Popular Dutch Conservative Politician Thierry Baudet Viciously Beaten by with Beer Bottle Before Election - Releases Video to Supporters Following Attack (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Dutch populist politician Thierry Baudet is a former academic. He is anti-immigration and a climate change skeptic.

Political newcomer Thierry Baudet stunned the Dutch political scene in March 2019 with a victory in provincial elections. Thierry had been in politics for less than two years.

Baudet’s FvD party is an anti-EU party that called for limits on immigration. Thierry is the self-described founder of the most energetic anti-globalist movement of our time.

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Conservative leader Thierry Baudet was sent to the hospital on Monday night after being attacked by a violent thug with a beer bottle just two days before the Netherlands general election.

Dutch conservative politician Thierry Baudet was attacked with a bottle on the head two days before elections in the Netherlands. pic.twitter.com/jVhw0RcUCu

— RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) November 20, 2023

Reactie @thierrybaudet na aanslag een dag voor de verkiezingen. #FVD pic.twitter.com/6dTcUAtZUU

— Forum voor Democratie (@fvdemocratie) November 21, 2023

Thierry Baudet released a video on Twitter-X on Tuesday after the vicious attack.

Thierry Baudet: (translated from Dutch) Dear all, As you have seen, a very nasty incident happened last night in Groningen. I was incredibly lucky. Also the doctors said in the hospital that it could have turned out much worse. I got hit with a beer bottle here on my eye, just above it, thank God, and on the back of my head but just below my fontanelle. So my skull was not damaged and neither was my eye. I slept for a while and looked at how I felt today and yes decided we are going to continue. We have to continue with the campaign. Safety measures adjusted again, tightened up. But we will continue because this is an attack. Not on me personally so much, but an attack on our sound, on our voice, on what we want to say in the Netherlands and which way it should go. And so many Dutch people, as it is also meant to be of course, feel intimidated, feel frightened. That is why this was an act of terror. It is a political attack against thought and we must not bow to it.

Reactie @thierrybaudet na aanslag een dag voor de verkiezingen. #FVD pic.twitter.com/6dTcUAtZUU

— Forum voor Democratie (@fvdemocratie) November 21, 2023

FvD leader Thierry Baudet releases video after a violent attack by a goon with a beer bottle days before the election in The Netherlands.

FYI: Here is the latest ad for FVD – simply beautiful.

Voelen jullie de wind of change al? #FVD ❤️ pic.twitter.com/6eIeqQPIjk

— Thierry Baudet (@thierrybaudet) November 20, 2023

Thierry Baudet spoke with General Mike Flynn recently.

“Get your ass out there and vote for Thierry Baudet!”

Zolang je stemrecht hebt, móét je er gebruik van maken. Dat is de boodschap van General Michael Flynn, voormalig veiligheidsadviseur van Donald Trump, aan alle Nederlanders die de globalistische plannen willen dwarsbomen.… pic.twitter.com/DnpbX3PaQD

— Forum voor Democratie (@fvdemocratie) November 20, 2023

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