Pope Kisses Communist Lula on the Cheek at Vatican as South America Falls Under Dark Cloud of Socialism

Pope Francis met with Brazil’s Marxist President Lula da Silva at the Vatican on Wednesday.

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The two South American leftists shared a kiss.

It was like the two socialists were old friends.

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Since Lula “won” the presidential election late last year Brazil has strengthened ties with China, Venezuela and Cuban Marxists.

Former president and convicted felon and Socialist Luis Inacio Lula da Silva was sworn in as Brazil’s president in January.

And with his Socialist party back in power South America will be entrenched with Socialism and far-left leaders.  Only Ecuador and Uraguay will not be led by far-left socialists.

Joe Biden’s “National Security Adviser” and Russiagate conspirator Jake Sullivan visited Brasilía in early December and invited the convicted criminal, Communist, and purported election fraudster Lula da Silva to visit Washington.

Here is a look at the current South American political leaders:

President of Colombia: Gustavo Petro — the Marxist former mayor of Bogata

President of Chili: Gabriel Boric — a classical Marxist

President of Peru: Dina Boluarte — a Marxist who took over when the previous President Pedro Castillo, also a Marxist, was removed from office in early December.

President of Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso — a conservative former banker

President of Bolivia: Luis Alberto Arce Catacora — a Socialist

President of Guyana: Irfaan Ali — first Muslim president and Democrat Socialist

President of Uruquay: Luis Lacalle Pou — a member of the center-right National Party

President of Argentina: Albert Fernandez — another failed Argentinian socialist

President of Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro — Marxist dictator, continued the complete destruction of Venezuela

President of Paraguay: Mario Abdo Benitez – leader of conservative Colorado Party

President of Suriname: Chan Santokhi – Progressive Reform Party

President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva — Socialist and convicted criminal, pro-China, backed by the Biden regime and CIA. Lula will be sworn in at 3 PM after stolen election from wildly popular Jair Bolsonaro.

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