Image: COVID-19 vaccine controversies continue amidst mandates and inoculation of children – Attorney Thomas Renz on Brighteon.TV

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It wouldn’t make sense in a military battle to get out of an armored tank and walk around on the battlefield swinging a stick. In the same light, during this pandemic battle, it makes no sense to get a next-to-useless Covid vaccine after establishing powerful, long-lasting natural immunity to Covid-19. That’s why even the scientists who create these toxic spike protein jabs admit that natural immunity is stronger, better and longer-lasting than the gene therapy injections, and now it’s on video. Pfizer scientist Nick Karl, and several other Pfizer scientists, admitted all of this on video, thanks to James O’Keefe at Project Veritas, and when he was confronted with his admission video, he ran away like a frightened chicken.

Will the Pfizer thugs punish their big-mouth scientist who bled out the truth about the power of natural immunity on tape?

How could he have done this? Was he drunk? Is he just tired of lying about the not-so “safe and effective” vaccines he makes, or is the guilt just too much to bare, knowing these toxic spike protein clot shots are NOT all they’re cracked up to be?

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Will experienced biochemist Nick Karl be fired, demoted, fined, or just put back on the clot-shot assembly line, to make the next deadly Covid booster? He’s really just a pawn in the whole plandemic game, but still, Pfizer is reeling from the damage done, as well as Nick Karl himself, as obvious in the latest Veritas exposé.

Since those who have caught Covid and beat it have STRONGER immunity than those who get the Pfizer vaccine, why would any of those folks be required to get the gene therapy jabs?

It just doesn’t make sense, this whole Covid pandemic and its not-so ‘safe and effective’ treatments, and that’s why many truth journalists refer to it as the scamdemic or plandemic. The vaccines offer no immunity to Covid, as the CDC admits. The vaccines do not stop the vaccinated from transmitting Covid either, as the scientists confess. The vaccines only keep some people from catching a more severe case of Covid (this hasn’t been proven by science either), but that effect wanes within a few months, requiring “boosters” that introduce billions more blood-clotting spike proteins into the body.

Nick Karl confessed on (hidden) video that natural immunity is stronger than vaccine-induced artificial immunity, as he stated, “When somebody is naturally immune, like, they got Covid, they probably have better, not better, but more antibodies against the virus.”

Two other Pfizer scientists were caught on video admitting natural immunity is better than their own company’s lab concoctions can offer, including Rahul Khandke and Chris Croce, the latter of whom is a senior associate scientist. Khandke even agreed that if you have “antibodies built up” that you should be able to prove that and not be mandated to take a Covid vaccine.

This natural immunity is the single biggest contention right now with Covid ‘protocol,’ besides the fact that the vaccines offer no realized, evidence-based benefit, yet the risks are high that complications can erupt from the toxic clot shots, including blood clots, myocarditis, loss of motor controls and much more.

Be on the look out for vaccinated individuals suffering from Spike Protein Syndrome, where billions of virus-mimicking particles clog their blood, causing deadly blood clots and myocarditis. Tune your truth news dial to to stay informed of the engineered pitfalls of the Covid scamdemic.

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