June 23, 2021

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Patriot Streetfighter – Scott McKay + Mr Constitution Douglas V Gibbs on YOUR RIGHTS… Part 3

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Patriot Streetfighter – Scott McKay + Mr Constitution Douglas V Gibbs on YOUR RIGHTS Part 3

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We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness. prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. Accordingly, all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is the right, it is the duty to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

The world is waking up, and this is the tipping point. Ladies and gentlemen, Scott McKay here, your favorite patriots, three fighter, I think, oh, hey, we’re jumping in a little early. I wanted to grab a live link. Don’t let me forget to call the general I know we got to get to general on I just want to make sure that I get our guy. It’s gonna be a great show tonight. And we have Mr. Constitution back for part three, Douglas B gifts. And I was really working hard and fast to get this thing off the ground. I got into a very interesting conversation today with my friend Michelle. And wolf. I don’t know if I have time to talk about it tonight. But she’s kind of on my head on the eyesore, saying Scott. Need to see. You need to see what’s happening here. You need to figure out what’s going on here because he was with us over the weekend. And she’s trying to explain to me Scott, you still don’t get it you saw for yourself. The Patriot streetfighter revolution is absolutely massive. She’s in this kind of world events, planning and also the stuff she said I’ve never seen anything like that ever. You need to you need to start figuring out how you are going to expand this revolution exponentially. Because these things don’t come along ever.


it’s a lot of flattery. I really have never been good at buying into my own press. I’ve always been too conservative that way. Whether it was in a competitive bodybuilding stage, everything else have always seemed to undershoot even though it seemed like I was achieving great heights are different things. But I don’t know is what it is. yet. A lot of other people come in, sometimes pick up the reins and say okay, you guys facilitate whatever needs to be facilitated to get this message global. I only have one interest and that is fighting a war against the global scumbag Empire. Taking the knowledge that I have acquired over decades and and mixing in my pissed off attitude about all of it, and doing everything I can to bring the scumbag matrix to the ground until it is a pile of smoking rubble. That’s all I care about. However, we have to build the architecture to make this thing happen. It’ll be what it is. And if there are ways that we can expand it, expand our reach then then great. I can tell you that I talked to I got a great guest coming on for you guys tomorrow night. Yeah, I do sound a little different voice tonight. I think lack of sleep for a while and then he can up there and tall. been on my feet endlessly forever and ever kind of finally took its toll. And so I’m a little slower today, blown up in the skull and all that kind of thing happening. So bear with me on that.


great guest tomorrow night. And that guest is get over this. We got Bishop Larry gators coming back to start dropping some more ordinates on the Illuminati style controllers. We talked last night probably about it might have been one in the morning here, talk for a while and wait to hear what he said. He said, Scott, your patriot street fighters are the most amazing people I have ever seen. I’ve been doing this a long time to get massive radio followers. He said I got patriot street fighters writing me from all over the world since we did that episode. Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Eastern Europe everywhere. He said, Man of God, he must call everybody that man of God. He says you have a powerful following. The good thing is, is everybody’s telling me this. And they’re saying the same thing about Tulsa. And I’m always like, Really? Wow, that’s really cool. It’s like, cool. He says, Man, a god. You just have no idea. Anyways, it’s a fun conversation. But I’m proud of you people. Because once again, this isn’t a Scott McKay thing. This is a we the people are thinking the same thing. And I’m just a guy willing to call these these fork in idiots exactly what they are. They’re scumbags. And, you know, I guess that’s motivated a whole lot of you around the world. And those scumbags happen to be in your country. And as I said this early on, when we were trying to accomplish the global unity bridge, which that hasn’t gone away, we just haven’t had the architecture capability to build that thing out at some point we can financially we will do it. But this is about spotlighting the cockroaches of everybody around the world, all of these people in these heads of state positions everywhere, that are doing what they’re doing to humanity. I don’t care what country they’re in, I don’t care where they come from. I don’t care what society our culture. I’m going to tell you. If you’re one of those people in nations outside of the United States, we’re coming for you too. And I don’t mean maybe this is a defined operation, philosophically and about to become geometrically that Your days are numbered, because we the people are going to arise and you people, You scumbag criminals that have been destroying humanity are going to disappear. That’s why we got the tomahawk we will, we will offer you peace, the peace pipe end of the tomahawk, and

reaching out to our guest. I’ll see him here yet. We offer you peace.

We offer you the peace pipe. If you’re willingly walk away from the corruption and disappear into a different world. Or if the peace pipe doesn’t work, then the tomahawk has the other end. And that is the warblade we’re not violent. We are peace loving people, but will no longer stand by and watch you do any more of what you have done to humanity. So therefore, we now have a global patriot streetfighter revolution. And if I told you some of the numbers that I’ve seen, and the person that I just spoke to here a little earlier that was banging on my head. My friend Michelle, she’s gonna she’s got a radio, podcast, everything home live, calm everything home, live calm. So live radio show and podcasts always Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 12. Pacific time on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So I’m gonna drop that into the description here in the video after we’re done tonight, but she’s one banging away me, Scott. I was there. I saw. This is a world that I operate in. And you now need to start thinking about what’s happening here. So I’m just like, Oh, it’s really cool. She’s like, goodness gracious. You need to stick to doing what you do well, and we’ll do what we do well, and Okay, whatever needs to be done. Good thing I have Ron Partain there in the background. So let me see here. I want to reach out to our guest just to make sure that he is coming on. I barely made it to this show tonight. So my apologies Papi. This is our comp Mr. Constitution. So

hold on a sec.

Sometimes the email gets hung up in my laptop’s regular my desktop to get it out phone or whatever. I can’t figure out why.

coming on, brother.

Okay. Don’t worry about it. I’m on live. So just come in when you can’t how much time you need. We’re live. Okay, okay, take your time. We’re good. I’m going to cover for you. I got some constitutional information I’m going to throw out there and muddy it up for you come in and clean it up. How’s that? Awesome. Okay. So he got hung up in LA traffic. How

about Dad?

Isn’t that an unusual thing? Why do you think and I live in LA anymore. that a lot of great people there a lot of friends there that I love. I made over 20 years great people. It’s a couple scumbags in there. You know, I have to wrap them on the beak philosophically to on different social media from time to time. But for the most part, as much as I love Southern California, or California, and the friends that I have there, there’s just too many knuckleheads there, which is indicative of the people running around with these fork and masks on.

But oh, by the way,

I can’t do it right now. But I got another load of boxes again. Thank you for the wonderful gifts I’ve opened. I can’t get to get to opening these things now. You know, I was telling my friend Michelle, she’s trying to get a handle on what’s happening here like Scott, this is what is going on here with your patriot Street Fighter revolution this army so I was telling her different things that I’m dealing with and she’s a 14 KIDDING ME cats like yeah, that’s what’s going on. And told her other things and she’s like flipping out I showed her here’s a picture of the boxes and letters I picked up yesterday. She’s flipping out you mean you’re getting fan mail and cards? I’m like, Yeah, for a long time. I get so much stuff coming out of where to put it and she’s gone crazy like goodness gracious. We need to help you grow up in this world Scott and understand how to how to how to I guess expand your army because it’s prime for that it’s it’s endearing to me but I get some incredible gifts again i like i said i find today I’m gonna he’s gonna sit here if all this shit I call it shit because that’s my country boy charm I’m calling it all around me with all this stuff I’d like to say this came here this came today here’s a letter that so and so wrote to me etc etc etc You know what I can tell you this after going through the horror or being trapped in a wreck paralyzed shell and having to you know clock climb my way back for seven years to get to a you know, a funk although this past weekend is not functional. For me that was a special situation Normally he couldn’t pick out that I had any issue at all. I just had that thing hit me before the event. And it caused me to you know, walk a little limp a little bit and then after standing on my feet for two straight days non stop metals coming through the bottom of my foot all that stuff. That’s why I was looking like a complete cripple. That’s not normal for me. But all of that all the frustration of trying to wake people up for decades all of it telling you you people have wiped away the frustration, the anger, the disappointment, you people have wiped it away like in a massive tidal wave washed all of it away. Like literally all gone. Thank you. You know, what if I had to do that twice again, to get to where we are to know we have a chance to save in the country. And there’s so many beautiful, wonderful people that that I fell in love with. It happens instantly. When you look into people’s eyes. I would do it again. I mean, you know, for me, I know who I’m talking to. Because I study their eyes. The first thing I’m looking at somebody’s size. If it’s a if it’s a business guy, I’m talking to him. His eyes tell me if he’s a bullshitter No, he say that you say the best stuff in the world. He can dance with me all he wants. I’m watching his eyes. I don’t hear where he says his eyes or her eyes telling me exactly who I’m talking to. So that’s why when I met Mike Jayco down here in Dallas that day, he’s talking to me and I’m just staring at him look in his eyes. Just watch and watch and like, this guy’s in a he’s not only a warrior. He’s a warrior Angel. And I was like, Man, I’m so happy I stumbled down here to see Mike but so that being said, that’s what I saw a weekend and I didn’t see out of probably probably took I’m guessing 1500 to 2000 photographs with you people. I can’t say if anything would stick out it would be the one or two that doesn’t have the eyes. You Everybody did. Truly I mean, I still I still get choked up over the whole thing. So we got some filler here let me see if I can tell Douglas gets here. I was I was like man, he’s gonna bail me out tonight because I feel like shit and and I’m not going to cancel the show for any under any circumstances. So I do have some intel here let me see what is this King from Overwatch?

somebody needed contact

latest electronic article links to the situation. Let me see what the situation is to see merging

Okay, here’s one.

Miss it misses swag Mr. Swag. Jim refuses to be shut down as the anti mask supporters gather outside at blog to calm Miss Masako boxing gym remains open and city pursues maximum fine, that’s in the star. So there’s a number of different people now that are fighting back. I was, by the way, the people that do give you this Intel I mentioned that they’re this bloodline group. They’re also warriors, highly trained Christian warriors. I was a longtime member of this particular boxing place called huff boxing. The owners are members are good, decent, kind, loving people that follow in the footsteps of Christ Himself. They’re not God, bothering devil dodging Bible thumpers that stated by the mainstream media, of course. So shitheads are always going to talk like that. Journalists like Sean O’Shea. The global news in Toronto needs to be thrown out of a plane shirtless at 20,000 feet over the Amazon jungle. Now you know who I’m talking to? I’ve seen I’ve seen some warnings, not to me in some of these communications that come in encrypted emails, but not warnings to me as an addendum at the end of it, but warnings to those who are hacking into the communications and basically saying, you know, you’re already dead. We’re just here to clean up calling these people out. Let’s see. Doug Ford is doubling down. As George Soros now knows that. Doug Ford dog is having sexual relations with a minor Whoa, 1415. Oh, we got ourselves another pedo. Okay, Doug Ford. We’re going to start digging into you. By the way, if you happen to be the senate leader in Oklahoma, and if you heard anything that I may have said on on video doubt event, the weeks not over. We’re going to deal with you that you’re not off the hook. As I said before, just like Senator Lankford, you stepped into the crosshairs of me. We’re going to be spotlighting both of you clowns, rhinos, liars, whatever you are, and make sure the Oklahoma patriot street fighters wash you down the drain in the next elections, believe me, that’s what’s going to happen. So anyways, that’s a little bit of Intel there. I got to go through a lot more of it. But we got our mystery guests here to bail me out tonight. I got we got Douglas v Gibbs here. There he is. And you’re back in the office. Rob, where’s that beautiful

green screen you had? You know, for some reason, just now it didn’t come out.

How’s that out here? Your volume? Where’s that beautiful green screen? Yeah,

there we go. Yeah, my okay. I didn’t unmute earlier. Yeah, there’s

How about your green screen? Where’s that beautiful green screen?

Oh, you know, I just now pulled in and turned it on. For some reason. It didn’t automatically set up like it’s supposed to so. Oh,

no, no, all the beauty sitting right here in a flag colored shirt that has all the goods on it.

Yeah, you know, it’s funny, I had a gig in LA today and I gave myself three hours to get back my GPS and had two and a half. Well, my GPS lied.

You know what? You can give us that we know better this Los Angeles. You know, that works, man. Lucky for me, I never had you know, I there’s people that go back and forth over the hill from the valley into the west side. And they do that stuff every day. Like, I think I would, I would rather give myself a double gate shotgun to the back of the head, maybe reload and do it again, then do that every day in my life. But I tell

you what, the driving from Los Angeles between Los Angeles and Inland Empire, which is where I’m out. It is absolutely an amazing thing. Now that said, so I’ve been on the road. Let’s see. took me two and a half hours to get out there three to come back to five and a half hours. Thanks for that event.

Last year out there saving the world, buddy. You can show up anytime you want. Proud. I appreciate it. And yeah, good to have you back here again, my friend. Since Now that I’m done babbling. I’m going to take this link. And I’m going to go ahead and blast this across social media again because it’s actually the live link and So we’ll have more people coming in when I, when I put just just the Patriot Street Fighter channel that’s up, of course people will get their stumble there. But when I then throw the live link in there, they just like, hey, that’s easy.

Let me click it on and, and so we good to go. So

anyways, let’s we’ve got about 45 minutes left here How about if we go ahead and jump right into the next phase of your lesson, leaving off last week, by the way, folks, this is our constitution class, one of most critical shows we have here and this if you’re joining us for the first time, this is Douglas v. Gibbs, expert on constitution, he actually left his career from the past, to do this to you’re not going to get rich teaching the Constitution, but that’s not why he’s here. It’s not why many of us are here. It’s the same country. And this is what he’s doing. So I want to turn over to you and the show to my buddy, Guy mansley respect Douglas B. Gibbs, Mr. Constitution, like to

address two questions that I’ve commonly get from your listeners, or at least I did last week on number one, or do I get that pocket constitution used in CCS dotnet. In ccs.net, go to the podcast stations. And the other one was someone says, Did I hear you say the citizens have more rights than subjects? No, that’s not what I said. I said, as a citizen, your government serves you as a subject you serve a government rights are handed to us by God, it has nothing to do with government. We all have the same rights, whether we are in a prison in China, somewhere in the continent of Africa or in America, we all have the same rights. The question is, do we have access to those rights based on our government system, but your rights or natural rights are given to you by God and everybody living and breathing on this planet? those rights belong to them? Okay, so, so you heard wrong if you think I said that citizens have more rights to subjects, they may have more access to their rights than subjects. But the actual possession rights, we all have possession rights. All right, Article One, section two is where we’re at, in your pocket constitution. So turn with me, Article One, Section two, or establishing the two houses of the Congress, we have what’s called a bicameral Congress by kamrul has two meanings. Number one, there’s two houses number two, which is not in the dictionary, but was understood and should be understood, historically, is that those houses are different from each other. Scott, you ever heard the the old saying two heads are better than one? Never in my life, three ever in your life? Wow. That’s a pretty severe rock you’ve been missing out

under if they’re my head three is better than one to sit by as good as one.

Well, the old saying says two heads are better one, but they don’t mean to have your heads. In other words, to Scott heads Exactly. Something exactly alike is not the point two heads are better than one means two different heads two, in other words, two ways, two different ways of looking at things is better than one way of looking at things. That’s basically what it’s saying. That’s the way our Congress is supposed to be. In other words, both houses are supposed to be different from each other to be a proper bicameral Congress has talked about history a little bit. The Roman Republic, had an assembly, and they had a Senate, the assembly was the people, the peasants and the Senate was the wealthy and the powerful, they looked at the laws differently from a different point of view from a different skill set from a different experience. level. And so therefore, it created a better system. It’s just like mom and dad, you know, the son says, Hey, Dad can borrow the keys, well, let’s talk to your mom about it. She doesn’t look at it the same way I do. And so there’s gonna be two different ways of looking at it. Or you can go to the parliamentary system that’s in Britain, once again, you have two houses of their legislature, you have the House of Commons, and you have the House of Lords, the common people in the nobility. So you want the two houses of your Congress or your legislature, whatever you choose to be different from each other, so that they have a natural check and balance against each other. So that one might notice things the other might not because they’re different from each other. The thing is, when they were formulating our system, it was understood, we don’t have a wealthy class. So we’re not supposed to anyway, we’re not supposed to have a privileged class wrestles to have a nobility class, because according to the declaration, we’re all created equal. So there are no classes there is no class system has no nobility, there’s no I’m born to do this. Everybody is supposed to be equal in the eyes of God in the eyes of the law and so forth, sir. Therefore, how do you create two houses of congress that are different from each other? Well, the delegates from the States recognized that there was two classes, there were two sets of constituencies. There was the people Then there were the states, the purpose of creating the federal government was to allow the states, the state legislators to handle local stuff. So they’d have to be bothered with that external stuff. So if the state through their delegates are creating a federal government, government, number one, they’re a second constituency. Number two, should they not be involved with the lawmaking process and things like that. So it was agreed that the people, the voice, the people, the people’s house, the house of representatives, would be based on population, and the representatives would be directly elected via the people. The US Senate at the time, however, was not to be voted in by the people, it’s not the people cells, you want it to be different, you want the senators to look at the the functions of the federal government in a different way. So what it was decided was to allow the state legislatures to appoint the US senators. And rather than be by population to make sure all of the state legislatures were meeting on equal ground, it was to per state. So no less state legislature had more power than any other because it was two per state period. Interestingly, what they decided to do at the state level, and this is a part of being a republic. Notice that, you know, in a pure democracy, they just, you know, had the senators voted in by the people let that be that. But we’re not a democracy or a republic, we have these mechanisms in place to check power. We want to distribute the power in such a way that nobody has too much of it. So at the state level, they decided to do the same thing. At the state level, you have an assembly or state House of Representatives, depending on your state, and you’re in the you’re in that long horn state that I hear, right. We are in that one state that doesn’t acknowledge the existence of Alaska, because they believe they’re still the biggest state. And in Texas, what do you have you have an assembly or a State House of Representatives where they call it?

That’s a good question. I don’t even know. And, oh,

no, you’re no good. Anybody wants to, you know, tell me, I shouldn’t ask you these tough questions. Well, you

know, I’m not competing in elected politics for 16 years, you think I would know it, that load is indicative of how much I have faith in politicians and the political structure. Now, I don’t care. Because they are, they’re the enemy.

The average person in Southern California, all of the city councils have five members. And the average person doesn’t know how many city councils I have much less any other names. In fact, some of them some of my say, Well, do you know, you know, how many people were in your city council? And they say, what’s the city council? So I mean, that even comes up. So I get it. Well, he I don’t know what Texas is this, but in California, they call it a state assembly. And Connecticut, it’s a State House of Representatives in in Massachusetts, I think actually. But anyway, nonetheless. So you have the assembly or the house. And then you have the State Senate, the same idea was applied. The members of the assembly is based on population, and directly elected through democracy to their positions, but the state senate were originally different, just like the US Senate. It was one senator per County, and the county leadership county supervisors would appoint that Senator. Now, I don’t know about Texas, but in California, just that alone would drastically change what’s going on in Sacramento. While this state is considered to be dark blue, I’m not so convinced personally, but that’s a different argument and discussion. When you look at the elections by county, it looks like every year the republican president, whoever they are wins by a landslide in California because of the counties. But you have these heavily populated areas, Los Angeles County, San Francisco, and coastal cities, Sacramento, a few other places that are that are got the large populations and they tend to vote Well, not necessarily Republican. And so you wind up with in California, this deep blue, dark blue, both houses of the legislature are very dark room because we elect and vote him in and the population centers have control. But if it was one per County, if we just went back to that didn’t even change the dimmer democracy part. There was one per county you’d wind up with a state Senate that will look very different than it does today. And then on top of that, if the county supervisors appointing because they’re worried about what’s best for their county, not some ideological thing And we’ll also look very different than this today. And that would make the two houses different from each other. Just like at the federal level, we want the two houses to be different from each other. That’s a part of being a Republican. That’s a part of having a good effective by cameral Congress. Now, the way the states do it started changing after the 17th Amendment, which changed senators from being appointed to the US Senate to being voted in. Well, the states also start some of them started to kind of follow suit and also create senatorial districts and half the state senators voted in. But not all states did that they stuck with the old way. Finally, Alabama got sued for doing it the old way, because it wasn’t very democratic. And in 1964 1964, Reynolds v. Sims, you can look it up 1964 Reynolds v. Sims, the Warren Court outlawed doing it the old way. That is very unconstitutional, because it says in Article four, that the United States shall guarantee the state of Republican form of government, in other words, not a democracy or a republic. And by doing that it made them more democratic. It actually did the opposite of what article four instructs.

That’s why I said all along these people are all criminals aiming violating the Constitution, the entire framework of this country’s evolution from way way back especially I think the kill shot on the citizens losing control of the country to the politicians was that particular amendment that switched how we actually elect the United States senators to me that was what killed? Oh, yeah,

it was It does. It changes us from Republic it takes the state’s voice out of things, think about this. Now. Now the states because of somebody’s limit, have to abide by laws, they had nothing to do with creating. How’s that right for the state, so the state legislators and the the other side, the those who hate the Constitution, they understand that democracy is dangerous for us, that it’s a transitional form of government, not a permanent form of government. We really only have Republic’s are oligarchies, that’s one or the other. If you if you get anarchy involved, or democracy involved, it’s going to transition over to oligarchy, it happens every time in history. But the reason why I bring all of this up is so that you understand as we go through article two, Section two, why they set up the House of Representatives and the us senate the way they did, it was a compromise, there were the only you have the Connecticut plan, Virginia Plan, you have these different ideas on what to do among the founders. And ultimately, it was okay. We know this, that number one, tyranny rises out of population centers. So we don’t want to have the allow the population centers to have full control. Number two, things get done properly when there’s debate and there’s disagreement. So we want the houses of the of the legislature to be different from each other so that they are used, so they debate so that if something gets passed, it’s pretty good, because it’s convinced both sides, it’s good. So the House of Representatives really is the house of the population centers and the people it’s the democratic house. And the Senate was supposed to be the house, the voice of the state, state senators weren’t really there as about ideology, Republican, Democrat or whatever, as much as they were of making their state legislature happy, because those are the people who appointed them. And if you want to make them happy, what’s your biggest concern? What’s best for the state? Well, if they’re looking at what’s best for the state, the people are working what’s best for the people, you have two different ways of looking at things. And that and that two heads are better than one because they’re different heads. Thinking on the same thing, and they look at it from a different point of view. Any questions, Scott, before

I proceed, I just had pointed I usually make and I think it kind of defines the difference between those two bodies in this way that and correct me if I’m wrong, but the the way it’s structured now, the House of Representatives in the federal government is a more raucous and reactionary body. They are the people. They, you know, they can change things on a whim and the the course of legislation should originate out of there. They’ve Of course, they violated that as well. But, but when it does go to the Senate to pass the Senate before heading to the White House, the Senate is considered the morgue, the cooling body where cooler heads prevail, they slow it all down, and they spend time analyzing it. Because in the house being so reactionary every whim, they want to change the country in a completely different direction. And that’s why it’s important and that’s why we you know, in the, in the very beginning of the Declaration, it talks about that specifically says that in the first paragraph, that’s why I play it every time. We have the show that It does point that out that we we actually are, we are prone to suffer, you know, these these insufferable situations for a period of time. And I think that humanity is until they actually have power to change things quickly. But if they didn’t have a more of a cooling body where they can slow things down and implement over time, I think the country would just keep shifting like zig zag. So so much that we would really would probably keep ending up in the same place. That’s just my

mind. It goes back to what I told you last week, the week before constitution is all about the distribution of power, distributing the power in such a way that nobody has too much power. We don’t want anybody have too much power. And that includes us, we the people, because all screwed up to everybody is, is gonna screw it up if they have too much power. So what you do is you set up systems, where there’s natural checks where the power is distributed in such a way that everybody kind of has a say, and they kind of argue with each other. It’s checks and balances. That’s what they’re all about. So Article One, section two begins, the House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen every second year. Now on the Senate, well, how long is it? Six years, right? Well, it’s the last for the people because to be honest, the founding fathers did not trust democracy, they did not trust uninformed voters to always do the right thing. Therefore, just a case the people fouled it up, they kept it as small as possible two years that way. You only got to wait two years to correct your mistake. The state legislators are supposed to be more politically savvy, they’re supposed to understand the system more, they’re guys supposed to have more experience in the system. They’re also not as dangerous because they’re not there for an ideological reason. They’re there for what’s best for the state. So they’re going to allow them to be in there for six years. Okay, so we got house represent represents shall be composed of members chosen every second year by the people of the several States. So it really hasn’t changed. And the electors in each state shall have qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature, the qualifications of electors, and why we mentioned even mentioned electors, what are elect doors, electors are the guys who are going to be voting for president, this is the first mention of them, we’ll get more into that when we get to Article two, then it gives you the qualifications, in order to become the eligibility requirements or become a member of the House of Representatives, no person now, I gotta warn you, the first word is no person. At the end, it’s going to sound confusing, we have a double negative, it’s going to mean the opposite of what you think it means. Just giving you a warning. So let’s read it. no person shall be a representative who shall not have attained to the age of 25 years, you gotta be at least 25 to serve in the house. And been seven years a citizen of the United States, seven years. citizens. So they want you to go live in you know, I don’t know, Indonesia for most of your life, and then suddenly show up and try to hold office. They want you to have a loyalty, loyalty to the United States. And and then it says, and this is where it sounds, the opposite of what it says, Remember, double negative, and who shall not when elected be an inhabitant of the state in which he shall be chosen as saying they do need to be an inhabitant, remember no person who shall not when elected, it’s a double negative, okay? They’re saying that you need to be an inhabitant of the state. It does not say you have to be an inhabitant of the district. A lot of people believe that in order to be in the House of Representatives, you have to actually have to be an inhabitant of the district that you represent. Maxine Waters, for example, once was an inhabitant of her district, she no longer is a lot of people like well as unconstitutional. No, it’s not long, she’s an inhabitant of the state. Now, voters tend not to like someone from some other area carpetbagger, as you would call him, coming in, but all they need to be is an inhabitant state. They don’t have to be an inhabitant of the district. You You said something there, Scott, you want Wow. That that shocked you?

I honestly did. I was like, holy cow. I never knew that. I never I just probably picked up and ran with what I’ve heard years ago that he had lived in the district.

You don’t

really know that Passover one, you know one group of words here and completely missed.

Now just for the fun of it so we can come make the comparison, flip your page over to Article One, section three. And you’ll notice that constitution By the way, so this is designed in such an organized manner. Article One is all about the legislative branch. Article two is all about the president presidency the executive branch, article three is all about the judicial branch article four is about is concerning the state’s article five amendments article six concerning the Fed Government article sevens ratification, then within article one legislative branch, Article One, section one was legislative powers, Article One, section two house, Article One, Section three, the Senate and so on and so forth. So it’s laid out in a very nice outline. So if ever you so you really don’t have to remember everything is constitution in order to understand or remember where things are, you just have to know the outline. Okay, now, Article One, section three talks about the Senate, the Senate of the United States shall be composed of two senators from each state, then see in the brackets if you’ve got the same podcasters that I said, say and those those brackets means has been changed, chosen by the legislature, they’re of the state legislators, well, that’s gone now because of the 17th amendment for six years, and each senator shall have one vote immediately. And then again, then the next part explains what they were going to do on how they got voted in, they didn’t want it to be every six years, all the senators being voted in. So what they did is they broke them up into three groups. So that every two years a third of the Senate’s being voted for. But those very first senators, that very first group only got a two year term. And then the next group had four years and extra by six, and then after that, they had it out the way they wanted it where it was, you know, a third every two years. So go ahead and go past that section. And then at the top of page three, if you’ve got this pocket constitution, it says no person shall be a senator who shall not have attained the age of 30 years, you need to be older. Remember, you need to be more politically savvy, this can be so much more experience, someone trusted by the state legislature. Okay, 30 years, and been nine years a citizen of the United States rather than the seven for a member of the House. And then it goes through the same thing about being an inhabitant of the state, you need to be an inhabitant of the state in which you are representing. Alright, so that’s your house, yet your son just basic construction of those two houses. Now, when it comes to as we go back to the article one, Section two, now, when it comes to choosing the members of the House, and how many, we got to figure out well, if it’s by population, how do we decide how many members of the House a state gets? Well, how do you even figure that out? Well, you’re going to create something called a census, a census, that’s going to be held every 10 years, the purpose of the census, and we’ll read, it’ll say this in a second, I want to go over this real quick, was only two reasons. To find out how many representatives the state was supposed to get. And to find out the percentage of the budget a state was supposed to pay. Back then they didn’t have income tax by the federal government. They didn’t have income tax period. They didn’t have direct taxation, they believe that was a bad way of taxation. Because if you directly you gotta love this, Scott, if you directly tax the people, according to Jefferson, there’ll be no limit on how much the government can take. SATs sound pretty, pretty

accurate there, Scott, is proved true, more than probably anybody ever imagined.

Oh, yeah, Thomas Jefferson was on top of this stuff, as a patriot at the time. Of course, he wasn’t at the Constitutional Convention. He was in France at the time. But a lot of these ideas were based on, you know, his recommendations, he was not only well known, what he believed was well known but and he made had many of his minions in that constitution convention, but he was also corresponding with three people, James Madison being one of them. So you knew I need to do this, but what do you do with slaves?

You know, that’s a good question. And my answer to that over the years was that the founding fathers, including Jefferson knew we had to deal with the issue, at some point that we were such a young nation, that that Civil War, that early in our evolution would be would weaken us to the point where another invasion for invasive force would come right in and it would be over for us,

right? Well, they didn’t, they didn’t expect a civil war. They didn’t expect a war between the states. What they expected was for the states to slowly abolish slavery, it was already going on in the northern states. Now, while at the time, the Constitution A lot of people don’t realize this. At the time of the Constitution, all of the states were still slave states. But in the north, there were less slaves than in the south in the north. In fact, in Pennsylvania, I think by 18, I think it was 1815. Pennsylvania had like 63 slaves in the whole state. I mean, it was, you know, it was something that was slowly being read, they didn’t believe in immediate emancipation or rapid emancipation, because these are people who have been slaves all their lives. And the fear was that once given freedom, they would not be properly equipped to handle that type of situation. So they wanted to slowly move this population into freedom. Give them a few opportunities here and there. Once they were freed, the slave master was required to give them so much money, so much land to help them get, you know, off to a good start, and so on and so forth. They didn’t believe in just throwing them to the wolves. The first abolition society was in Pennsylvania and was founded by Benjamin Franklin. In fact, the first anti slave law in a state was in Pennsylvania, after long after the Constitution was written. Before the Constitution was written, one was written, one was passed in Vermont, but that time, Vermont wasn’t a state, it was a disputed area between New Hampshire, New York, they were fighting over it. And rather than give it to one or the other, they just decided to make it the 14th state later. But so we’ve got the slavery situation that exists, whether it’s right wrong are in between the reality is exists, and you’ve got to deal with it. And one of the things that they understood is they wanted all of the states to be willing to ratify this constitution. So if they leaned too much of an anti slavery direction, they won’t be states further south, that might not sign it. And if they went too much of a pro slavery direction, most of the states would not sign it. And they knew this was an issue because of the Declaration of Independence. If you guys are curious, you’ve never seen it, look up the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, the original draft, the Declaration of Independence was in force and was going to be used until it was voted to be changed on July 1 1776, mere days before the final draft was approved. And what happened was Thomas Jefferson, who we hear was this pro slave slave guy, right? Well, you hear that from the left out there, he had actually wrote a scathing rebuke against slavery in the declaration. In his original draft, he hammered on slavery, and he hammered on the British King the monarchy, for allowing slavery to be in the English colonies in the first place and for perpetuating it, in fact, prior to the writing of the Declaration of Independence, and Jefferson alludes to this in his scathing rebuke in the original draft of the Declaration, the Commonwealth of Virginia had applied to Britain to allow them to abolish slavery. And the crown denied their request. Under understand that, Virginia, which wound up becoming a part of the succeeding states later, as a colony tried to stop and get rid of slavery. Thomas Jefferson was a big time abolitionists, he hated slavery. He had slaves he inherited most of them. There were their stories of him purchasing slaves one time in order to keep a family together because other slave owners wanted to separate the family one one of the Father, another one, one of the mothers, the other one wanted the kids so we actually bought the whole family to keep family together. That’s right. We as Thomas Jefferson, me so understand, there’s there’s a lot more nuances than we realize here.

You notice how back in the 90s when Clinton got in trouble, how the democrats a Clinton specifically james carville, George Stephanopoulos scumbags, your basic issue scumbags. But they got in trouble. How did they bail themselves out? They started attacking the founding fathers Jefferson fathered a child with it was placed. Maybe he did I don’t know. But

I’ll tell you the story. I know the answer.

Right, great. But that’s what they do. They tried to this money. The history of the greatest men that ever lived in America gave up nobility, title, wealth and everything, so we can be free and that’s the attacks if they had to launch on Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson was a big time abolitionist, his slaves he treated like family though. In fact, there’s a story of him getting home from a diplomatic mission over the pond one time where the slaves ran to the bottom of the hill, hoisted him up on their shoulders and carried him up to the house. As for the story about him fathering children with with the slave girl, Sally. The New York Times report in the early 90s DNA evidence proves Jefferson father child with slave girl Sally, that rumor had actually begun way back in the late 1700s. Jefferson had ticked off a particular newspaper reporter and to strike back at him the reporter wrote in of I think it was a Philadelphia paper. You know, some of the slaves on the Jefferson plantation look an awful lot like a Jefferson. That’s what he wrote. And so the rumor begin based on that, another paper later on proved it Wrong. This completely disproved it, but that gets forgotten in history. So then we have the new york times the early 90s, saying, well, we have DNA evidence. Two weeks later, they had to retract that

they were wrong. Yeah, they retracted it in a small paragraph bury

on the backside of the paper. Yeah, cuz there’s what the DNA evidence found. It is true that Sally’s child or children were fathered by a Jefferson. But it wasn’t Thomas. It was his brother Randolph. Now, which is a very interesting thing, and that tells you some of the the real one of the reasons why Jefferson had brought Sally on board, by the way, Sally was his wife’s half sister. They have they have the same father and not the same mother. Well, you can tell what that father was doing. But nonetheless, and to deny that this kind of thing went on, of course, would be irresponsible. But Jefferson wasn’t as knee deep in it as everybody thinks. It was other people. But nonetheless, so Thomas Jefferson, like I said, big time abolitionists, most of the founders that wrote this constitution, were involved were abolitionists. In fact, Charles Mason refused to sign the Constitution, because it he didn’t have a bill of rights and B didn’t abolish slavery, they didn’t feel they should abolish slavery with it, because the purpose of the federal government was not to get involved the state issues, number one, number two, if they were to do that, well, the southern states wouldn’t sign and here’s how we know getting back to the Declaration of Independence, the original draft, the scathing rebuke by Jefferson, why didn’t stay in because two states refused to sign the Declaration of Independence if it remained in the in it. Want to guess, South Carolina and Georgia as far south as you can go? 11 of the state said, Yeah, love it, keep that anti slavery language in the declaration to state said, we’re not going to sign it. If you guys want this to be unanimous, you better change it. And they changed it because they wanted it to be unanimous. But see, you don’t hear the stories that 11 states were in favor of the 13 of anti slavery language in the declaration, you don’t hear that, they don’t want you to hear it. Look it up the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, probably won’t find it on Google, but you’ll find it using another method. But the original declaration of independence is available online. One of my favorite places to go, by the way is called the Avalon project. So look, you know, for old documents, they had another question, Scott. Yeah, that’s great. This

is great information, I’m looking at the threads, people are loving this too. This is, this is what makes the constitution and history interesting because you personalize it, you know, you, you take it down to the base level of human experience of people that we hold in such high esteem, not realizing that there are people, you know, the day had the same type of mindset that we do as human beings, and all of the heroic things that they did that nobody ever knows about, that never get talked about history, because again, the the winners who are have become the enemies, right or rewrite history, we don’t get to hear this stuff, we have to

understand the personalities and the history if we’re gonna understand the document. And I know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories, you know, some of your listeners and other people always are throwing stuff at me. One of them recently was at the 17th amendment was for the purpose of bailing us out with a central bank to for a debt over the American Revolution, large debt with American Revolution was paid off by I put 1836 in my article, and then my friend got a hold of me No, was January of 1835, whatever. We paid off our debt we owed and nobody for about two months as a country, starting in January of 1835, our revolutionary war debt was already paid off. So any so if you come across any conspiracy theories, for example, that you know, the 17th amendment, or the more something we had to give to the Vatican or the corporation or whatever, all because of the debt from the American Revolution to the central bank? Well, first of all, the debt was paid off in 18, January of 1835. Number two, there was no central bank involved in our debt. Anyway, it was directly with the governments of France and Holland in smaller amounts, other governments, the central banking that was going on hadn’t even been created yet. The branch in London emerged 17, I think it was 97. And then it was like the 1820s 30s and 1850s. When started emerging, we’re talking about Ross trials and all that jazz. And the reason why I bring that up is because I want you to understand, I know all of that stuff. But that doesn’t have the kind of sway on this document that a lot of people think these Founding Fathers while they were they were doing the best they could and there was stuff going on. There’s bad people there’s there’s utopianism, as they called it. You know, and later on, you can throw in all your conspiracy theories and all that on who was behind that Italy and Germany being the top two contenders when it comes to the people behind that kind of stuff and the globalists and all that, and a lot of that has actually got some a lot of truth to it. And a lot of it is very true. But from the founding fathers point of view, all they were doing is trying to create a country and a system that was gonna work. all that other stuff, be honest with you, was second fiddle them. Now that said, I explained all of that, and the slavery thing to get to this next clause, which is in brackets in your constitution, because it’s no longer applicable. Remember, it’s talking about apportionment? How do we figure out how many representatives the state gets was based on population? But what about slaves? Do they get counted as population, do they not? If the slaves are counted as population, the South has many more slaves than the North, and the South would dominate the legislature. If you counted slaves as zero, when it came to population, well, then the northern states would have the larger Metropolitan populations, and they would dominate the legislature. So we have a situation here, we don’t want to set it up in such a way that one or the others dominating the legislature in the sense of the house, because of their population, because of the North is dominating, the southern states are not going to want to sign the document. If the southern states are dominating, the northern states are not going to want to sign it. We’ve got to find a compromise. Now, this compromise has nothing to do with race has nothing to do with what they thought of people at the time. All it was was a mathematical equation. How do you set it up so that with the current populations of freemen, and slaves, the north and the south are pretty much balanced in the house, where one really doesn’t have power over the other. So let me read the third paragraph in article one section two representatives, and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several States, which may be included within this union according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding the whole number of free persons, including those bound to service for term of years, that would be indentured servants. Some people, for example, wanted to come to America, but they couldn’t afford it. Some guy would say, I’ll tell you what, I’ll pay your way to get here. But you got to work for me for seven years. Then when you’re seven years is up, your your debt to come to here is is paid.

And then I will

let you I’ll help you out and you get your own property. Those are indentured servants, they were not considered slaves. So they were counted among the free persons that it says and excluding Indians not taxed. Excluding Indians not taxed, who are Indians not taxed. They’re the ones that have remained with their tribes as a part of that sovereign nation. The Indians tax are ones have decided they want to become Americans. Okay, so Indians that tax they’d be in the same group as say, like illegal aliens. They’re here but they’re not tax or not citizens. Okay. three fifths of all other persons. Notice they don’t say slavery. The word slavery doesn’t appear in the constitution until the reconstruction amendments, they refer to slavery, they never actually say it. So what it’s saying is when it comes to population, now three fifths of a person, as we’ve heard, when it comes to population, the slave population will be counted as three fifths in addition to the number of free persons, for the purpose of figuring out how many people were going to be in Congress. That way the north and the south did not dominate each other. It was a mathematical equation. Yeah, nothing to do with because I hear it all the time was proof that the Constitution is racist, because, you know, council blacks is only three quarters of a person’s they thought a black was only three quarters, or three fifths of a person, I’m sorry. And I’m like, No, it was a mathematic. It just it had everything to do with math and nothing to do with race. And in fact, Frederick Douglass, one of my favorite people in history, Frederick Douglass was an escaped slave. And I have two quotes by him that’ll help us understand this, too. He was he was one of the brightest smartest people of his time. He learned how to read by watching. white kids learn how to read and ask him questions. He escaped and became a statesman and a political philosopher, brilliant guy. Here’s this to quote Quote number one, I hated the constitution until I read it. Number two, with all of my studies, I have determined that the US Constitution is not a pro slavery document.

Frederick Douglass said that

this is not me talking. This is a an escaped slave. One of the one of the most brilliant men of his time that said that this clause is not a pro slavery clause, it is not a racist clause is a mathematical equation to make sure nobody’s dominating. Anybody else. Any comments or questions or anything? Scott, based on you or the chat?

Let me look in here. See if there’s anything in here not picking out a question that is relevant to that point. We’ll see if there’s anything else in here.

While you’re looking or numeration. Go ahead. We have about five minutes to go. Okay. Five minutes. I’m gonna go over a couple things that I want to say something about your audience. Okay. Great. All right. So the next part of the Constitution, it goes over because they hadn’t had a census yet, but based on what they knew about the population at the time, because the states are holding their own since this is the the layout what state gets how many representatives, then it says when vacancies happen and the representation from any state the executive authority thereof, in other words, the governor shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancy special election. So if any sort of any seat is vacant for any reason, it’s a special election and it’s immediate. Now, I’m going to save the next part Until next week, because I’m gonna read it right now. But I’m gonna save explaining it. For next week. The House of Representatives fill choosers their speaker and other officers and here’s the part and shall have the sole power of impeachment. I want to save impeachment for next week. Now real quick before that, so we’re gonna stop right here. We’ll start with impeachment next week. But I want to say this. First of all, your listeners have been incredible. They’ve been buying my books, they and some of them have donated to my donation page on Douglas v Gibbs calm or political pistachio calm. Let me explain how awesome your audience is. I operate on a shoestring budget. I don’t get a lot of money for what I do. You like you said you don’t come millionaire. Maybe you’re right. And I have this radio program they pay airtime for last year during 2020, I lost three of my four sponsors, because of COVID. I actually dumped 1000s of my own monies into the station, to keep the show going. paying my airtime, whatever it takes, because getting the message out is too important. It’s so important. I was willing to put as much of my own money if I got my wife wasn’t not really excited about it. But nonetheless,

he’s patriot.

Yeah, you know, she, she’s like,


And I was actually behind on my current contract, which is up in a couple weeks, I had paid the two thirds of her three quarters of it’s between two thirds, three quarters. your listeners don’t donate it so much. I paid off that debt with the station. My contract is up to date new contract comes out in a few weeks. I mean, I’m like, call up the station manager. Remember, I was making payments and kind of trying to stress this Thursday. It’ll be painful. He smiled. I smiled. It was a wonderful thing. So first of all, I wanted to thank your listeners for donating it really helps because there’s expenses that I’m always struggling with. And that was just just huge. So thank you.

Well, thank you for telling them that God because that I people have been telling me about my listeners, my followers, my partners, my my family, right? That’s what these people are my family. And it’s an incredible honor because everybody talks about Scott, your listeners how amazing they are. So you tell me stuff like this. This is all the payment I need. Because these are the right kinds of people that belong to and a part of this patriot Street Fighter revolution. So much of the fact that you know, we’re raising funds, you know, for this, this this tour around the country, because there’s no ticket sales, there’s something in place, it may change some of that can make it more effective and powerful. See what happens in my from my conversations today, but I can say this, even when I was at this event, people were coming To take pictures of me and handing me $100 hundreds and 20 bucks or 10 I walked out of there I miscalculated. 55 when you show up at a seminar and you walk out 5500 bucks, that’s how these people are. And even when they just give five bucks or 10 bucks, you know what, like I said, many of these people can’t even afford to come there. They can’t afford to even the five bucks but you know what they want their country back. And they see that we’re out here kicking ass and wrecking some of these scumbags reputation, spotlighting them. And they’re just happy that somebody will get in there and fight for them. You’re out here fighting teaching people, our true power to the Constitution. That’s who these people are. I mean, that’s I’ve never, like I said, anything that I’ve lived for, for 56 years of my life, the vast majority of it, at least for probably 35 to 36 years of my life on this mission, in one way or another ancillary research, you know, activities, whatever, all of that time. And now I see this have like, I would have I do this all over again, because my faith in humanity has been truly repaired. Oh, absolutely.

Yeah. your listeners. Well, let me real quick for ran out of time. We had a we had an event where in which we invited the sheriff Mack to be a part of last Friday. close to a third of the room was your listeners. They were the they were the raucous ones, too. They made the place a rock. All right. And I had all kinds of just crazy things going on. We had someone who was part of my staff, part of my team slip and wind up getting picked up by an ambulance. So we started off like 30 minutes behind. And then on top of that, two, two speakers were added to the agenda that I didn’t even see coming. They they were part of the sheriff max group, so I couldn’t say no. And they went kind of long. And so for Sheriff Mack, I almost felt like he got limited in time near the end. And it couldn’t be helped. And then also when it came to the food. This is hilarious. What a problem to have. I’ve never had this problem before. Too many people showed up. I had too many people because of you and your audience, right? And it’s all your fault. So what we wind up doing is we have play settings for 130 people, food for 140 people and 155 showed up. And so we so so I mean my advice prisons buy in, you know, going out and buying paper plates and plastic forks for the last 10 people. So they have place setting and, and we’re like kind of rationing the food a little bit, you know, slightly smaller, just so we make sure everybody can eat right. And I mean, it was crazy. The place was packed, then it was loud. And when I said when I first got up there on stage with my speech, and I got there I said how many of the how many people were here because of Scott McKay. And the room just roared. So I wanted to So once again, your listeners are awesome. And I actually talked to some of them. They came in from Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, Northern California, just to be there to see Sheriff Mack and yours truly. And you truly do have a kick butt audience. So I really wanted to once again, kind of get that out there that I absolutely love your audience. They’ve been good for me, they’re good for you. And I can’t wait till I get a chance to get on the road to do some things to with someone like all of my road trips are always local, except for every once in a while. But man, I tell you what, I’ve got people in that going, Doug, you should have been in Tulsa with those guys. Doug, you should have been in such a such a those guys. I think down the road that’s going to be happening and I can’t wait till I get to meet a lot of you people out there. So thanks.

Trust me when I’m doing some private events which are in motion here. Mr. Constitution is going to be coming in because you have the only thing I’m worried about with my listeners and followers. I’m just worried because after I proved a point in Tulsa this weekend that they’re going to start running around their patriot Street Fighter hotbox everywhere. That part scares me. That’s the part that really asked me a little nervous. Because when I was in Tulsa, I was I wanted to prove a point. Let’s see how many patriot street fighters are in the crowd there. So when I raised that Tomahawk in the air, and said how many patriot street fighters are in the house tonight place went nuts. I’m like, I knew it. I thought so. And that’s who these people are, man. It’s

like a bunch of patriot Street Fighter is run around with tomahawks you know, some crazy might happen

every year nervous? Yeah, I’m asking I’m asking everybody leave their tomahawks at home I’ll be your representative flag carrier, the tomahawk. Justin, you don’t know what possibly could have. And so, but you know that that just speaks well of you my friend. It tells it tells you that not only you know, you know they do they love our message and they’re battlefield warriors of their own here in this asymmetric warfare machine we’re building but they, they put their time and they put their money in their heart into things that are critical for the salvation of America from the human perspective, and that’s why they’re responding to you because as I see it, you are a critical variable in my operation to help people understand exactly what we need to learn or relearn in this country to bring back the full power in the mind of we the people and we are going to do that. That’s not a maybe that’s an absolute that is coming. I’m

feeling like I’ve been adopted into the some family or something. I really do. It’s really cool. You don’t I mean, I’ve been also adopted into another family 1776 forever free Dr. Cordy. Williams, you’re

gonna just get together. Hold on a second, my new hero, Dr. Courtney Williams, this guy, first of all, he’s a stud. Right? And I didn’t know what to expect when

you stand up next to me and go, Oh, man, you’re a stud.

He’s a freaking stud. And he he’d been trying to connect with you before I got there. Text me when you get here. You want to do cigars and scotch the night before the same night The next night? And I’m like, you know what, after all this, I go horizontal. I’m a wreck. One Scots would probably they’d be pulling an ambulance up to try to get me back to my hotel. But you know what he, you know, these compression injuries, I have my neck I’ve I’ve neglected them. Since patriot Street Fighter blew up my heads down. I’ve done all this stuff. It took a toll on me. So we’re working on that down here now. But I thought I got four days of this got four days of dealing with this Stinger down my shoulder and all that nonsense. So Cory, what did he do? Talk to him for a minute. He gave me an adjustment, the ones that I don’t like.

And I said the attraction adjust because he’s a chiropractor.

That’s the thing. Yeah, he’s a chiropractor. And you know what I’m thinking? Why can’t I be living in Carlsbad right now? Why can’t it be that he had me in a chair and he got around my skull, just like, you know, he knows. And he just gave me I thought he was gonna rip my head off, honestly. And I just felt clear down to my spine like his separation and that noise. I’m like, that’s the one that’s going to do it. And so you know what, I had a group from the from the waist up, I had a great weekend. And that doesn’t that’s not easy for me to, you know, to to, you know, create enough separation in these compressed vertebrae to give me relief. If it wasn’t for him. Trust me. I’d had a miserable weekend from all of this stuff. It was not existed because of Dr. Courtney Williams. So I’m just thinking, maybe I moved to Carlsbad. I don’t know.

I have a meeting with him today at 1130. And I wanted to up up there in LA for that speaking engagement. So I got a call. Courtney said Hey, man, sorry, I forgot about telling you our meaning. But he’s, he needs the megaphone marine. look them up. He’s the one that if you’ve seen the video, they’re up a Sacramento conservative, you know, rally and the riot police show up, man, the police show up in riot gear. And he grabs that megaphone and he reads them the riot act it well. Yeah. I mean, it’s a thing

of beauty. It was maximum impact. And they heard it loud and clear. He backed him up. He did but you know, that’s

you read him the riot act in a loving way. It’s like, Hey, man, I get it. I love you, man. I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing. But ya know, and he just kind of laid into him. It’s a great video. So if you can find that megaphone marine.

Yeah, it’s, it’s on YouTube, go find it, folks. But yeah, here’s the thing. Here’s what I’m finding. God continues to put the right people in front of me when I need them. That’s what happens here. They he continues to put the right people, or the right moments or the right opportunities in front of me every step of this way. That’s why I keep saying, you know, a lot of things I say that’s not you know, I’ve got knowledge I’ve got, you know, up, you know, I’ve got, you know, a library in my head. But much of this stuff is fashioned and crafted in a way that it just, it just it becomes spoken. So yes, hello, I earned a lot of that. No doubt I put extraordinary amount of time. But there’s, for me, there’s no doubt there. You can call it channeling if you believe in one way, you can call me divine inspiration. If you look at it from a different viewpoint. All I know, is that there is a guidance system that is part of me, always has been part of my life. And that’s why I say I don’t kind of, you know, worry too much about I mean, I bought when I was at that event, you know, the only two people in that event pack and eat were me and Mike Williams because or my, my dad was because we both refused to not be armed and have armed security. Right. So under any circumstances. And the thing of it is, is that I operate in my life I don’t operate in fear I live my life. And because I a defense contractor was trying to help you understand being independent all the time who you’re taking on, these are bad people, I’m concerned about you and I said Look, I can’t explain it. I’m naive or I, I’m very responsible. And I just feel like I’ve got this divine bubble around me and he said, I assure you believe me you do and that’s good. For me, that’s good enough for me. But yeah, it is. It is something quite special but people are you are, the movement is and this is why I’m completely confident I’d never moved one inch I’d never backed up a millimeter. I keep charging forward in case not possible. not doable. Bullshit, watch this and we keep plowing forward and we have an event like Tulsa. We’re talking about a potential kickoff event in Dallas. I shouldn’t say this right now, but we’re looking possibly maybe having a patriot streetfighter kickoff event

before may talk to our mutual friend. He told me a little bit about that idea. And I’m I think it’s a great idea.

Yeah, I already have very potential commitment from Mike Adams to give up my new soon to be business partner. So yeah, I’m telling you, it’s We the People anyways, I have to jump a little bit behind schedule, but appreciate everything you’re doing, brother.

I appreciate you, brother and I appreciate your audience. I’m telling you, the Patriot street fighters out there. You guys have practically changed my life, man. I’m like, Where have you been all my life? Alright, appreciate you. I really do and I appreciate you, Scott. And I’m having fun doing this. I hope you learned something. Keep the emails coming. Constitution speaker@yahoo.com. I mean, I’m staying awake past midnight three times a week just to make sure answer the emails. I will answer all of them personally. That’s my goal. I don’t want some some lackey doing some college student doing it. I want to do it and I love hearing from you. So thanks for the emails too.

I pleasure. So appreciate you buddy. Folks. This is another episode of tomorrow night. Listen to this. We are going to be here with Bishop Larry Gators. And you know him he is a spiritual buzzsaw. So get ready for that again. And also on Wednesday, we’re going to do a bit of an earlier live stream. But we have you want to major fork you to YouTube. We’re going to have probably their number one arch nemesis, Dr. Sherry tenpenny. We’re going after the big v machine and she is an intellectual sledgehammer. So Oh yeah, they’re going to take my channel down for that or nuke that are hitting the strike your right fork you Susan Wojcicki here I come again. Take another channel down. That’s the way we do it here. Love you brother. Tonight, everybody. Y’all have a great night.