‘Primary Suspect’ Arrested in Murders of Four Muslim Men in New Mexico is Sunni Muslim Angry Over His Daughter Marrying a Shiite Muslim: Report

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Four Muslim victims killed by suspect

Expect this story to disappear soon.

The media has been breathlessly reporting on a possible serial killer targeting Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Four Muslim men in Albuquerque have been murdered since November of last year.

The Albuquerque FBI on Monday released a flyer with photos of a blue car of interest wanted in connection with the murders.

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On Tuesday 51-year-old Muhammad Syed was taken into custody.

“We tracked down the vehicle believed to be involved in a recent murder of a Muslim man in Albuquerque,” according to a statement by Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina. “The driver was detained and he is our primary suspect for the murders.”

NBC News reported:

New Mexico police detained a man they called their “primary suspect” in the slayings of several Muslim men in Albuquerque, officials said Tuesday.

Four Muslim men of South Asian descent have been killed since November, raising fears in that Albuquerque community.

Shortly after Medina’s statement, Mayor Tim Keller thanked local, state and federal law enforcement for their work on this case.

“We hope their swift action brings an increased sense of safety for so many who are experiencing fear from the recent shootings,” Keller said in a statement.

Police issued an alert Sunday for a “vehicle of interest,” a gray or silver Volkswagen Jetta.

The latest fatal shooting happened just before midnight Friday on the edge of a community known as the International District, southeast of downtown, police said.

According to New York Time reporter Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, the suspect in the killings of the four Muslim men is Sunni Muslim and targeted the victims because he was angry over his daughter marrying a Shiite Muslim.

Police arrested Muhammad Syed, 51, and charged him with two of the killings, the New York Times reported.

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