Image: Ontario student suspended from school for vocalizing belief in biological sex ARRESTED for “trespassing” while trying to attend class

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A 16-year-old student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, has been banned from attending classes since last November when he protested the implementation of transgender-friendly single-sex washrooms.

Josh Alexander vocalized the truth about how there are only two God-created sexes, male and female, during a classroom discussion. He was consequently suspended from school for the rest of the year after faculty members deemed him “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of transgender students.

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In protest of his official “exclusion” from classes, Alexander showed up to classes recently in defiance of the order, which he says is unlawful. St. Joseph’s officials responded to this by having Alexander, a minor, arrested and hauled off campus.

“I have just been arrested and charged at my Catholic high school for attending class after being excluded for indicating my intent to adhere to my religious beliefs,” Alexander tweeted about the incident. (Related: In 2018, a biological male competing in wrestling as a “female” beat down a female opponent and “won” thanks to all of his natural testosterone.)

Aren’t leftists supposed to be about INCLUSION rather than EXCLUSION?

According to Liberty Coalition Canada (LCC), Alexander was arrested and charged with trespassing before being released. His lawyer, James Kitchen, LCC’s chief litigator, praised Alexander for defying the school’s suspension, calling it “an intelligent choice of a young man who knows what he is doing.”


Adding that Alexander’s arrest was “not entirely unexpected,” Kitchen confirmed that the boy was only in police custody for a few hours.

“Unfortunately, it takes this sort of drastic confrontation for people to just realize the insanity [of the situation],” he said, noting that it was not even clear at the time of Alexander’s release with what he was being charged.

As of this writing, St. Joseph’s has not released any statement or comments about the incident and what might happen next for Alexander. The school seems to want to just ignore Alexander and pretend he no longer exists, which is not going to work.

“You can’t physically get inside a vehicle if you are learning online,” Alexander said about his inability to attend an in-person auto mechanics class in which he is enrolled, but is currently unable to complete because of the exclusion.

“I told the officer I should not be excluded from attending in-person classes because of religious discrimination against me,” he added about what he told school officials after they ordered him to leave campus immediately.

“I was not sure if I was going to the police station to be formally charged or what was happening. I sat in the back for about 20 minutes and then they let me out. They did not handcuff me but they did give me a ticket and a fine for $65.”

Alexander does not plan to attempt another visit to the St. Joseph’s campus without permission, but he does plan to continue appealing the school board’s decision with the help of his lawyer.

“I have a right to physically go to my classes and it is far better than online learning plus I do better in a classroom,” he said.

“My lawyer is still helping me appeal, but the school board won’t even recognize my appeal. That is why I intend to go to the Human Rights Tribunal and lodge a complaint because my human rights are being taken away and it’s all based on religious discrimination.”

For all their talk about “inclusivity,” the trans cult sure is being exclusive with its rejection of Alexander and his personal religious beliefs. Talk about hypocrisy.

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