Capitol - Now Jeremy, a Young Father, Is Being Threatened with Years in Prison! | The Gateway Pundit

Ray Epps and J6 Defendant Jeremy Rodgers and his young family

On January 6, 2021, Jeremy Rodgers and his friends went to Washington DC to hear President Donald Trump speak to his supporters.

During President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse, Jeremy and his friends stepped back from the massive crowd of a million plus Trump supporters so they could smoke a cigar. When they were standing away from the crowd near the Washington Monument Ray Epps came up and told Jeremy and his friends that President Trump was going to speak at the US Capitol later that day.

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Now Jeremy, a father and husband with two young sons, is facing years in prison for the trumped up charges against him by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with Jeremy Rodgers this past weekend.

** Please help Jeremy Rodgers and his young family if you can.

Jeremy told us about his encounter with Ray Epps near the Washington Monument.

Jeremy Rodgers: So as Trump was speaking, and if you were there you know, it was very crowded. The group that I was with, we all enjoy occasionally smoking cigars, and we had brought some cigars with us, but we didn’t want to light up our cigars right in the middle of a big crowd. We thought that that would be rude. So we made our way to the edge of the crowd near the Washington Monument, the side of the Washington Monument closest to the Capitol building…

…The crowd was from the Ellipse all the way up to the Washington Monument itself. I think there were people all around the Washington Monument. And as we made our way to the edge of the crowd, I mean, we literally had to go all the way, basically to the street on the side of the Washington Monument, that grassy area that surrounds it. We almost had to go to the street before we were on the edge of the crowd. It was that big.

So we started smoking our cigars and we were just talking and we could still hear Trump and his speech, and we’re interested in what he was saying, but just trying to be respectful of others and smoked our cigars on the edge of the crowd. And we noticed a gentleman, who I now know to be Ray Epps, basically working that side of the crowd, encouraging people to head towards the Capitol Building because Trump was going to be speaking there shortly.

And Ray Epps stopped and talked to my group as well and told us the same thing.

Jim Hoft: He told you that Trump was going to be speaking at the US Capitol?

Jeremy Rodgers: Yes. He did… He kept working the crowd.

Jim Hoft: Wow. What did your friends and yourself, what do you guys do?

Jeremy Rodgers: Well, we started just walking. We were admiring some of the buildings and the architecture. We started walking, looking for bathrooms, actually, because bathrooms were difficult to find, and the ones that were easily available had lines that were probably over an hour. There were so many people there.

Jeremy and his friends would have never gone to the US Capitol if they had not run into Ray Epps. It makes you wonder how many more people can say the same thing about Ray Epps lying and steering them to the US Capitol?

Nearly two years had passed when Jeremy had a visit by the FBI to his work. Jeremy was fired that day – right before Christmas. Jeremy is a father of two young boys.

Weeks and months went by when the FBI-Stasi raided his home at 6 AM on a June morning. Jeremy was in Florida working. He has never been arrested or in trouble with the law. The FBI agents drew loaded guns on his wife and infant sons!

Jeremy Rodgers: My wife called me after I had just gotten done working all night and told me that the FBI had just raided our house and taken her and my children. I have two boys out of our house at gunpoint at 06:00 a.m. In the morning and executed a search warrant on my house. As far as I can tell, nothing was taken, but they absolutely trashed my home. They broke multiple of my children’s toys because they had been on the floor and they just stepped all over things.

Jeremy’s wife says his boys are traumatized by the FBI raid, “The raid has seriously impacted the psychological well-being of our children. For weeks now our three-year-old has been talking about this incident and has had difficulty sleeping that he did not have before. Jeremy and I are angry that his attempts to cooperate were ignored and that the jackbooted thugs over at the FBI decided to treat an American Citizen with absolutely no criminal record in this manner.”

Jeremy turned himself in days later. The Biden regime filed nine outrageous charges against him.

Since his arrest Jeremy was offered a “deal” by the wicked people who want to destroy him and his family. He turned it down.

Jeremy tells The Gateway Pundit:

Jeremy Rodgers: The Feds calling us domestic terrorists and a threat to democracy is total crap and that the real threat to democracy is the weaponization of democratic institutions to persecute and silence opposition. I really think that’s the crucial message that needs to be conveyed to America.

Jeremy, a college graduate and a patriotic American, is now looking at prison time. The regime is after him, knowing the charges are all based on the dishonest narrative they have repeated over and over since that day.

** Please help Jeremy Rodgers and his young family if you can.

Here is our discussion from this weekend.

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