Parent Tosses Toddler Into Arms of Drag Queens That Just Finished Twerking and Spreading Their Legs in Front of Children at Pride Parade in Hollywood (VIDEO)

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Drag queens performed in a pride parade in Hollywood, California on Sunday.

Parents brought their children to the drag show on this Sunday rather than taking them to church.

Drag queens twerked and spread their legs in front of children.

Videos courtesy of investigative reporter Drew Hernandez:

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One parent tossed her toddler into the arms of drag queens that just finished twerking.


One of the dancers singled out a little boy with a hula hoop then rubbed the hula hoop on its genitals.


Half naked men were whipping each other in BDSM and “kink” attire as a toddler watched.


Shock: A drag queen told children in the crowd he has ‘genitals and lube.’


Children were exposed to pornographic images and topless women.


God help us.

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