And, Just Like That… American Taxpayer Dollars Are Now Funding Terrorists Who Blow Up Bridges and Target Russian Infrastructure

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The Kerch Bridge from Russia to Crimea was bombed by Ukraine on Saturday morning.

Putin later signed a decree to tighten security measures on the bridge.

The Ukrainian Defense Department later threatened more attacks on Russia’s infrastructure following the blast.

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Putin upped security on the bridge on Saturday.
TASS Russian News reported:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on enhancing security measures for the Crimea bridge as well as for the energy bridge and the gas pipeline connecting the peninsula with mainland Russia, the Kremlin said in a statement on Saturday.

“The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation shall be vested with the authority to organize and coordinate protection measures for the Kerch Strait transport crossing, the power grid’s energy bridge between the Russian Federation and the Crimean Peninsula, along with the main gas pipeline between the Krasnodar Region and Crimea during their operation,” the document says.

According to the decree, this is done to enhance the efficiency of protection measures for the transport crossing, the energy bridge and the gas pipeline across the Kerch Strait.

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