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This Site Does Not Participate in the Paytriot Scams

What do I mean? A “Paytriot” is someone(s) who solely created a channel or mimicked a channel or website in the hope of profiting off of our current state of affairs. I do not disagree with the ability to create a profit, however this is not what this sites intention revolves around, however we do know the importance of being funded as much as possible so we can use our marketing abilities to their fullest extent.

This site was created after the election of 2020 to help spread articles and videos that were exposing truth that were being censored, we have been using our SEO networks and know-how to push past that censorship created purposefully by bigtech which is funded and supported by the CCP/Khazarian Mafia and other nasty groups. Since operating this site the time and effort used has been on our dime and that’s fine, this list started as a simple list from my personal email and has grown to several thousand highly engaged patriots across the world. Since starting this we have been listed on the Epochtimes and even on the front of Sidney Powell’s website about Italygate which was written by one of our guest writers “Jack Watts“.

However because of this we got hit hard with 100,000+ unique visitors within a short time, and we were only operating on a basic hosting platform. We have since then changed to a server who can handle this traffic spike that happens still from time to time. With that said, we investigated the best ways to keep delivering this syndicated information while not having to eat every cent in the process, so we began advertising and working with some affiliate offers.

Any income made is redirected back into paying for maintenance hosting fees, urls, eCommerce and funnel systems, SEO tools, virtual assistant time (hours) and advertising.

This monthly bill breaks down like this:


Anything over what we need for monthly costs we use for additional marketing/advertising

  • AD purchases (From Popups, Solo Ads and anything else we can find that will create high sign-up ratios for the email list)
  • PBN purchases for pushing satellite WordPress sites as well as more VA time to brand and syndicate (this helps us push past censorship issues)
  • Press Releases. When funds are available we will pick a few huge news stories and push them into enemy territory so it gets to people that would normally otherwise not be able to read/watch.
  • Outreach to find more guest post writers

This list will change from time to time depending on the situation, but as you can see we have a plan of attack and we are actively working on push these stories out farther and faster. So far we are making back around half of the cost a month, however it is slowly rising, and despite not having it all we do invest in certain advertising.

If you’d like to donate to help us push farther into the internet, please contact us here.

– Survive The News


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