Image: Our president is a criminal: Foreign nationals made at least $30 million in illegal payments to Biden crime family, Comer says

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Appearing on Fox Business this week to discuss Joe Biden’s ongoing criminal behavior while acting as “president,” House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer revealed that foreign nationals have thus far made at least $30 million in illegal payments to the Biden crime family.

According to Comer, the Biden crime family appears to be engaged in multiple criminal activities including bribery, influence peddling, and money laundering. And at some point, they will have to be held accountable for these crimes, which constitute treason.

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“This is going to be hard for Biden to explain,” Comer explained. “This is not going to go away, and I think eventually the mainstream media is going to start asking the real questions.”

“They know there’s something wrong here. They know all the allegations have merit because of where Joe Biden was, because of what we’ve seen on tape before where Joe Biden bragged about firing that prosecutor.”

Comer further revealed that the Biden crime family “created these shell companies” to facilitate the illegal transfers of cash – and the media knew all the while what the Biden crime family was doing and why.

“They know this family was money laundering,” Comer said. “They were profiting off Joe Biden’s influence. The media knows it – they’re just not covering it.”

“I can assure you: there is more money that we’re going to be able to identify that was transferred between foreign nationals in other countries and the Biden family. I think eventually the mainstream media will turn on Joe Biden and start asking the real questions: ‘What did your family do to receive all this money?’”


You can watch a clip of Comer’s interview with “Mornings with Maria” hose Maria Bartiromo below:

You can also watch the entire segment below if you wish to see the whole thing:

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Biden snaps at reporter for asking him why Ukraine-FBI informant file referred to him as “the big guy”

The press is already starting to take away Biden’s free pass on all this, as evidenced in a recent “Ending Hidden Junk Fees” panel during which a member of the media asked Pedo Joe: “Why did the Ukraine-FBI informant file refer to you as ‘the big guy?’”

To this, Biden snapped back with a childish insult: “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?” – watch below:

The tables are beginning to turn on Biden and his crime family. No longer will his treasonous behavior be overlooked simply because he is a Democrat and the “president” of the United States – though some are skeptical that anything will actually be done to punish the “big guy” for his treasonous crimes.

“You’ll identify it, form a special committee, have an investigation, hold an inquiry, and run it through process after process … until it all falls down the memory hole,” one commenter wrote on a story about these latest revelations.

“Put up or shut up. We’re tired of the games.”

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