One Dead, 7 Injured After Elderly Man Crashes Vehicle Into DC Restaurant

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One woman is dead and 7 others are injured after an elderly man crashed his vehicle into a DC restaurant on Friday.

According to WJLA, an elderly man driving a Subaru plowed into the outdoor dining area of Parthenon Restaurant in the 5500 block of Connecticut Avenue NW.

WJLA reported:

A woman is dead and seven others were injured after a car slammed into diners outside the Parthenon Restaurant & Chevy Chase Lounge in Washington D.C. Friday afternoon.

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According to officials, an elderly man in a Subaru drove into the outdoor dining area outside the Greek restaurant in the 5500 block of Connecticut Avenue NW. Four other people are hospitalized and three additional people were treated and released.

No one was trapped under the car, according to fire officials.

They said the driver is being cooperative and at this time everything indicates this was truly an accident and the driver lost control of the vehicle.


Commander Bedlion and Chief Donnelly of DC Fire and EMS provided an update to the deadly crash.

“All indications this was purely accidental. There are no indications that this was intentional,” Chief Donnelly said.


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