Jury Deadlocked Over Pro-Life Activist Facing More Than a Decade in Prison For Allegedly Pushing Abortion Clinic Volunteer

Pro-life author and father of 7, Mark Houck, was arrested by a gang of 25-30 FBI Agents at his home, in front of his children in September.  TGP covered it that day.

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LifeSite reported on the morning of the raid:

A well-known pro-life author, sidewalk counselor, and father of seven was the latest victim of a U.S. Department of Justice-sponsored SWAT raid and arrest — for supposed “FACE Act” violations — at his rural home as his children looked on “screaming.”

Mark Houck is the founder and president of The King’s Men, which promotes healing for victims of pornography addiction and promotes Christian virtues among men in the United States and Europe…

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…Ryan-Marie, who is a homeschool mother, explained the SWAT team of 25 to 30 FBI agents swarmed their property with around 15 vehicles at 7:05 a.m. this morning. Having quickly surrounded the house with rifles in firing position, “they started pounding on the door and yelling for us to open it.”

Before opening the door, she explained, her husband tried to calm them, saying, “‘Please, I’m going to open the door, but, please, my children are in the home. I have seven babies in the house.’ But they just kept pounding and screaming,” she said.

The FBI was there because of Mark’s work against abortion.  Recently an abortion advocate and escort reportedly harassed his son at an abortion clinic and when Houck protected his son he was accused of harassing the escort.

Mark’s wife went on to describe AG Garland’s raid on their home that morning.

“Please, I Have 7 Babies in the House, I’m Going to Open the Door” – EXCLUSIVE Interview – Wife of Pro-Life Author and Father of 7 (Mark Houck) on His Arrest by 25-30 FBI Agents (VIDEO)

Yesterday the jury found Mark Houck NOT GUILTY.

Earlier today David Houck spoke with Steve Bannon on The War Room about the experience in one of Bannon’s best interviews ever.  Houck shared his experience during the FBI raid of his home and charging him with up to 11 years in federal prison.

I had 20-plus federal agents and state troopers banging on my door at 6:45 in the morning, on September 23rd, Friday morning.   I was awake.  My children and my wife were asleep.  The manner in which the FBI banged on my door is particularly worth noting because they rang the doorbell, it was dark outside, repeatedly they rang the doorbell, and they banged on the door and said “Open up”.  They didn’t even declare who they were.  They didn’t even state their names.  They didn’t tell me anything.

The degree of recklessness that this was performed and the act of terror, which it was as I opened, as I questioned, I said, “Who is it?” before I opened this door.  To which they finally told me was the FBI.

“Ok.  I’m going to open the door.  Stay calm. I have seven babies in here.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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