PURE EVIL: Police Say Florida Rapper Killed His Pregnant Girlfriend In Front Of Her Toddler Just After He Was Acquitted Of Double Murder (VIDEO)

One could argue the death penalty is too lenient of a punishment in certain criminal cases. What a Florida rapper allegedly did to his pregnant girlfriend certainly falls in this category.

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WFLA news reported that New Tampa police arrested 25-year-old Billy Adams last Wednesday for killing 22-year-old Alana Sims and her unborn child. Police say he shot Sims to death outside her car on the 10700 block of Pictorial Park Drive nine days earlier.

The shooting happened right in front of her young son, who was asleep inside the vehicle. The boy escaped the incident unscathed.

Adams had been acquitted of double murder charges just three days before allegedly killing Sims and her unborn baby. The jury bought his claims of self-defense.

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Police said Sims had been planning to attend a party to celebrate Adams’s acquittal prior to being slain.

The reported motive behind the alleged double murder of Sims and her unborn child is particularly coldblooded. Adams simply did not want the baby or Sims interfering with his life.

Fox 13 Tampa also revealed that court documents point to a possible love triangle between Adams, Sims, and another woman he was dating at the time.


Adams admitted to the shooting but claimed self-defense. He dubiously asserted that she pulled a gun on him first.

“Initially the defendant stated that the victim pulled a gun on him and while the defendant wrestled with the victim he shot her,” authorities said.

“When the defendant could not demonstrate the events the defendant changed his statement to the fact that the victim pulled a gun on him and he was able to get the gun away from the victim and then shot her in the head as self-defense.”

Adams has been officially charged with first-degree murder and the killing of an unborn child by injury to the mother.

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