Picture Released of Last American Soldier Out of Afghanistan As Weapons and Americans Remain Left Behind

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The U.S. Army released a photo of the last soldier to leave Afghanistan Monday night, marking the end to the United States’ involvement in the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Per the American Military News:

The final military plane departed Kabul Monday, leaving hundreds of Americans, and thousands of Afghan allies, stranded behind enemy lines amid the Taliban takeover.

“I’m here to announce the completion of our mission in Afghanistan,” Marine Corps General Kenneth McKenzie told reporters in a briefing Monday, according to NBC News. “The last C-17 took off at 3:29 pm.”

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“While the military evacuation is complete, the diplomatic mission to ensure additional U.S. citizens and eligible Afghans who want to leave continues,” McKenzie added.

The Army showed the last soldier out of Afghanistan on Facebook:

With reports of 250 Americans still in Afghanistan, the Army is leaving.  God only knows what will happen to these people.

The Pentagon says, no big deal, we leave Americans behind all the time.

Biden Pentagon Spox John Kirby: “We Have Americans That Get Stranded in Countries All the Time” (VIDEO)

Kirby also says that the weapons left behind cause no threats.

What a mess Obama/Biden made with Afghanistan.  What a terrible mess.

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