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Rafi Farber of “The End Game Investor” (TEGI) remarked that people will always return to gold and silver whenever a financial collapse occurs.

“Everything always goes back to gold and silver,” he told “Liberty and Finance” host Elijah K. Johnson during the podcast’s Feb. 16 edition. “When you have a collapsed society or you’re collapsing society, they will always go back to gold and silver. [They] always maintain their value because that’s the basis of every pyramid, and you [got to] go back to it.”

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Farber, a financial journalist and economist, remarked that the amount of notional gold in the world is mostly controlled by the banks and retailers who have nothing to do with it since they only buy physical gold. He added that wealthy people control the futures prices on notional gold, which much of the bullion market prices depend on.

He warned that a pivot from gold correlated to interest rates is going to happen right after the next financial crisis, something he projected could happen soon. Bullion banks are going to sell their big positions in gold to buy dollars because they are going to need it to service their enormous debts or to finance the loans they made to other companies that need to service their debts.

Farber also mentioned a possible reversal that could happen when people no longer need those dollars to service their debts. This can occur either by a huge deflation or a debt default, which the Federal Reserve would not allow to happen. This crisis, according to Farber, can happen within days or possibly even hours.


The financial journalist mentioned that the end game really happens when the money substitute doesn’t work anymore. People need to ask whether they will be able to acquire gold and silver without dollars, especially when there is no longer an exchange rate between the two precious metals and the dollar, he added.

Ultimately, Farber advised tthat the best thing is to have gold and silver now before the financial crisis happens. (Related: Want to protect your assets against inflation? Consider owning precious metals like gold and silver.)

Farber advises against relying on crypto

The TEGI founder also advises against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He said that people’s reliance on such investments to save them from an endgame scenario is an extremely irresponsible move. When the dollar falls, the link between gold and bitcoin is severed, Farber explained.

Johnson agreed, mentioning that people are also seeing the digital dollar being developed by the Fed. He pointed out that this central bank digital currency, one of the dark sides of crypto, introduces so much more control to the system and people’s finances. Moreover, Johnson commented that the government stepping in during a currency crisis and attempting to save the people could yield disastrous consequences.

Farber told the podcast host the people need to get things done now before it is too late, since the government won’t be able to save them or bail them out when the financial disaster happens. He added that Americans need to stack in gold and silver now and make sure that they have some at five to 10 percent minimum.

“People that have about 10 to 15 percent gold now are not going to lose any purchasing power,” Farber said. “Those stacking gold and silver promptly become part of the group that is going to have the power, because having the money means having the power.”

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